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Presentation for the Dutch Chapter of the EACD (European Association of Communication Directors), May 2010, Rotterdam

Presentation for the Dutch Chapter of the EACD (European Association of Communication Directors), May 2010, Rotterdam

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Share theknowledge...EACD Regional DebateHow to survive in aprofessional services firm?
  • 2. Agenda The firm: - where do we come from - who we are and - what we do? The people: how to deal with lawyers? The brand: how to create & maintain a strong brand? The proof: how to demonstrate it all?
  • 3. The firm: where do we come from? Loyens & Loeff started in 2000 following a merger of:  the tax lawyers of Loyens & Volkmaars and  part of the attorneys and civil law notaries of Loeff Claeys Verbeke. Roots of the firm go back to the beginning of the 20th century First firm in the Benelux where attorneys, tax lawyers and civil law notaries offer their services on a large scale in an integrated way Loyens & Loeff has set a new standard in the legal and tax world
  • 4. Leading in the Benelux The only true Benelux firm, with offices in • Amsterdam • Rotterdam • Brussels • Luxembourg • Arnhem • Eindhoven Innovative solutions for international companies and investors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • 5. International Offices & Network International offices in the world’s major financial centres Europe  Outside Europe  Frankfurt  Aruba  Geneva  Curacao  London  Dubai  Paris  New York  Zürich  Singapore  Tokyo Specialists in cross-border transactions and advice Excellent and long-standing working relationships with the best firms around the world Country region specialists in the Benelux
  • 6. Key figures  Total staff: 1.517 (30 April 2010) Total turnover 2009 EUR 284 mln  Steady growth in number of fee-earners • Tax lawyers 399 Turnover per group Geographical turnover in € mln • Attorneys 366 130 in € mln 31 46% 11%238% • Civil Law Notaries – 106 • Advisers: 12 261 92%  Academic Profile Attorneys 123 Outside Benelux 43% Benelux • 15 professors Tax lawyers Civil law notaries • 22 doctoral candidates • 27 lecturers
  • 7. The people: How to deal with lawyers? Question: why are lawyers often disappointed in marketing people and why do marketing teams feel cut out? Answer: mismatch between the types of people Conclusion: Lawyers are from Mars, Marketing people are from Mercury Punishment for Mercurians: live with lawyers on Mars Mars: a forbidden environment, because admitting faults, showingweakness or apologizing is something a lawyer simply does not do Solution: create a lasting peace between Martians and Mercurians foreffective marketing
  • 8. Lasting peace is based on Mutual trust Understanding differences and difficulties Communications between the two sides Coherent strategy based on mutual respect and common goals
  • 9. What do Martians value?Mars = the god of war power competency efficiency achievement prove themselves ability to achieve results success and accomplishment
  • 10. What do Martians want? billable hours left alone (by Mercurians)Why? Time spent on marketing means less time for billable hours!Goal in life: to accumulate as many billable hours as possible!If a Mercurian can demonstrate that he or she can help achieving thisgoal, Martians will lend support
  • 11. Key Martian attributes brains of the law firm see small picture help = sign of weakness Martians respect other Martians pessimists words vs. pictures publicity shy, dont trust others (especially the press) know all poor communicators talks more than listens
  • 12. Martian proverbs Mercurians are motivated and empowered when they feel useful, needed and cherished Being a Martian means never having to say sorry!
  • 13. What do Mercurians want:Mercury = the inventor of the alphabet, ingenious, eloquent, persuasive, divining the future (in Greek: Hermes) a salary to be of use to the Martians value: love, communications, relationships and branded stationery! communications of primary importance big picture people value activity
  • 14. Mercurian proverbs To admire a Martian is to regard him/her with wonder, delight and approval. When Martians feel admired, they feel secure enough to shine and confident enough to grab new business A Martian primarily needs to be encouraged by a Mercurian. A Mercurians encouraging attitude gives hope and courage to a Martian by expressing confidence in his/her abilities and character.
  • 15. Key Mercurian attributes arms & legs & mouth of the law firm see the whole picture want help? just ask! trust everyone (especially the press!) results vs. process optimists pictures vs. words like people, not things all publicity = good most pleased when actively engaged like noise
  • 16. How can lawyers and marketing people pro actively create new biz together?7 steps programme: macro economic analysis analysis of the (legal) market evaluation of market opportunity matching strengths and resources to market needs identifying and targeting key clients, decision makers, prospects relaying the message getting the business: • sales pitch • follow-up
  • 17. Combining this with an instinctive approach you get: To be innovative you have to: observe orient decide attackRecent trend in marketing management: being involved in public policyissues (example: L&L and ‘Commissie Davids’)The point is to be really close to the action if you want to influence peoplewhich is the essence of a good legal marketing strategy
  • 18. The proof: lots of awards
  • 19. www.loyensloeff.comAmsterdam Arnhem BrusselsEindhoven Luxembourg RotterdamAruba Curacao Dubai Frankfurt Geneva LondonNew York Paris Singapore Tokyo Zurich