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Session on Self Empowerment aimed at young professionals to enable themselves in the field of corporate learning

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  • Session on Self Empowerment aimed at young professionals to enable themselves in the field of corporate learning
  • Ask the question to all participants and run the following activity:Use the Green Tick for a YesRed Cross for a NoEmoticon for no response
  • Knowledge is a strong factor to perform the task you are supposed to doKeeping the right Attitude is essential to gain the required knowledge and apply the skillApplication of Skill in coordination with knowledge and the right attitude gives you the final result
  • Face a Challenge versus Feel the ChallengeWhen you face a challenge, it means you are stuck, you are clueless, you consider yourself to be in trouble even if it’s not a real problem, hence you should avoid facing a challenge.When you feel the challenge, you are excited, you feel energized, you see an opportunity even if it’s a problem to the rest, hence you should feel the challenge at your task.
  • It is considered that when you know the problem better, there is actually no problem.An excellent solution is delivered when the problem is understood the best.Understand: one should always spend time to understand the problem, the more you know about it, the better you can solve.Define: once the problem is understood, define the list of actions addressing each concern that will empower you to solve it.Generate: develop a plan based on the problem definition and execute it for observations.Test: capture the results of the executed plan during the observation and apply modification if required.Implement: once the idea is tested successfully, implement it to solve the problem.
  • To build on your strengths, it is critical to know your fear or weaknessesRun the activity below:Highlight all six items, one at a time and ask participants to use Text tool to type the fear factor to each phobiaGlossophobia:fear of speaking in public or of trying to speakArachnophobia:fear of spidersNecrophobia: fear of deathAcrophobia: fear of heightsAquaphobia: fear of waterAviophobia: fear of flying
  • In order to bring success, failure plays a crucial role.Ideas need to be generated and to generate ideas, tolerance to failure is a strong factor.No or Low Tolerance to Failure > Less ideas > More Limitations > Restrictions > Slower AchievementHigh Tolerance to Failure > More ideas > More Experiments > Freedom > Bigger SuccessLower the Failure Tolerance, higher the time consumption and smaller the success.Higher the Failure Tolerance, lover the time consumption and bigger the success.
  • Discuss about the various opportunities and roles available in the field of learning…Choose the best role for yourself that matches your competenciesEstablish yourself and get an understanding of the other roles to prepare yourself to be a leader
  • As a manager, you are responsible to build a healthy team.Key factors that empowers you to become a manager…Team: Building a bond and good relationship with all makes strong teamResource: Analysing the skills of your team members and to provide them with the correct set of tools to workDelegation: Distribute the workload to each team member so that it’s neither too much nor too less for anyoneRecognition: Bring recognition to your team by acknowledging the talents for their significant contributionGrowth: Give ample growth opportunities to your team members those who deserve to fit in a better roleTime: Of all the factors, time is the vital one, doing all of it at the right time bring the right results
  • Success is no longer limited to your organization today, it needs to be shared with the rest of the World.Social Media, a powerful resource to showcase your ability and talent, when used responsibly.Run the following activity:Point to any four icons, one at a time and ask participants to Raise their handParticipants need to name the Social Media Service and its usageLinkedIn: for professional networking and career aspectsFacebook: a community to remain connected with friends and familyTwitter: a portal to share and follow updatesYammer: exclusive enterprise social networkSpiceworks: an online platform to get help on all IT related issuesBehance: for creative professionals to display their artwork and visuals onlineSlideshare: an online repository to share your presentations and documentsPinterest: organizer and collector tool to pin your interests onlineYouTube: the online hub for sharing videosBlogger: a publishing service that hosts blogsWordPress: an integrated tool of photography and articles delivered through a personalised website
  • Self empowerment ©RIL

    1. 1. S F E E E T Is Knowledge enough to empower yourself to be a successful professional?
    2. 2. S F E E E T What you need to empower yourself…
    3. 3. S F E E E T
    4. 4. S F E E E Define Generate T
    5. 5. S F E E E T Glossophobia Arachnophobia Necrophobia Acrophobia Aviophobia Aquaphobia
    6. 6. Tolerance Tolerance S F E E E T Success
    7. 7. S F E E Overwhelming! E T
    8. 8. S F E E E Time Resource Growth Team Delegation Recognition T
    9. 9. S E E E F 1 T 7 6 2 3 8 9 10 4 5 11
    10. 10. S F E E E T