Daubenspeck And Associates Brochure 2011 (2)


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Daubenspeck And Associates Brochure 2011 (2)

  1. 1. executive search consultantspersonal touch. global reach
  2. 2. Guiding Principles Unrivaled Matchmaking Creating effective and durable employment relations begins with a search. Matchmaking is both art and science. We listen and we understand before starting a search or making a recommendation. Client Focus Success depends foremost on our relentless commitment to serving our clients. We do not stop until the assignment is completed. We are Accountable Search work affects our clients’ and our candidates’ lives deeply. The seriousness of this work guides our conduct. We hold ourselves accountable both for results and for the integrity of the search process. Culture Match We believe that culture match is the critical element in determining an individual’s success within an organization. We constantly refine our skills in personality analysis and in matching candidate personality with client culture. Transparency by Design We practice full disclosure. Our processes are designed to be transparent, open, and comprehensible to all. Transparency is more than a practice; it is a value we cherish. Service permeates every decision, every action, and every recommendation we make with our clients and candidates. Relationship A search is a transaction. It is also the beginning or end of a relationship. We manage client and candidates engagements like one step in a long relationship. Our revenue model and our conduct depend on ongoing business relationships, knowledge of our candidates, and knowledge of our clients and their businesses.
  3. 3. Who we are We are in our third decade in the field of executive search. We serve clients worldwide, and are skilled at both cross-border executive appointments as well as attracting world class candidates to our domestic clients. Daubenspeck & Associates has been ranked among the “Top 25 Executive Search Firms”, according to Crain’s Business, and our founder, Ken Daubenspeck, is recognized as one of the world’s “Top 150 most influential” search consultants according to Business Week. We are recognized for the depth we are prepared to go to understand, serve and satisfy our clients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than our industry. While many firms are satisfied if they complete two-thirds of their assignments, we complete every assignment for which we are retained. But we do not define success by a 100% completion rate, or our 96% retention rate. We believe success is defined by whether or not the candidate we place accomplishes the objectives they were recruited for. It is for this reason ourguarantee for an executive placement is twice the length of the industry standard. Our Approach The fundamental differentiator between success and failure of an enterprise always comes down to the quality of the people and how well they work together. We make it our job to know the best talent available, to provide our client access to the most qualified candidates, and insure the candidate our client selects fits their culture. Exceptional search execution is one of the most important skills an enterprise can develop. As organizations grow leaner, often these skills are not allowed to become institutionalized. We have refined our methodology over three decades, enabling us to produce quality results, every time. We are selective, and we are effective. We have a reputation for providing our clients with very personalized attention and putting consulting back in the job of executive search consulting. While big firms focus on their revenue, growth and market share, we prefer to focus on our clients, and emphasize quality service and delighted clients. We are known for our unique and comprehensive profiles. Our Position Profile represents a clear and common understanding of our client’s business and corporate culture, and the market conditions that affects them. We also strive to build team consensus around the opportunity, search criteria, key success factors of the position, and personality profile of a qualified candidate. Likewise, we provide our clients with an equally comprehensive Candidate Profile, providing an insightful perspective about a candidate, their qualifications, their personality, their motivation, and any issues that may impact our client’s ability to attract the candidate. Because we earn the trust of both client and candidate, we become trusted advisors to both; we insure success and satisfaction for all parties.
  4. 4. Experience and ExpertiseDaubenspeck and Associates has executed hundreds of search assignments for over one hundred clients worldwide, covering most industries, and virtually every major function. Our clientele is diverse ranging from large to small cap enterprises, including financial services, professional services, consumer products, energy, global technology and IT services, telecommunications, higher education and not-for-profit. Functions supported have included finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, tax and audit, compliance and marketing. 180 North Stetson Avenue, Suite 1935 Chicago, IL 60601 312-297-4100 www.daubenspeck.com