Three men in a boat


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Three men in a boat

  1. 1. THREE MEN IN A BOAT Jerome K. Jerome
  2. 2. Contents• Chapter 1• Chapter 2• Chapter 3• Chapter 4• Chapter 5
  3. 3. Chapter 1• Three friends- Harris, George and J. live in Kingston.• Each of them is suffering from one or another problems due to old age.• J. thinks that he is suffering from numerous diseases except for housemaid’s knee.• J. goes to his doctor but to his surprise no medicines are prescribed to him.
  4. 4. • The three men discuss their problems with each other upon their states of health due to their old age.• They decide that they want a break from their daily routine to restore their mental equilibrium.• They think of taking a sea trip which was objected by J. when he told the story of his cousin’s-not-so- good-sea-trip.• They discuss a few things about the sea trip like it’s route.• All agreed to take the sea trip but Montmorency. However, they still decide to take the trip as they were three to one.
  5. 5. Chapter 2• The men start planning the trips they decide to start on Sunday.• George and J. wanted to camp out while Harris warns them of rains.• J. describes Harris as the man who does know a place round the corner where one can get some really first class nectar.• They finally decided to camp out on fine nights and in a hotel or an inn when it was wet.
  6. 6. • J. describes his initial fears for Montmorency as J is worried that how would Montmorency survive.• These fears get dismissed later on through the series of complaints against Montmorency.• He discovers that Montmorency’s idea of life was to march around the slums with the most disreputable dogs.
  7. 7. Chapter 3• They settle the arrangements for the things that they have to take with them.• J. describes Harris as the one who is ready to take the burden of everything himself and put it on the backs of other people.• J. feels Harris reminds him of Uncle Podger and that Harris will grow up to be like his uncle.• So J. takes up the responsibility to do things himself than to give it to Harris.
  8. 8. • They make a list and then remake another list.• George sensibly helps to make the list.• J. describes a lot of things people carry on the boat that do not get used even once.• He compares this to life and expresses how people make their lives complex and heavy to pull off.• They plan to take a boat with cover instead of a tent and also plan other essential amenities.
  9. 9. Chapter 4• The next subject the men consider is food.• Based on their previous experience they all agree not to take oil stove with them, as oil tends to get on everything, ad makes a sooty, smelly mess.• Similarly, they decide their food stocks should not contain any cheese, as cheese tends to "make to much of itself" flavoring everything else in the hamper.• J. tells an amusing story of a time he volunteered to carry some large cheeses for a friend on a train journey. Entering a crowded train carriage, he notices that all the other passengers find excuses to leave him alone and he ends up in an empty carriage in an otherwise crowded train.
  10. 10. • The men gather the items they intend to take, push aside the furniture, and pile everything in the center of the room. J. volunteers to pack and is dismayed when George and Harris seem to take no interest in the packing.• After J. has finished the packing he remembers that he has to put his toothbrush in his bag.• After J. was finally done with his packing George and Harris start with their packing and everything would become a chaos.• While George and Harris were packing Montmorency started creating nuisance and got all the men mad an him.• At the end when the packing was done they all went to sleep.
  11. 11. Chapter 5• The next day begins with the housekeeper waking the men at 9:00 in the morning, each blaming the others for not waking them all up sooner.• At breakfast, they check the weather forecast. J. remarks that weather forecasts are useless things, as they forecast "precisely what happened yesterday or the day before, and precisely the opposite of what is going to happen to-day.• After breakfast, Harris and J. move the luggage outside to wait for a cab. This is the first time it has all been in one place, and J. is surprised at the bulk of it all.
  12. 12. • As they wait for the cab, a group of boys gathers around starts teasing the men. The group gets larger and the teasing continues that the men must be embarking on a long journey into Africa, or across the Atlantic.• An empty cab finally arrives and takes them to Waterloo.• The men reached the Waterloo station at eleven to catch the eleven-five train.• After a lot of confusion they finally boarded the train at the eleventh hour.• When they got to Kingston they found their boat waiting for and so they finally set off for their journey.
  13. 13. Made By: -Rimple Darra -IX-C -14