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  1. 1. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Department of Medicine MEDICAL GRAND ROUNDS 2005-06 September 6, 2005 Dr. Kanti Rai Chief of Hematology/Oncology Long Island Jewish Medical Center “Advances in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia” September 13, 2005 Dr. Jay Keystone Professor of Medicine University of Toronto “The 10 Commandments of Tropical Travel” September 20, 2005 Dr. Nora Disis Associate Professor of Medicine Division of Medical Oncology University of Washington Medical Center “Melanoma Immunotheraphy” September 27, 2005 Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor Professor and Chief Division of Epidemiology University of San Diego “HRT – What is the Story in 2005?” October 4, 2005 Dr. John O’Connell Professor and Director Center for Heart Failure Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute “The Center for Heart Failure: A Work in Progress” October 11, 2005 Dr. Lynnette Nieman Acting Chief, Reproductive Biology and Medicine Branch National Institute of Child Health and Human Development “Cushing’s Syndrome: How to Recognize and Diagnose It” October 18, 2005 Dr. Didier Raoult Professor of Medicine Division of Infectious Disease Universite de la Mediterranee Marseilles, France “Searching for Pneumonia Agents in Amoeba: From Legionella to Mimivirus”
  2. 2. October 25, 2005 Dr. Balfour M. Mount Professor of Surgery Director, Palliative Care Medicine McGill University Montreal, Canada “Suffering, Healing, & the Mental Mandate” November 1, 2005 Dr. Richard Davison Lawrence Hicks Professor of Critical Care Medicine Division of Cardiology Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine “Aldosterone Revisited” November 8, 2005 **The 17th Lawrence Hicks Memorial Lecture** Dr. Gary Klein Chief Scientist Klein Associates, Inc. “Cognitive Dimensions of Healthcare” November 15, 2005 Dr. Harold Paz Professor of Medicine & Dean Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center “Academic Health Centers and the Health of the Nation” November 22, 2005 Dr. Nora Hansen Associate Professor of Surgery & Director Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center “Significance of Micrometastasis in the Sentinel Node of Patients with Invasive Breast Cancer” November 29, 2005 Dr. Seth Landefeld Professor of Medicine Epidemiology and Biostatistics Chief Division of Geriatrics University of California, San Francisco “Hospital Care of Older Persons: Is it Safe and Effective?” December 6, 2005 Dr. William P. Arend Scoville Professor of Medicine Director Rheumatology Clinical Programs University of Colorado School of Medicine “Can Rheumatoid Arthritis be Prevented or Cured?”
  3. 3. December 13, 2005 **The Borden Lecture** Dr. Peter Kahrilas Gilbert H. Marquardt Professor of Medicine & Chief Division of Gastroenterology Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine “Evaluation & Management of Esophageal Motor Disorders” December 20, 2005 Dr. Tom Coffman James R. Clapp Professor of Medicine & Chief Division of Nephrology Duke University School of Medicine “The Role of Kidney in Hypertension: Implications for Pathogenesis and Therapy” January 10, 2006 Dr. Arthur Moss Professor of Medicine, Professor of Community and Preventive Medicine Director Heart Research Follow-up University of Rochester School of Medicine “Saving Lives with Electrical Devices” January 17, 2006 Dr. John Atkinson Samuel Grant Professor of Medicine Division of Rheumatology Washington University “Innate Immune System Dysfunction and Human Disease: The Example of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome” January 24, 2006 Dr. Timothy Cragin Wang The Dorothy L. & Daniel H. Silverberg Professor of Medicine and Chief Division of Digestive & Liver Diseases Columbia University Medical Center “Helicobacter Pylori: Not a Good Bug After All” January 31, 2006 Dr. Jennifer L. Larsen Chief, Section of Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism Department of Internal Medicine University of Nebraska Medical Center “The Solid Organ Transplant Patient: What an Internist Needs to Know”
  4. 4. February 7, 2006 Dr. Mark Molitch Professor of Medicine Dr. Robert Murphy Associate Professor of Medicine AIDS Biopsychosocial Center Clinical Coordinator Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine “Medicine in Africa and South America in 2006” February 14, 2006 Dr. James E.K. Hildreth Comprehensive Center for Health Disparities Research in HIV Meharry Medical College Nashville, Tennessee “Chemical Condoms for AIDS Prophylaxis: A Novel Approach Based on Cholesterol Sequestration” February 21, 2006 **The Annual Cugell Lecture** Dr. Scott Weiss Professor and Director Respiratory, Environmental and Genetic Epidemiology Channing Laboratory Harvard Medical School “Asthma Genetics and Genomics: How the Human Genome Project will Change the Practice of Medicine in the 21st Century” February 28, 2006 Dr. Robert J. Alpern Dean Yale University School of Medicine “Eubicarbonatemic Metabolic Acidosis: Clinical Consequences of an Acidic Diet” March 7, 2006 Dr. Richard Blumberg Chief, Gastroenterology Division Brigham and Women’s Hospital “Mucosal Transport of IgG and of Therapeutic Proteins” March 14, 2006 Dr. Richard A. Deyo Professor of Medicine Department of Medicine & Health Sciences University of Washington “Marketing, Media, and Politics: Do they trump Good Science”
  5. 5. March 21, 2006 **The Atkinson Lecture** Dr. Scott Friedman Fishberg Professor of Medicine Chief, Division of Liver Disease Mount Sinai School of Medicine Associate Editor of Hepatology “Hepatic Fibrosis: The New Frontier in Liver Disease” March 28, 2006 **The DeStevens Lecture** Dr. Roger Blumenthal Associate Professor of Medicine Director, Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine “How to Improve the Primary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease” April 4, 2006 **The David Earle Lecture** Dr. Jeremiah Stamler Emeritus Professor of Preventive Medicine Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine “Low Coronary Heart Disease Risk” April 11, 2006 Dr. Mark Mycyk Director of Clinical Toxicology and Toxicologic Research Department of Emergency Medicine Northwestern University School of Medicine “The Utility and Futility of the Hospital Toxicology Screen” April 18, 2006 Dr. Rick A. Nishimura Leighton Professor of Cardiovascular Diseases Mayo Clinic “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Update 2006” April 25, 2006 Dr. Gary Gilleland Professor of Medicine Program Leader, Dana-Farber Cancer Center Leukemia Program Brigham & Women’s Hospital “Emerging Concepts in Myeloproliferative Disorders”
  6. 6. May 2, 2006 **2006 Pro Tem Lecture** Dr. Troyen A. Brennan Senior Vice President Chief Medical Officer Aetna, Inc. “Reforming Malpractice Law to Improve Patient Safety” May 9, 2006 **Lawrence Hicks Lecture** Dr. Serpil C. Erzurum Professor of Medicine Director, Lung Biology Program Chair, Pathobiology Department Program Director, General Clinical Research Center Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine “Nitric Oxide in Asthmatic Inflammation” May 16, 2006 Dr. Ronald Falk DJ Thurston Professor of Medicine Professor of Pathology Chief, Division of Nephrology University of North Carolina School of Medicine “Small Vessel Vasculitis” May 23, 2006 Dr. Barry A. Franklin Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Laboratories William Beaumont Hospital “Survival of the Fittest: Demystifying the Cardioprotective Effect of Exercise” May 30, 2006 Dr. Peter Merkel Director, BU Vasculitis Center Associate Professor of Medicine Section of Rheumatology and Clinical Epidemiology Unit Boston University School of Medicine “Large Vessel Vasculitis: Giant Cell and Takayasu’s Arteritis”