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My  Talking  Pet My Talking Pet Presentation Transcript

  • My Talking Pet
    Micro Teaching Lesson—Alan, Carter, MLani
  • Introduction
    For your convenience, you might click the “local chat” button to view all chat in the little window. The pets will be talking a LOT soon, and we don’t want your screen flooding with green text so that you can’t see anything else.
  • Local Chat Button
    All text is confined to this window.
  • Introduction
    Please meet the pets up for adoption.
    Touch them (left click).
    You will be able to wear them (shoulder, arm, leg, or where you choose).
    You can also set them down somewhere.
    And you will be able to teach them to speak.
  • Getting Your Pets
    Right click on the “My Talking Pet” box and “buy” for zero Linden dollars.
    Find the folder in you inventory called “Talking Pet Collection”
    Choose a pet. Right click to wear it, or left click and drag it onto the ground.
    Touch (left click) the animal to make it talk.
  • 1. Inventory
    2. Recent Items Tab
    3. Talking Pet Collection Folder
  • Right Click
    Wear the pet
  • Touch (left click) on pet.
    Pet chat is in green text.
  • Teaching Them to Talk
    Right click and “edit” your pet.
    Left click the “contents” tab.
    Double click on the “speakme” card.
    Change the sentences. You can have one or many sentences.
    Save the card and close it.
    Close the “edit” box.
    Touch (left click) your pet. Did it work?
  • Right click and choose edit.
  • Left click Contents tab.
    Double click on “speakme” notecard.
  • Change the sentences. Add more.
  • Click the save button.
    Close the notecard.
  • Close the edit box.
  • Touch (left click) the pet.
    Have the sentences changed?
  • To Get Help From A Mentor
    Stand on or near the Stop Light Assessment Tool.
    Those closer to the red end will get immediate assistance and step-by-step guidance.
    Those nearer the middle will have people available to answer questions.
    Those nearer the green end will be smiled at.
  • Uses for Your Pets
    How can you use this pet?
    Attached to you?
    Set on the ground or on another object?
    For a live class?
    As an information-giving tool?
    As a social networking device?
    To fit a theme?