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Para el blog -the metamorphosis Para el blog -the metamorphosis Presentation Transcript

  • FIRST CHAPTERClaudia Noguera Natalia Goyes Ricardo Lizcano Deiby David Willy Botina
  •  Merely: mere·ly [meer-lee] adverb 1. only as specified and nothing more; simply: merely a matter of form. 2. Obsolete . a. without admixture; purely. b. altogether; entirely. e.g: I merely said that I was tired. These columns have no function and are merely decorative. 2. Flip /flɪp/ To cause something to turn over quickly one or more times, or to cause something to move by making a short, quick motion. E.g: - I flipped the pages of the dictionary to look up a word. - You just flip a switch to turn on the computer.
  • 3. DISTRESS: /dɪˈstres/ n great mental or physical suffering, such as extreme anxiety, sadness, or pain, or the state of being in danger or urgent need: e.g: emotional/financial distress. -Four men were rescued from a fishing boat in distress off the coast.
  • 5.swung /swɪŋ/ v [I/T] (past tense and past participle swung /swʌŋ/): to move easily to one direction and then to the other from a fixed point, or to cause something to move this way. -He hung upside down and swung back and forth. -The heavy door swung open.4. PANGS: /pæŋ/a sudden, sharp feeling of pain or painful emotion.- hunger pangs.- pangs of remorse.
  • 5. Scoundrel:/ˈskɑʊn·drəl/ 6. Rub: /rʌb/ a person, an to press or be pressed againstelected official, who something with a repeatedtreats others badly circular, side to side, or upand can not be and down movement:trusted.
  • 8. Fretwork (n)7. Squeak:/skwik/ /ˈfret.wɜˈk/ to make very high sound or decorative open patternscry. especially cut out of wood ore.g: Her expensive shoes metal or made insqueaked when she walked. embroidery.
  • 9. Stubborn: /ˈstʌb·ərn/ opposed to change or suggestion: - He’s sick, but he’s too stubborn to seea doctor.If something is stubborn, it is hard to fixor deal with:- stubborn stains a stubborn problem.
  • Hurl: (verb)To throw something with a lot of force, usually in an angry or violent way
  • Sigh: /saɪ/ verb [I, T]To breathe out slowly and noisily, often because you are annoyed or unhappy
  • Gaze: /ɡeɪz/ verbto look for a long time at someone orsomething or in a particular direction They gazed into each others eyes.
  • Cheer: /tʃɪr / noun [C]A shout of approval or encouragement
  • Glance: /ɡlæns / noun a quick lookShe had a quick glance around the restaurant.
  • Conceal: /kənˈsiˈl/ verb To hide something
  • Struck: /strʌk/ verb past StraikTo hit someone or something
  • Length: noun DISTANCE the measurement or distance of something from one end to the otherThe village is so small that its entire length could be walked in 15 minutes.
  • Lift up: /lɪft ʌp/ PRASAL VERB: to movesomething from a lower to a higher position.
  • 1. Startle (v) - (n) / stɑrtəl / v [T] Definition : to surprise a person or animal. -She startled him when she said hello.2. Intermingle (v)/ IntɚmIŋgəl / v [I]Definition: to become mixed together.- The flavours intermingle to produce a very unusual taste.- Fact is intermingled with fiction throughout the book.
  • 3. ONSET: (n) / ɔnsέt /Definition : the beginning of something, especially unpleasant.- the onset of winter. - the onset of cancer.- Synonym : beginning.- Antonym: end.4. Chill: (v) / tʃIl /v [I/T]Definition : to make or become cold but not freeze.-[I] Allow the pudding to chill.- [T] Chill the pudding before serving.
  • 5. Drowsy (adj) / draʊzi /Definition: feeling sleepy especiallywhen it is not the usual time to sleep.-The room is so warm, it’s makingme drowsy. 6. Beg (V) / bƐg / v [I/T] Definition : to ask for money, or to ask someone to do something in an urgent way: -[I] There are a lot of homeless people begging on the streets these days. -[T] Is your child begging you for a skateboard?
  • 7. Slam (v) / slæm / v [I/T]Definition: to move against a hard surfacewith force and usually a loud noise, or tocause something to move this way.- [I] The truck slammed into an oncomingcar.- [T] Ray slammed the door shut.8. Flutter / flʌtɚ / v [I/T]Definition: to move in quick, irregular motions,or to cause something to move this way.- [I] The flags fluttered in the breeze.
  • As Gregor saw the alarm clock he realized that he hadspent too much time sleeping. His worry started torelate to his job because it was late and he had nottaken the train yet. Besides, someone had already toldhis boss something about Gregors absence and thatwould get him into trouble with the boss because hecould think that Gregor was lying for avoiding workingand it would be very strange because during five yearsof working Gregor had never been absent or sick.Furthermore, the family started to talk about the factthat Gregor was still at home, and it was weird forthem.When the alarm clock was indicating quarter to seven,his mother was knocking on the door asking questionsand Gregor wanted to answer but he didn’t because hisvoice could make her discover his transformation.Gregor’s body was aching so much and he wasbecoming sad because his fantasies and dreams werefading with the time.
  •  Gregor listened to the ring at the door of the apartment. Immediately, he thought that it was someone from his office. His sister called with a loud voice but Gregor only answered her with a low voice and her sister couldn´t hear him. Later, his father said that Mr. Manager was asking of Gregor and he demanded for Gregor to open the door, in the middle of all this, the manager in a friendly way said “ Mr. Samsa!” and Gregor´s mother said to Mr. Manager that her soon was very responsible and a good person but for any reason he was not very well and that he was very stubborn to open the door.
  •  Gregor didn’t feel so comfortable with his new body, so he tried to move around his room, but it was so difficult for him, because at that moment he had lost his legs, and he just had a lot of small limbs, and suddenly he just listened the visitor’s first word of greeting to recognize him, so he tried to move again. His back was more elastic than he had thought, so he was able to get up of the bed.