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GB 6 to 8
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GB 6 to 8


May's Grade Band 6 to 8

May's Grade Band 6 to 8

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  • 1. Strand 4 Writing Grades 6 – 8 Debra Gaffney
  • 2. Eleven Elements of Effective Adolescent Writing Instruction • Writing Strategies• Prewriting • Summarization• Inquiry Activities • Collaborative• Process Writing Writing Approach • Specific Product• Study of Models Goals• Writing for Content • Word Processing Learning • Sentence Combining
  • 3. Mentor Sentence Activity Mechanically Inclined by Jeff Anderson
  • 4. His room smelled of cooked grease, Lysol, and age. Maya Angelou I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, p. 255
  • 5. Mentor Sentence Directions Part One1. Read and discuss the Maya Angelou sentence.2. Write a sentence that follows the structure of the sentence.3. Share sentences orally (pairs, small groups, and/or large group).
  • 6. Mentor Sentence Activity Part 21. Choose a book, magazine, or on-line reading source.2. Find a sentence you like that matches the structure we’re studying.3. Write the sentence in your journal or on your paper. Cite your source.4. Be ready to explain why you chose this sentence.
  • 7. Sentence Combining & Sentence Fluency
  • 8. Sentence Building Activities—Sentence Frames
  • 9. Engage:Matching Sentences & Frames Handout—Sentence Sheet
  • 10. Think about how these sentence structures work. Using thehandout, try sorting the 20 sentences into one of thesecategories. • Simple Sentence • Comma in a Series • Fanboys • Opener • Interrupter • 2 joined independents; • Closer
  • 11. In-Depth Analysis/Assessment of Skills for 7th Grade_____ Sentence Fluency •___ Complete sentences___ No run-ons___ Different lengths___ Different beginnings___ Solid simple sentences___ Demonstrate compound sentence___ Demonstrate complex sentence___ Don’t start with and, but, or, so, because (unless intro phrase) Complete form and spreadsheet can be found in resource section.
  • 13. Be Aware: Some students have problems withweb/cluster organizers at Grades 6 - 8
  • 14. ODE Writing Graphic Organizer 1
  • 15. ODE Writing Graphic Organizer 2
  • 16. Prewriting—Standard 5 ParagraphEssay Organizer Introduction: Support: Support: Support: Conclusion:
  • 17. T-Chart—Modified Cornell Notes
  • 18. Pre-writing—Modified Cornell Notes .
  • 19. Prewriting—Modified Cornell Notes Color Coded(Write Tools & Step Up to Writing) . ..
  • 20. Let’s Transition
  • 21. Closure• What practices are currently in place to support students in organizing their writing and building sentence fluency?• Could you integrate some of today’s strategies into your program?• In what areas do your students need more support?• Do you have tools/practices in place to identify your students’ areas of needed support?