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SharePoint 2010 public facing sites


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  • PAUL WILL START 10 MINUTE TIMER Blended SharePoint 2010 & .NET Solutions
  • PAUL
  • PAULBullet Points from the email blastDeveloping a Strategy for Leveraging SharePoint Inside-OutNew Internet Friendly Licensing in SharePoint 2010Branding for SuccessAuthentication and Anonymous AccessSelecting the Right Extranet TopologyForefront Threat Management and Unified Access GatewaysBest Practices & Avoiding Pitfalls
  • PAUL
  • MICHAELLimited to ONE Internet domain. (Not AD domain) Example: NOT:*** Fast Search/Enterprise SharePointYou cannot deploy both on the same license. The license only covers SharePoint Enterprise Internet OR Fast Search Server. Not both concurrently.*** SharePoint Foundation if you expose it externally you need to purchase a Windows external connector or your server.
  • MICHAELMicrosoft Licensing check with a Licensing Representative BEFORE you deploy your site!
  • MICHAELChoose a SharePoint Expert:Branding in needs expert proficiency due to it’s complexity.Start from close to scratch: Start from a minimal.master and only include needed controls (moderate)(icon)Performance is Key: use Fiddler to assist you with what the page is sending to the browserReduce Javascript Payloads: some of the following scripts may not be needed depending on your site. Remove the .js file if it’s functionality is not needed.
  • MICHAELWindows Auth Remote UsersExtranet Remote Partners/Clients/etcAnonymous Read-only users ***Although you can allow users to post to lists (blogs, comments, etc) but you cannot set them up to contribute to libraries.
  • PAUL
  • PAUL
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  • PAUL
  • PAULIf they need help, we’ve had access to SharePoint 2010 for over a year – we can guide them thru the processMention Downloads, Recording & Email invite to ECM in SharePoint 2010 WebinarExplain SharePoint GamePLAN Q & A - EVERYONE
  • PAUL
  • PAULIf they need help, we’ve had access to SharePoint 2010 for over a year – we can guide them thru the processMention Downloads, Recording & Email invite to ECM in SharePoint 2010 WebinarExplain SharePoint GamePLAN WEBINAR: Tuesday October 26th 11:00 AM PSTCOMPOSER Site: About to get a makeover as a branded 2010 site, build using Composer & MaestroPRICING / LICENSING: Free SharePoint Foundation Version – Composer Only~$299 for Foundation BuildComposer Standard and Enterprise is sold per-UserMaestro Standard and Enterprise is sold per-serverSee the site for pricing details & info in a follow-up email w/ the Q & A contentQ & A – EVERYONEExtranet Topologies for SharePoint 2010 Security Hardening Permissions and Security Settings
  • Transcript

    • 1. Best Practices for SharePoint 2010 Public Facing Sites
    • 2. Speakers
      Michael Van Cleave
      Sr. Architect & Practice Lead
      Paul Papanek Stork
      SharePoint MVP & Author
      Chief Architect & Practice Lead
    • 3. Agenda
      Discuss the Business Case
      New Internet Friendly Licensing
      Branding Tips for Success
      Authentication and Anonymous Access
      Extranet Topologies
      Security Gateways
      Best Practices/Avoiding Common Pitfalls
      Resources and Q & A
    • 4. Audience Survey
      What is your primary role in implementing SharePoint initiatives?
      Decision Maker, Influencer or Sponsor
      Admin, Architect or Developer
      Analyst or End User
    • 5. The Business Case
      Market Trends
      Collaborate with business partners/clients
      Connect your virtual offices or telecommuting employees
      Create a more compelling internet presence (e.g. including dynamic content, workflow, etc.)
      Why SharePoint?
      Leverage content contributors / SME’s throughout your organization
      Provide more timely, pointed content with ease
      Build on your existing SharePoint investment
      Don’t start from scratch!
      SharePoint is specifically built for these scenarios
    • 6. New Licensing Models
      Internet Server licensing
      No CALs required for external users
      SP Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Standard
      Same functionality as Standard CAL
      Limited to one Internet domain (i.e. not AD domain)
      SP Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Enterprise
      Same functionality as with Enterprise CAL
      Includes FAST Search Server
      SharePoint Foundation
      Free, essentially
    • 7. New Licensing Models – Cont’d
      Determine upfront what functionality you need for your public site
      Licensing costs differ significantly
      Development costs can differ significantly
      Microsoft Licensing is complex!
      Contact us if you need help:
    • 8. Branding for Success
      Start from “close to” scratch
      Performance is Key
      Consider image format and size
      Use Fiddler or other page analyzers
      Reduce JavaScript payloads (Cui.js, Sp.ui.js, Core.js)
      Turn off Naming ActiveX control
      Web app general settings page
      Organize your content
      Utilize SharePoint lists, calendars, web parts etc.
      Leverage content expiration, versioning, alerts, auditing, etc.
      Choose a creative design firm that understands your brand, your content and SharePoint!
      Use a SharePoint Expert for implementation
    • 9. Authentication Choices
      Windows Authentication
      Native windows authentication methods do not work well over internet
      Basic Authentication over HTTPS
      Alternative to native windows authentication
      Forms Based Authentication
      Alternative user store (SQL, LDAP, etc.)
      Full support for client application integration.
      Anonymous Access
      Read-only users
    • 10. Configuring FBA & Anonymous Access
    • 11. Audience Survey
      Where are you on the SharePoint 2010 adoption curve?
      Already using SharePoint 2010
      Will implement/upgrade in 0-3 Months
      Will implement/upgrade in 4-12 Months
      No near-term plans to upgrade/use
      Unsure – need more information
    • 12. Selecting the Right Topology
      Questions to Ask
      Who are the potential users?
      How will the site be used?
      What is in the existing environment?
      Internet Facing Topologies
      Edge Firewall
      Back to Back Perimeter Network
      Split Back to Back Perimeter Network
    • 13. Edge Firewall
      Good for light duty/low security installations
      Best for telecommuting employees
    • 14. Edge Firewall Pros/Cons
      Least amount of hardware & configuration
      All Data stored within the trusted network
      Only one set of servers to maintain
      A single farm to build and maintain
      May not need Internet license
      Lowest Security
      Only one firewall protecting Internal network
    • 15. Perimeter Network
      Good for an Internet only web site.
      Good for public hosting environment
    • 16. Perimeter Network Pros/Cons
      Single farm simplifies sharing and maintenance
      No external user access to internal network
      Content Deployment between internal and external farm possible
      Additional infrastructure and configuration required
      Internal users have two user accounts
      Content Deployment requires external sites to be Read Only
    • 17. Split Perimeter
      Best for an Extranet Collaboration scenario
      One way AD Trust
    • 18. Split Perimeter Pros/Cons
      SQL servers not in Perimeter network
      Internal users don’t need two accounts
      External users can use Windows (Basic) authentication
      Requires the most hardware
      Most Complex solution
    • 19. Gateway Servers
      ISA Server 2006
      Forefront TMG Server 2010
      Forefront UAG Server 2010
    • 20. Threat Management Gateway
      Designed for Outbound Access Control
      SharePoint publishing
      Network load balancing
      Array support
      Mobile access
      Rich authentication
      Unified portal
      Direct Access
    • 21. Unified Access Gateway
      Designed for Inbound Access Control
      SharePoint publishing
      Network load balancing
      Array support
      Mobile access
      Rich authentication
      Endpoint health detection
      Granular access policies
      Information leakage mitigation
      Direct Access
    • 22. Publishing a SharePoint Site using TMG
    • 23. Audience Survey
      What do you see as next steps?
      Learn more about Public Facing Sites in SharePoint 2010
      Plan& Design a Public Facing SharePoint Site
      Implement a Public Facing SharePoint Site in SharePoint 2010
      Get some help!
    • 24. Avoiding Pitfalls
      Anonymous access users still need licenses
      People Picker issues with Read Only Domain Controllers
      Admin and Service Accounts should be from Trusted Domain
      Deactivate/Block features and services that won’t be used (e.g. MySites)
      Don’t use Themes for SharePoint Foundation 2010
      Don’t just move to SharePoint – use it’s features!
    • 25. Best Practices
      Start with a “Least Privileges” Security Account approach
      Set Anonymous Policy for the External Web Application Zone
      Use Content Deployment for Read Only WCM systems
      Service accounts should all be Managed Accounts with automated password
      Leverage multiple zones
      Analyze content & put it into the proper SharePoint structures
    • 26. SharePoint GamePLAN®
      Jumpstart your SharePoint deployment
      Conducted by an MCM, MVP or Sr. Architect
      Education on SharePoint 2010
      Brainstorming & Conceptual Design
      Assessment – Hardware, AD, Skills, etc.
      Planning & Implementation Roadmap
      $4,500 + travel for a 3-day engagement
      Utilize Microsoft Vouchers (as applicable)
      Email or
      Call 800-445-1279
      Several handouts are available for download from LiveMeeting:
      SharePoint 2010 GamePLAN
      SharePoint Composer/Maestro
      Company Profile
      FREE Trial Version of SharePoint Composer:
    • 28. Resources and Q & A
      Assessment & Planning
      Schedule a SharePoint GamePLAN engagement
      Learn more about SharePoint 2010
      Next Webinar: “Tour de SharePoint 2010 with our SharePoint MVP's & Certified Master Candidates” on 5/3/2011
      Online resources
      Extranet Topologies for SharePoint 2010
      Plan Security Hardening
      Account Permissions and Security Settings
      Contact Us: or 800-445-1279