WordCamp Philly 2011 - put your business on the web


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WordCamp Philly 2011 - put your business on the web

  1. 1. What you need to know to put yourbusiness on the web
  2. 2. Owen Winkler Twitter: @ringmaster Owen@criticalhit.usOwner/ArchitectCritical Hit, LLC18 years ofdevelopmentexperienceEmeritus WordPresscore developer
  3. 3. Who The Heck Are You People?Business ownersResponsible employeesAmbitious developer/designer WordCamp organizers looking tokeep me honest
  4. 4. Todays GoalsSave me aggravationSave you time and moneyMake everyone happy!
  5. 5. We do this by talking about...Everything except WordPress!
  6. 6. Topic OutlineYour Site IdeaTechnical Services RequiredHiring ContractorsMaking Your Site Run Smoothly
  7. 7. Technical warning!
  8. 8. Your Site Idea I already think it sucks, but I wont tell you that
  9. 9. What you need to have in mindWho will use your site?What will your visitors expect to findthere?What do you want to tell your visitors?What is the look youre going for?What other sites are like yours?
  10. 10. Paper Prototypes & Wireframes
  11. 11. Heres where things break!You hired a designer, didnt you?
  12. 12. Web Design DisciplinesUser InterfaceInformation ArchitectureUser ExperienceGraphic Design
  13. 13. Technical ServicesRequired To Start Click here to buy now!
  14. 14. Technical ServicesRequired To Start Domain Names Email Web Hosting
  15. 15. Domain Registration Your "dot com" and then some Contact info Costs $10-ish Registration is not hosting
  16. 16. DNS Hosting Root ServersDomain NameServiceRoot servers and AuthoritativecachingSPF records ISP
  17. 17. EmailEmail sucks, dude.HostingSpamOpt-in lists
  18. 18. Web Hosting Criteria to look forFeatures/Stack SecurityStorage ReliabilitySpeed PriceBandwidth Support availabilityLow-level access
  19. 19. Web Hosting Shared CloudGenerally Cheaper Scales WellQuick support Seamless relocationShares resources Integrated VPNOverselling Support? Server Maintenance
  20. 20. Web HostingDedicated Hosted WPAll yours -resources Scales WellAll yours - Monitored/maintainedsoftware Higher priceAll yours -hardware Usually only file-level access
  21. 21. Beware!!You get what you pay forSeparate responsibility if possibleAsk for recommendations!
  22. 22. Hiring Contractors Haharder sites are hard!
  23. 23. ContractorsOn-demand, one and doneHigh expertise, short contractHard to assess ability
  24. 24. Contractor Rates$60-$200 perhourFixed pricing perproject
  25. 25. Contractor CaveatsDo not accept "canned" solutions Best tool & coder for jobContractor must ask good questions!Should be honest about capabilitiesMay up-sell services
  26. 26. Contractor CaveatsYou have the "business knowledge"Commit to the solution for your budgetSet milestones, not deadlinesBe responsive; answer questionsTons of other stuff...
  27. 27. Where do I find adecent contractor?WordCampattendees/ WordPresspresenters mailing listsPANMA WordPress meetupeLance
  28. 28. Hiring a DeveloperAsk for code samplesCorporate culture fitYou must be out of your mind
  29. 29. Bootstrapping!
  30. 30. Making Your Site Run Smoothly Oh, youve only just begun...
  31. 31. Stuff you should havethought about while you were waiting to receive your site mockup!Content BackupsSEO MaintenanceAnalytics Spiral marketing
  32. 32. Spiral Marketing Say what now?
  33. 33. Build it and...
  34. 34. Search Engine Optimization
  35. 35. Analytics
  36. 36. Put that thang in reverse and...DatabaseFilesConfiguration
  37. 37. Maintenance
  38. 38. Owen WinklerTwitter: @ringmaster Owen@criticalhit.us