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This presentation is prepared to be presented by VP SCM in Geneve Green Seminar.

Brief overview of Telecommunication industry in Indonesia. Milestone of Bakrie Telecom. And BTel initatives to become Green Company.

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  • Corporate Business Model:We keep it simple and easyValue for moneyStrong and trusted brandBalanced composition of subscribersMaintain low capital and operating expense
  • BTel Green Initiatives

    1. 1. Agenda Indonesia’s BTel Green InitiativesTelecom Industry Goes Green Benefits Conclusion
    2. 2. Indonesia Official Language: Indonesia The worlds third most populous democracy (237M) The largest archipelagic state (17K islands) Home to the largest Muslim population (85%) Home to 1.100 different-unique tribes Total GDP: USD 600 B Currency: IDR (Rp) International Dialing Code: +62 Source: wikipedia/id
    3. 3. Telecom Industry: Summary Fixed Cable Phone: 3Provider Fixed Wireless Phone: 4 Wireless Phone: 8 Fixed Cable Phone: 12 MTelco Capacity Fixed Wireless Phone: 47 M Wireless Phone: 263 M Subscriber Growth (in Million)250 214 199200 171150 113100 79 50 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Source: Directorate General Of Post And Telecommunication
    4. 4. Telecom Industry: Subsriber GrowthType of license 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Fixed Cable 8.73 M 8.71 M 8.67 M 8.42 M 8.42 MFixed Wireless 6.01 M 10.81 M 21.70 M 26.67 M 27.48 MWireless 63.80 M 93.39 140.58 M 163.68 M 178.43 M Postpaid 2.68% Prepaid, The growth of fixed telephone cable 97.32% capacity that tends stagnant compared to fixed wireless phones, due to the people no longer use fixed telephone cable as the main means of communication, as wireless technology is getting cheaper and affordable. Phone market still rely on cable and local business groups not reached by the wireless phone Source: Directorate General Of Post And Telecommunication
    5. 5. Telecom Industry: Operator Type of license Operator Name PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom)Fixed Cable Phone PT. Indosat PT. Batam Bintan Telekomunikasi (BBT) PT. TelkomFixed Wireless Phone PT. Bakrie Telecom PT. Mobile-8 PT. Telkomsel PT. Indosat PT. XL-Axiata PT. Mobile-8Wireless Phone PT. Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (STI) PT. Natrindo Telepon Seluler (NTS) PT. Hutchison CP Telecommunication Smart Telecom Source: Directorate General Of Post And Telecommunication
    6. 6. Bakrie Telecom: Vision & MissionOur dream is to create a betterlife for the Indonesia people byproviding them informationconnectivity.We firmly believe that improvingpeople‟s access to the outside worldwill empower them to reach a betterlife.For this we will follow a growthstrategy based on our unique way of“Disruptive Innovations”.Delivering customers exactly whatthey want:Affordable & high informationconnectivity Source: BTe;‟s Company Profile
    7. 7. Bakrie Telecom:Milestone (1/2) Source: BTe;‟s Company Profile
    8. 8. Bakrie Telecom:Milestone (2/2) Source: BTe;‟s Company Profile
    9. 9. Bakrie Telecom:Business Model Source: BTe;‟s Company Profile
    10. 10. Bakrie Telecom: Goes Green  Anindya Bakrie as speaker in forum “To Green Economy with Indeks Sri Kehati: Change & Challenge” in Jakarta  Bakrie Telecoms push harder to apply green activities in each line of business through green movement program.  BTel was chosen for giving advices about implementation green activities in strategic Bussines (best practices).  Through Our program „‟ Green For Nation‟‟, BTel is seen as a telecommunications operator Currently, we have succeeded in pursuing actively implementing various efficiency and significant cost savings. green activities as a strategicWe expect nothing less USD 20 billion in total business. savings of the activity on the Green For the  Green Eeconomy is investment Nation in 2011. in the future
    11. 11. Bakrie Telecom: Goes Green The Indonesian Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) was launched on 27th April 2011 in Jakarta. BTEL is one of Founding Members Company. The IBCSD will provide a platform for businesses to share best practice in tackling risks and taking advantage of opportunities related to sustainable development. act as a key partner to government and civil society providing business input and solutions for Indonesian policies on sustainability issues. WWF orginazed ICT Roundtable discussion and BTEL was chosen as leader discussion. as the first telecommunications opera tors in ASEAN who are members of GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative)
    12. 12. Bakrie Telecom: Green Initiatives (1/5)Energy Saving in Network Department Free Cooling Box installed in more than 2,000 BTSThis process reduces power consumption by more than 30% per year. Implementing Delayed Start Generator SystemWe implement this system in areas that are less dependent on electricpower. Compared with the engine generator, this initiative is tomaximize time state without electricity and when the base stationbattery power shortage. BTel build base stations that use solar energyCurrently this BTS has been used in Sangata, East Kalimantanand Cipakat, Tarlac. Going forward, the Company will continue todevelop green power solutions for base stations in other areas. Highest Density LevelBTEL is one of the operators with the level the highest density ofcustomers per base station in Indonesia, with more than 3,300subscribers per base station. Implementing Co Location TowerThe company reduced its carbon footprint by using a tower together(co-location)
    13. 13. Bakrie Telecom: Green Initiatives (2/5)Energy Saving in Sales Department Collecting the used-handset to be recycledHandset production spend many resources areextracted, processed and manufactured. Therefore, it hasdesigned BTEL an innovative program to collect used handsetsfor recycling. Through this program, customers may have arole in preserving the environment.
    14. 14. Bakrie Telecom: Green Initiatives (3/5)Energy Saving in SCM Department Supplying GreenCommitment to the environment passed down to thecolleagues, vendors and suppliers, where BTel support them tocontribute to “Go Green Programme" together. Vendor Management: Added enviromental criteria as requirement to be BTel Partner Contract Management: Enviromentals Clauses in T&C BTEL- Green Movement QuestionnaireThe main goal of supplying green is to:a) Obtaining resources from suppliers and vendors that are environmentally friendly.b) Create products labeled as environmentally friendly in accordance with performance criteria environment.c) Determining the environmental criteria for all products and services provided by Bakrie Telecom.d) Working closely with partners in contributing towards sustainable development of environmentally friendly performance.
    15. 15. Bakrie Telecom: Green Initiatives (4/5)Energy Saving in SCM Department Green Warehouse  Warehouse Space Efficiency  Minimiza waste& garbage  Electonic waste handled properly Recycled Products  Recycle Battery BTS Network Service  Recycle Cartridge PrinterRecycle PVC RUIM  Recycle PVC RUIM & Reuse RUIM  Handset disposal Simplify Products  Simplify Starterpack Packaging  Green Device : Smaller Device Gift Box  Universal USB Charger Implementation of green warehouse activities to ensure that these resources had been transformed into new products and useful material or disposed of in the right way so that no become hazardous electronic waste.
    16. 16. Bakrie Telecom: Green Initiatives (5/5)Energy Saving in Office Department Green OfficeBTEL office environment has also been changed to be moreenvironmentally friendly. This is done among other thingsthrough reduction in paper usage, encourage employees toreuse the paper for drafting documents, recycle paper andprinter cartridges as well as focus on savings electricity in theoffice.  Using Reuse Paper A4  Business Card using Recycle Paper  Using Rental cars that passed Emision Test  Water, Fuel, & Electricity Efficiency Employee InvolvementBTEL believe that long-term success of the Green programmedepends on its employees in understand ing the importance ofpreserving the environment, ranging from their personallife, behavior in the office.This understanding and encourage employee participation byconducting outreach programs to all the company.
    17. 17. Bakrie Telecom: Green Future InitiativesFor the future, BTEL strive to achieve the following goals: Reducing costs through cost-savings and energy-savings Campaign BTEL and BCON as Environmental-Friendly company. Strengthening relationship with the Ministry and other related institutions, mass media and Chamber of Commerce. Attract potential new investors are paying attention to the problems of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Being part of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). GeSI is a subset of some operators and telecommunications equipment manufacturers who focus on promoting environmental conservation. Implementation of External Audit and certification of progress in achieving the objective sustainability BTEL environment.
    18. 18. Bakrie Telecom:Green BTel Portal