Link Building Ideas 2012


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Based on a post from we have removed any ideas that are not relevant for SEO in 2012 considering Google latest algorithm updates.

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Link Building Ideas 2012

  1. 1. Link Building Ideas 2012 Creare Communications Ltd
  2. 2. Create a blogCreating content on a consistent basis not onlybuilds links internally (by linking out from yourposts), but also gives you the ability to naturallyattract links to your content.A blog is essentialto many strategies I list below, such as linkingout. You absolutely need a blog in todays onlineenvironment to survive.
  3. 3. Create an RSS feedIf your blog is run on any of the popular ContentManagement Systems, youll already have an RSS feed. Ifyou dont, create one. If you do, burn it so you can get statistics on yoursubscribers.For link building, its simple. There are sites out there thatwill scrape your content (stealing it without permission).When they do, make sure you get a link back by 1)including links to other pages on your site in your postsand 2) installing the RSS footer plugin for WordPress(adds a link to your blog after every post).
  4. 4. Internal Linking – SynonymsYou have pages and posts on your website, somake the most of them. Internal links are HUGEfor link building because you can controleverything about them, from the location on thepage to the anchor text.
  5. 5. Competitor ResearchA large chunk of my time finding links is bylooking through my competitors link profiles.Essentially, youre piggy backing off of theirsuccess. While some links are unobtainable (i.e.a random mention in a news post), others canbe diamonds in the rough (a high quality nichedirectory).USE
  6. 6. Outbound LinksLinking out is huge. Dont be a link hoard; youregoing to create content, so use it to gain favorwith other people. Ill go more into depth belowwith specific strategies on linking out.
  7. 7. Press Release SubmissionBy submitting a press release to distributionsites or specific syndication sites, you can buildlinks if you add one or two into the body of therelease. Some options are paid, while others arefree.
  8. 8. Company directory submissionsJust like general web directories, you can submityour site to general company directories. Youreally dont even need an actual company; youonly need a website.
  9. 9. Niche specific directoriesAs opposed to general web directories, nichespecific directories only accept sites that meet acertain topic criteria. For example, one directorymight only accept sites about arts & crafts.
  10. 10. User rating reviewsSubmit user ratings and build links at the sametime. Once again, Peter Attia created anawesome list of submission sites for this topic.
  11. 11. Logo design directoriesMost of you have logos for your website orcompany, so get a few links in return for them.Example:
  12. 12. Blog directoriesIf you have a blog, you can submit it to variousblog directories. Like all other directories, somepass value, while others are not so good.Example:
  13. 13. Paid directoriesSome directories cost money in order to beaccepted into their listings. Once again, whilesome of these can pass legitimate value, otherspass little and arent worth your time or money.
  14. 14. Multimedia/Document submissionsIf you have any PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations,word documents, or any other documents, youcan submit them to these sites and get a link inreturn. You have to put the links in yourdocuments, such as in the first slide of aPowerPoint or in the text of a PDF.
  15. 15. CSS/HTML5 galleriesThere are loads of CSS galleries you can submitto if you did a great job designing your websiteor blog. There are also a few HTML5 showcasesthat you can get links from too.
  16. 16. Theme/Template directoriesDesigning WordPress themes or websitetemplates can be a great way to net a fewfantastic links from directories. Also, you canhost the download page on your site, and if itsdecent, youll get a few links from design blogs.
  17. 17. Guest postingBloggers, just like me, sometimes have troublecranking out content on a regular basis. Thatswhere you can help. Pitch bloggers to ask if youcould guest blog, because if they say yes, youcan get a few links from the post, and if the blogis popular, you can drive traffic too.
  18. 18. Trade articlesJust like guest posting, you can get links inreturn for your content, but why not just trade?You both get content on each others site, links,and visitors from an entirely differentcommunity.
  19. 19. Educational contentIf youre trying to get links from colleges, createcontent targeted at them that you can useduring outreach. Trust me, theres usuallysomething you know that you could write anentire tutorial on that would interest collegewebmasters.
  20. 20. Green contentJust like educational content, create somethingthat targets a specific community. In this case,environmentalists. Theyve got hoards of linkjuice just waiting to be tapped into.
  21. 21. Free charts/graphsIf youve got a few tidbits of data lying around,make them into charts and graphs. SEOmoz dida fantastic job of this. Just like images, youll getattribution links.Talk to you clients about independentinformation within the industry.
  22. 22. How tos and tutorialsWhether its a tool, DIY project, or anything else,showing people exactly how to do something isextremely helpful.This would work for lots of our SME clients.
  23. 23. Glossary of termsNewbies in your industry probably dont knowall the jargon you and other bloggers are using.Do them a favor and create a glossary ofindustry terms and acronyms.
  24. 24. Case studiesEveryone loves a good case study. Real resultswith real numbers can instantly catch peoplesattention. If you offer a product or service, thisis a no-brainer. If you give out advice, findsomeone whos used it successfully.
  25. 25. Covering News firstThis ones tough, but remember to always keepit in mind. If you see someone talking about anew developing story, and no one has covered ityet, start mashing on your keyboard at lightningspeed.Again would work for SME’s.
  26. 26. InfographicsPeople love data, but sometimes its hard todigest. Creating an infographic on it is a popularway to change that. Not only will it naturallyattract links, but youll also get other bloggersimbedding it, which means even more links! Notto mention you have control over the anchortext of the imbed code.If you have time!
  27. 27. Surveys• The first step is asking people to participate. If its on a particularly interesting topic, reaching out to bloggers, experts, and industry news sites to ask to spread the word both on their blog and on social media sites is a great way to attract your first wave of links.• The second step is releasing the results. Combine the release with some nice visualization and a bit of controversy, and youve got yourself a fantastic piece of linkbait.
  28. 28. MicrositesCreating fun, quirky microsites is a great way toattract links. While some people might naturallylink to your main site to give credit, theyll mostlikely link to the microsite, which should have atleast one link back to you on it.
  29. 29. Lists• 1.People.• 2.Love.• 3.Lists!Why? Because the content is super easy todigest.
  30. 30. Data/ResearchBy collecting data on just about anything, youcan attract links. Why? Because, like lists, peopleabsolutely love data. One reason is because theylike to make conclusions from it that supporttheir arguments.Take it one step further. Release it as straightdata, then release it again that makes it visuallyappealing with any of the strategies below.
  31. 31. Dead content recreationTake broken links one step further by recreatingthe content found at those URLs, thenoutreaching to not only that specific linkingsite, but also other sites linking to that brokenURL.
  32. 32. Update old contentIf information is out date, do webmasters a favorand help update it for them. If youre in a rapidlychanging industry such as SEO, look for articles& posts written a few years back that still gettraffic (i.e. rank high for a decent keyword). Thisis because if many people no longer see thecontent, the webmaster probably wont careenough to have it updated.
  33. 33. Broken linksOut of all the strategies listed, this is my favorite.The scalability of finding broken links is crazyawesome. In a nutshell, youll be finding pagesthat could potentially link to you, looking forbroken links on the page, and if there are any,youll let the webmaster know and ask if thebroken link could be replaced with a link to you.
  34. 34. WordPress themesIf youre thinking about designing WordPressthemes for link building, know this: the links youget have little value, and that to gain any realvalue, the anchor text needs not to be spammy(i.e. exact match) and the theme needs to beused by sites with relevant content.
  35. 35. Plugins & extensionsCMS plugins & extensions, like those forWordPress & Joomla, can get you a few links.
  36. 36. Paid reviewsIf youve got a product or service you wantreviewed on a blog, you can pay for one. Byusing sites like,, and, you canpay for blogger reviews. Of course, theyll link toyou in the review.
  37. 37. Content acquisitionIf you find highly linked to content on sites thatare no longer maintained, reach out to thewebmaster and ask if you could pay him $100-200 to 301 that page to a page on your site thathas the content. Chances are hed be more thanwilling to if he doesnt care anymore.
  38. 38. Write curriculumReach out to universities and let them knowabout your expertise. By writing curriculum forcourses (the more basic, the easier it is to getinvolved), you can get a few citation links fromtheir site.
  39. 39. Speak at universitiesMost universities announce speakers on theirwebsite, and when they do, make sure a link toyour site is included.
  40. 40. Student blogsStudents are allowed to create blogs on theirrespective college websites, so get in touch withthem. Theyre a lot easier to get links from thena regular college webmaster. Whether itsbuying them lunch or making sure you get a linkfrom a college intern, you can always get linksthrough students.
  41. 41. Community newspapersThere are a number of online newspapers thatare run by the people, for the people. Bycontributing, curating, and adding your insight,you can get links from these sites on a regularbasis (you get the chance to promote yourself inyour bio on most of them).
  42. 42. Getting links from scraped contentIf your content gets scraped, and the scrapedpiece of content doesnt have a link back, thenmake sure you contact the webmaster and getone. Just like images & infographics, itscopyright infringement, so theyre not going tosay no.
  43. 43. Brand mentionsIf your brand gets mentioned, then make sureyou ask for a link. For example, if someonementioned "Point Blank SEO" on their blog, Imight ask if they could include a link so thereader would know where Point Blank SEO islocated on the Web.
  44. 44. Associations/organizations youre a part ofIf youre a part of an association or organization,chances are they have a website. If they do, findout if they link out to their members. Getincluded if they do.
  45. 45. Link re-purposingIf youve got too many links with generic orbranded anchor text, reach out to thosewebmasters and ask if they could alter theanchor text to either exact or partial match.
  46. 46. Previous linkersIf someone has linked to you in the past,chances are they might be willing to in thefuture. Get to know them, and make suretheyre up to date with your content, becausethat only leads to more links.
  47. 47. Reclaim links pointing to 404sSometimes links to your website break overtime, whether its because youve moved theintended page, or because the webmastermessed up your URL. Go into GoogleWebmaster Tools to see which pages are getting404 errors, then redirect those pages to eitherthe homepage or the implied intended page.
  48. 48. DiscountsGiving out discounts & coupons is a great way toget links from social and webmasters, we canuse this for SME’s.Make sure to reach out to writers who dedicateposts to discounts & coupons so you can getincluded – usually theyd be more than happyto.
  49. 49. Contest giveawaysIf you have a product or service, and if theres arelevant blogging contest taking place, reach outto the blogger running it and ask if you couldgive your product or service to the winner.Theyd be more than happy to, and theyll giveyou a link on the contest page if you ask.
  50. 50. Call themYep, I said it. Get them on the phone. Makethem hear your voice and know that youre areal person.
  51. 51. G+ Hangouts/SkypeBe the first person to use a Google+ hangout!But seriously, that or Skype is a great way tomeet face to face with someone withoutactually meeting face to face (if that makes anysense!).
  52. 52. Industry specific directoryCreating a human curated, quality nichedirectory is something worth looking into ifthere isnt one in your industry.If the designsucks (i.e. it looks like every other one) and thesubmissions youre accepting are subpar, youllhave little success, but if youre accepting onlyquality sites, it could get listed often on resourcelists.
  53. 53. Chamber of CommerceGetting a link from your Chamber of Commerceis a guaranteed link just waiting for you to get. Insome cases, though, it takes a little bit of time tofind the right person to get in touch with.
  54. 54. Reverse engineering assetsBy finding assets that have worked in the pastfor competitors, such as awards & infographics,you can steal their success with little work.Basically, youre taking advantage of them notkeeping up with the times.
  55. 55. Abandoned domains (auctions too)Finding and taking over abandoned domains isdefinitely a strategy on the black hat side ifyoure doing something like a 301 or using itsexpired content outside of the site.
  56. 56. Buy existing domainsFinding existing domains for sale through Flippais great if youre looking to build up a few linkassets. Its costly, but nonetheless, its a strategy.