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  • CMISCan Kodak help lead the way?Does Microsoft care?
  • SharePoint Meet ECM - SPS Houston

    1. 1. WelcomeSharePoint ECM 0
    2. 2. Welcome to SharePoint Saturday Houston Thank you for being a part of the 3rdAnnual SharePoint Saturday for the greater Houston area!• Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate.• If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others.• Thanks to our Title Sponsor: And our Platinum Sponsors: 1
    3. 3. Information• Speaker presentation slides will be available at within a week• Keep checking website for future events• The Houston SharePoint User Group at, will be having it’s May meeting Wednesday May 24th. Please be sure to join us!• Have a great day! 2
    4. 4. Why Chris? | @HoardingInfo • Product Manager @CloudShare • Knows Stuff about SharePoint • ECM Speaker and Author of Standards • Has Acronyms, on the Board of AIIM • I have a Chihuahua named “Bean” 3
    5. 5. Who is CloudShare?• On-Demand SharePoint Farms in the cloud• Non-Multi Tenant Full Server Access• Pre-Installed SharePoint & MS Stack• For Dev/Testing/POC/Demos and Training 4
    6. 6. Logistics• Define ECM• ECM in SharePoint• Talk the Talk• Demo• The Future 5
    7. 7. Words of Wisdom 6
    8. 8. Projects fail because of people, not technology 7
    9. 9. ECM is a methodology NOT a technology 8
    10. 10. If your migrating Shared Drives Your doing it WRONG! 9
    11. 11. If you don’t have a team Your doing it WRONG! 10
    12. 12. Folders are the new F*$# word 11
    13. 13. ECM• The term ECM is old but still exists• It’s the methodologies and process for capturing, storing, securing, and retrieving content.• It makes your Information professionals – Work suck a little less – Spend less time finding content more time using it – Keeps your organization’s content secure and relevant 12
    14. 14. ECM• Your knowledge workers don’t pay attention to how they do what they do• Your content managers don’t speak your language, and you don’t speak theirs 13
    15. 15. ECM in SharePoint• Create a living Governance Plan• Create a taxonomy• Setup Document ID service• Plan for eDiscovery• Setup content types and content type publishing• Setup retention schedules per your file plan• Determine what Folksonomy to use• Enable records management in-place or records center• Evaluate value of document sets• Enable content audits• All before a single document is uploaded 14
    16. 16. ECM in SharePointMost of ECM in SharePoint is created outside of SharePoint 15
    17. 17. Talk the Talk SharePoint ECMManaged Meta-Data TaxonomyMMS, Rating, Keywords, Like It, Tagging FolksonomyDocument Sets Compound DocumentsContent Types Not synonymous with Document TypesInformation Management Policies Records Management 16
    18. 18. Talk the Talk• System of Record• System of Engagement• Information Architecture – Hierarchy• Records Management• Taxonomy – Functional – Regional – Time Based• eDiscovery 17
    19. 19. DEMO 18
    20. 20. What does the future hold• CMIS• SharePoint 15• Folders go away• Content on-boarding is no longer the problem 19
    21. 21. Tips• Run out of this meeting and START NOW• Always think about v.Next• Governance, Do it, It’s not what you think• Pre-Mortem• Don’t Tell, SHOW!• Make friends | Crowd Source• Don’t foster bad habits ( workspaces, explorer view)• Out-of-the box as much as possible• Don’t look for cookie cutter implementations 20
    22. 22. ResourcesECM & SharePoint: Management: www.arma.orgReady Taxonomies: 21
    23. 23. Call Me!•• @HoardingInfo 22
    24. 24. Thanks to all our Sponsors 23