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Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
Affinity spaces
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Affinity spaces


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A slideshow presentation on Affinity Spaces and their various functions.

A slideshow presentation on Affinity Spaces and their various functions.

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  • 1. Affinity Spaces And How They Work
  • 2. What is an "Affinity Space?"
    • An affinity space consists of a group of people who are brought together by one common interest. Be it that they are a fan of a particular webcomic or into baking pies, it is a social group formed by an appreciation or love of something else and where relationships can develop between the active people in a group from there.
    • Examples of an Affinity Space:
      • Web forums
      • MMORPGs
      • Fan-made blogs
      • Comic Conventions
      • Social Groups/Clubs
    • Regardless of where an affinity group takes place, the people involved are able to meet and begin developing bonds with others, regardless of age, gender, race or looks.
  • 3. Hayes' Concept
      • Affinity spaces provide a different features than what may be found in schools.
        • Younger members often have more available to them by means of socializing in different areas.
      • Affinity spaces are more available through today's technology.
        • Websites
      • Experiences found within an affinity space are often in contrast with those found in schools.
        • Socializing over a specific interest
      • Fan-produced websites which provide more information on a given Affinity Space
        • These websites can provide access to information, art and news that may not be available directly through the original source of the affinity space.
      • Affinity spaces over a given object are for everyone.
      • They promote and support new information and the communication of resources.
      • They require participation and can include various activities for members to enjoy.
      • Dispersion of Knowledge can be found through social links.
      • People with zero common interests can build relationships simply for sharing similar tastes in one common pleasure.
      • Features of an affinity space can be used and allocated within educational facilities.
      • Lack of segregation and individual knowledge
      • Provides an entirely new style of learning to students by allowing open, unsegregated movement by way of affinity space. 
  • 4. Gee's Concept
    • The internet has provided people with a way to "defeat standardization."
    • People seek experiences through various means.
  • 5. Example: H o m e s t u c k
    • A more "colorful" example of an affinity space would be the "fandom" of a very popular webcomic, Homestuck. Homestuck provides a great affinity group due to its popularity. The website for the comic ( features a forum where fans can discuss current updates, as well as many social groups away from the main website. Fans gather everywhere from finding each other through Tumblr to having real-life meetups with local fans. By being interested in this comic, many people have been able to get to know each other and build everlasting bonds with unexpected friends.
    • Also, in this particular group, there is no demographic. Fans are of all ages, gender and race.
    • Popular Places for Homestuck Fans:
      • MSPaintAdventures
      • Tumblr
      • DeviantArt
      • Facebook 
    • What Fans Do Together:
      • Discuss updates
      • Create videos
      • Write "fanfiction"
      • Draw fanart
      • Cosplay
  • 6. Homestuck: The Fandub Episode 1 by: HomestuckTheFanDub @ Youtube
  • 7. "Fandoms"
    • People who with involvement to affinity spaces based off of a television series, book, comic, anime, or movie consider themselves part of what they call a "fandom."
    • A fandom is the group of people who take part in expressing their love for something and each fandom has a different name.
    • Where Star Trek fans are often called "Trekkies," people in the Homestuck group are known as "Homestucks."
    • Homestucks often involve themselves in activities from writing fanfiction and drawing fan art to cosplaying as their favorite characters at various comic conventions in their areas.
    • Just about anything with a storyline has an active fandom for any fan to join in on.
    GIF image by SurpriseSavages101, Wikimedia
  • 8. Why Affinity Spaces Work
      • They provide a sense of community
      • They bring people together in safer environments
      • They allow for better socializing among those who may not feel comfortable in face-to-face interaction
      • They promote creativity and thought process.
      • No specific demographic.