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CloudShare Dev and Test SPSTCDC
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CloudShare Dev and Test SPSTCDC



Presentation from SharePoint Saturday the conference #SPSTCDC on Development and Testing for SharePoint farms in the cloud.

Presentation from SharePoint Saturday the conference #SPSTCDC on Development and Testing for SharePoint farms in the cloud.



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  • Networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance
  • Networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance
  • Networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance
  • Networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance
  • Networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance
  • Networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance

CloudShare Dev and Test SPSTCDC CloudShare Dev and Test SPSTCDC Presentation Transcript

  • Agenda
    • Who is CloudShare?
    • Accelerate SharePoint Development in the Cloud
      • Proof of Concept (POC) in the Cloud
      • Training in the Cloud
      • Development in the Cloud
      • Staging and testing in the Cloud
      • Moving from Cloud to Production
    • Testimonials
    • Useful Links
    • Contact
      • Founded January 2007
      • Marquee customers; Fortune 500 enterprises
      • Over 50,000 end-users
      • Patented IP; 100 man-years of R&D
      • Backed by Sequoia Capital, Charles River Ventures, and Gemini Capital
      • HQ, San Mateo, CA; R&D, Tel Aviv
  • Who is CloudShare?
    • On-Demand environments in the cloud
    • Forget about IT hardware
    • Easily share complete environments
    • Access anywhere
    • Tear down and build environments in minutes
    • Save money on setup time and hardware
    Zvi Guterman Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Chris Riley - @rileybeebs Product Manager / Evangelist
  • Today Q: How long does it take you to setup SharePoint for development and testing? 2 hours? 4 hours? A Day or More!? A: On average it takes 3 to 5 hours to setup a new SharePoint farm
  • Today Q: How many SharePoint projects are you working on now? One? Two? Three or More!? A: On average organizations have 3 or more active SharePoint projects
  • Time for productivity improvement
    • Setup SharePoint in 10 to 15 minutes , not hours
    • Run several SharePoint projects with no additional effort
    • Remove Hardware from the equation
    • No Downloads
    • No Pre-Req Checks
    • No Licenses
    • No need to wait for servers
    • No long processes
  • Who is CloudShare? Fully Functional SharePoint Environments in 4 Steps and 10 minutes
  • Step 1: Register 14-day free trial, no credit card, no risk. Subscriptions start at $49/month.
  • Step 2: Create Your Environment Create your environment. Select name and describe your VMs
  • Step 3: Add Environment Description Describe and name your environment. Descriptions show up for you and everyone you share with.
  • Step 4: Finish and Run Click “finish and run.” Your fully functional environment will be up and running in just minutes.
  • Who is CloudShare? That is what you do. What we do…
  • Who is CloudShare?
    • Automatically provision your hardware
    • Automatically install Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Automatically install SharePoint 2010
    • Automatically setup your windows accounts
    • Automatically enable Web Access and Sharing
    • Automatically network your VMs
    • Provide high performance access
    • via RDP or Browser
  • Who is CloudShare? All within 4 steps and 10 minutes That is the power of the Cloud.
  • Who is CloudShare? DEMO
  • Who is CloudShare? Enter
  • SharePoint Starting Points
    • Templates
    • SharePoint Server 2007
    • SharePoint 2010 Information Worker
    • SharePoint 2010 Foundation with Development Tools
    • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise
    • Permalinks
    • SharePoint 2010 Fab 40 templates
    • Small Farm with Exchange
  • Proof-of-Concept in the Cloud
    • In the Cloud : You can show the power of SharePoint to customers, peers and colleagues
    • Don’t worry about setup time
    • Don’t worry about hardware
    • Share your demo world-wide
    • Give them a chance to “kick the tires”
  • Proof-of-Concept in the Cloud
    • Share a copy for testing
      • By invite only or Permalink
      • No more site clean-up after users
      • No more worrying about proper installs
      • No need to limit functionality
    • Share a Web Access link
      • On-Demand SharePoint web applications
      • Static URL for accessing web applications
      • Let SharePoint do what it does best
  • Easy access to VMs
  • Share with the World Instantly share an unlimited number of copies with peers, customers and students or other audiences whenever and however you like - blog, email or Twitter after an event or any other channel.
  • Training in the Cloud
    • In the Cloud: You can create virtual labs for training and certification programs or even your local User Group
    • Don’t worry about hardware
    • Don’t worry about clean-up after use
    • Give students full access to real-life environments
  • Training in the Cloud
    • Create the lab
    • Take a snapshot
    • Publish it to students via simple URL
    • Each student has a fully functional hands-on environments
    • Remotely watch the students activities
    • No clean-up required
  • Training in the Cloud
  • Monitor student activity Share copies with students. See who is using them and for how long.
  • Development in the Cloud
    • In the Cloud: You can develop whole SharePoint solutions
      • Architecture
      • Web-Parts
    • Don’t worry about local virtual machines
    • Don’t be limited by your local hardware
    • Use the tools you need
      • Visual Studio
      • SharePoint Designer
  • Development in the Cloud
    • Collaborate with other developers on the same Farm
    • Connect your environment to an existing source control like TFS
    • Take a snapshot of your work
    • Setup multiple Virtual Machines on the same private network:
        • End-user test machine
        • Active Directory Federation
        • Exchange server integration
    • Control user access and domains
    • Control where and how to consume resources
  • Control your hardware configuration Easily Control the allocation of resources on your Virtual Machines.
  • Take a snapshot of your work One-Click to take a snapshot to protect and share your work.
  • Collaborate with other developers Share copies or invite others to collaborate. See who is testing and for how long.
  • Testing and Staging in the Cloud
    • In the Cloud: You can test your solution, someone else's solution, or 3 rd party products.
    • Don’t worry about impacting production environment
    • Test SharePoint 3 rd party solutions in isolated environments
    • Start testing sooner
  • Testing and Staging in the Cloud
    • Replicate your environment by sharing a copy
    • Invite people from anywhere to test
    • Replicate your environment to a staging account
    • Build complete farm topologies
      • Small Farm with Exchange: http://bit.ly/CloudShare_SmallFarm
    • Create snapshots to backup your work
  • Private network of VMs All your Virtual Machines automatically live in their own private network.
  • Build farm topologies
  • Moving from Cloud to Production
    • In the Cloud: Migrate the work you have done to production environments.
    • Don’t worry about local backups
    • Control what you take and what you don’t
    • Always have a testing environment handy
  • Moving from Cloud to Production
    • Share files with your local computer through file sharing
    • Export and download WSP files
    • Export content databases
    • Leverage your favorite SharePoint migration tools
    • Maintain a development and testing farm for future updates
  • In the Cloud you can:
    • Perform SharePoint Demos and POC
    • Perform SharePoint Development
    • Delivery SharePoint Training and Certification
    • Perform SharePoint Testing and Staging
    • Share SharePoint configurations anywhere with internet
  • What SharePoint Community Says… We are always on the look-out for products that our clients need to have to stay ahead. We found one that we’ll be bringing up with all our new clients – CloudShare - especially as it relates to development, testing, training and demo environments for SharePoint 2010. – Danny Ryan , ThreeWill, SharePoint consulting company For preproduction and demo work, CloudShare’s instant SharePoint 2010 virtual machines creation process delivers a fully functional, cloud-based multi-server environment in minutes. As a consultant, I need to build and customize enterprise environments with little or notice, and CloudShare has saved me time and money in non-billable hours. CloudShare just works! – Kris Wagner , SharePoint MVP CloudShare removes the time and complexity of setting up SharePoint training and demonstration labs. CloudShare grants real-time access in the cloud to multi-server SharePoint enabling me to quickly and easily build environments on-demand,, test and deploy my solutions. – Chris Beckett , SharePoint Bits, SharePoint MCM The capability of the platform for demos and development is amazing. Far more nimble than any on-premise enterprise solution. - Matthew McDermott , SharePoint MVP, Aptillon Austin You need Cloudshare in your life. It is great, you get access to a whole range of pre-defined templates or as they really are Virtual Machines that can spun up at a moment's notice… [it’s] about having machines available for any occasion, testing, developing, research or demos… Highly recommend trying it out and seeing what it can do for you. – Liam Cleary, SharePoint MVP http://www.helloitsliam.com/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=263
  • Useful Links
    • CloudShare ProPlus Free 14-day Trial: http://www.cloudshare.com/proplus
    • CloudShare Enterprise Demo: http://www.cloudshare.com/demo
    • Follow Us!
      • Twitter: @CloudShare
      • LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/689670
      • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CloudShare
      • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/cloudsharecom
  • Contact Chris Riley Product Management / Evangelism Email: [email_address] Twitter: @Rileybeebs Phone: 925-640-4361 Website: http://cloudshare.com