SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration

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The webinar will include several demonstrations and discuss: …

The webinar will include several demonstrations and discuss:

Who should upgrade, why & when
An overview of the major differences between SharePoint 2007 & 2010
How to assess your existing SharePoint deployment and identify upgrade risks and opportunities
Specific tasks that need to be done to plan and prepare for SharePoint 2010
Best Practices for supporting parallel environments, migration, preserving the investment in your existing SharePoint deployment, etc.
Avoiding common pitfalls

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  • Primary Source:, assemblies will not need re-compilationAny code used outside of a web context should be recompiled (i.e. timer jobs, feature activation/installation, etc.)Use SharePoint Solution Packages (WSPs)Importing SharePoint 2007 WSPs not created using VSeWSS is not supportedSite Templates deprecatedExisting sites based on the template will upgradeTo create new sites using the template a site using the template, upgrade the database, and export the site as a WSPSharePoint 2007 Themes deprecatedSharePoint 2007 Themes will not upgrade and must be converted to the new SharePoint 2010 ThemeChanges to OOTB files will not upgradeExample:document icons and noise wordsThese changes will not upgrade and must be recreatedCode performing large queries will failQueries on SPList items that exceed 5000 items will failIncrease the default query threshold or modify the queryConsider Visual UpgradeUse the SharePoint:VersionedContent or SharePoint:VersionedPlaceHolder controls to support v3 and v4 UI characteristicsUse SPWeb.UIVersion to check what UI version the site it using
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  • PAULIf they need help, we’ve had access to SharePoint 2010 for over a year – we can guide them thru the processMentionDownloads, Recording & Email invite to ECM in SharePoint 2010 WebinarExplain SharePoint GamePLAN Q & A - EVERYONE
  • PAULIf they need help, we’ve had access to SharePoint 2010 for over a year – we can guide them thru the processMentionDownloads, Recording & Email invite to ECM in SharePoint 2010 WebinarExplain SharePoint GamePLAN Q & A - EVERYONE


  • 1. SharePoint 2010 Readiness
    Webinar Series By:
  • 2. Speakers
    Paul Papanek Stork
    SharePoint MVP & Author
    ShareSquared Sr. Architect & Lead Consultant
    Gary LaPointe
    SharePoint MVP
    ShareSquared Sr. Architect & Lead Consultant
  • 3. Agenda
    A sprinkling of demos throughout…
    Introduction (Paul)
    What’s New in SharePoint 2010?
    Upgrade: Who, When & Why
    SharePoint 2007 to 2010 Upgrade (Gary)
    Server Preparation
    Choosing an Upgrade Approach
    Dealing with customizations
    Upgrade Best Practices (Paul)
    Q & A
  • 4. What’s New
    Too much to cover in a quick overview
    A few important changes for everyone:
    Fluent User Interface (the Ribbon)
    Sandboxed Solutions
    Claims based Authentication
    Managed Metadata Service
    Social Computing improvements
    Gary will cover other differences that affect Admins & Architects…
  • 5. Upgrade: Who, When & Why
    Good candidates for upgrade
    You need certain 2010 features
    You have not done significant customizations
    Get a second opinion if:
    You have a large deployment
    You’ve done significant customization
    Start planning & install the Beta now!
    Run parallel environments until the release
  • 6. Intro to SharePoint 2010
  • 7. Audience Survey
    What is your primary role in planning for SharePoint 2010?
    Decision Maker, Influencer or Sponsor
    Admin, Architect or Developer
    Analyst or End User
  • 8. Server Preparation
    SQL Server
    SQL 2008 R2 or SQL 2008+SP1+CU2 (or greater)
    SQL 2005 w/SP3 – supported / not recommended
    SharePoint Servers
    SharePoint 2007 SP2 + October CU (or greater)
    October CU updates the preupgradecheck STSADM command
    64 bit required
    Windows Server 2008 Standard w/SP2 (or greater)
    WCF Hotfix (not part of the prerequisites installer)
    Minimum 8GB RAM
  • 9. Upgrade Approaches
  • 10. In-Place Upgrade
    Use existing hardware – servers/farm offline during upgrade
    Configuration and all content upgraded
    Farm-wide settings preserved
    Customizations available after upgrade
    Recommended for small or non-production environments
  • 11. Database Attach Upgrade
    New hardware
    Upgrade multiple DBs at a time
    Server farm settings not upgraded
    Customizations must be transferred
    Can consolidate multiple farms into one
    Recommended if farm level configurations are minimal
  • 12. Hybrid 1: Read-only databases
    Use Database Attach upgrade to preserve existing farm
    Existing farm is put in read-only mode
    Create a new farm and attach all content databases
    Server farm settings not upgraded
    Recommended over Database Attach
  • 13. Hybrid 2: Detach databases
    Use in-place upgrade for farm settings to preserve configurations
    Detach and upgrade content databases
    Alternatively, upgrade content databases in a temporary farm
    Recommended if farm level configurations are significant
  • 14. Customizations
    Some assemblies will not need re-compilation
    Use SharePoint Solution Packages (WSPs)
    Site Templates deprecated
    SharePoint 2007 Themes deprecated
    Changes to OOTB files will not upgrade
    Code performing large queries will fail
    Consider Visual Upgrade
    Don’t forget to check 3rd party vendors for updates to installed packages!
  • 15. Upgrading to 2010
  • 16. Audience Survey
    Where are you on the SharePoint 2010 adoption curve?
    Planning to upgrade as soon it’s released
    Will upgrade once the product has been out awhile (e.g. after the first service pack)
    Unsure – need more information
    No plans to upgrade
  • 17. Upgrade Best Practices
    Update to SharePoint 2007 SP2 or later
    Migrate to 64-bit servers
    Archive old site collections prior to upgrade
    Update desktops to Office 2010 for enhanced features
    Evaluate Upgrade versus Migration
    Plan sufficient excess capacity
    Backup, Backup, Backup!!!
    Review Upgrade Status and logs
    Provide user training
  • 18. Avoiding Upgrade Pitfalls
    Freeze your Farm during upgrade
    Identify all customizations (features, solutions & assemblies)
    Use the pre-upgrade checker
    Don’t upgrade a broken farm
    Perform a trial upgrade on a test farm
    Use STSADM to re-attach content DB’s
    Don’t upgrade to Beta 2 too soon
  • 19. Audience Survey
    What do you see as next steps?
    Assessment of current environment & overall SharePoint 2010 readiness
    Training for SharePoint 2010
    Planning for SharePoint 2010 implementation
  • 20. SharePoint GamePLAN
    Jumpstart your SharePoint 2010 Deployment
    2-5 Day Session with a Sr. SharePoint Architect MVP or MCM
    Education on SharePoint 2010
    Brainstorming & Requirements Development
    Assessment – hardware, AD, skills, etc.
    Planning & Implementation Roadmap
    $8,500 + travel for a 4-day engagement
    Email or
    call 800-445-1279 x300 to schedule
  • 21. Resources and Q & A
    Assessment, Planning & Implementation
    SharePoint 2010 GamePLAN
    Contact us for implementation guidance
    Learn more about 2010 features
    Next Webinar: Image Capture & ECM in SharePoint 2010
    Online resources
    2010 Upgrade & Migration Resource Center