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Presentation for the Dutch Chapter of the EACD (European Association of Communication Directors), May 2010, Rotterdam

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  1. 1. Share theknowledge...EACD Regional DebateHow to survive in aprofessional services firm?
  2. 2. Agenda The firm: - where do we come from - who we are and - what we do? The people: how to deal with lawyers? The brand: how to create & maintain a strong brand? The proof: how to demonstrate it all?
  3. 3. The firm: where do we come from? Loyens & Loeff started in 2000 following a merger of:  the tax lawyers of Loyens & Volkmaars and  part of the attorneys and civil law notaries of Loeff Claeys Verbeke. Roots of the firm go back to the beginning of the 20th century First firm in the Benelux where attorneys, tax lawyers and civil law notaries offer their services on a large scale in an integrated way Loyens & Loeff has set a new standard in the legal and tax world
  4. 4. Leading in the Benelux The only true Benelux firm, with offices in • Amsterdam • Rotterdam • Brussels • Luxembourg • Arnhem • Eindhoven Innovative solutions for international companies and investors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
  5. 5. International Offices & Network International offices in the world’s major financial centres Europe  Outside Europe  Frankfurt  Aruba  Geneva  Curacao  London  Dubai  Paris  New York  Zürich  Singapore  Tokyo Specialists in cross-border transactions and advice Excellent and long-standing working relationships with the best firms around the world Country region specialists in the Benelux
  6. 6. Key figures  Total staff: 1.517 (30 April 2010) Total turnover 2009 EUR 284 mln  Steady growth in number of fee-earners • Tax lawyers 399 Turnover per group Geographical turnover in € mln • Attorneys 366 130 in € mln 31 46% 11%238% • Civil Law Notaries – 106 • Advisers: 12 261 92%  Academic Profile Attorneys 123 Outside Benelux 43% Benelux • 15 professors Tax lawyers Civil law notaries • 22 doctoral candidates • 27 lecturers
  7. 7. The people: How to deal with lawyers? Question: why are lawyers often disappointed in marketing people and why do marketing teams feel cut out? Answer: mismatch between the types of people Conclusion: Lawyers are from Mars, Marketing people are from Mercury Punishment for Mercurians: live with lawyers on Mars Mars: a forbidden environment, because admitting faults, showingweakness or apologizing is something a lawyer simply does not do Solution: create a lasting peace between Martians and Mercurians foreffective marketing
  8. 8. Lasting peace is based on Mutual trust Understanding differences and difficulties Communications between the two sides Coherent strategy based on mutual respect and common goals
  9. 9. What do Martians value?Mars = the god of war power competency efficiency achievement prove themselves ability to achieve results success and accomplishment
  10. 10. What do Martians want? billable hours left alone (by Mercurians)Why? Time spent on marketing means less time for billable hours!Goal in life: to accumulate as many billable hours as possible!If a Mercurian can demonstrate that he or she can help achieving thisgoal, Martians will lend support
  11. 11. Key Martian attributes brains of the law firm see small picture help = sign of weakness Martians respect other Martians pessimists words vs. pictures publicity shy, dont trust others (especially the press) know all poor communicators talks more than listens
  12. 12. Martian proverbs Mercurians are motivated and empowered when they feel useful, needed and cherished Being a Martian means never having to say sorry!
  13. 13. What do Mercurians want:Mercury = the inventor of the alphabet, ingenious, eloquent, persuasive, divining the future (in Greek: Hermes) a salary to be of use to the Martians value: love, communications, relationships and branded stationery! communications of primary importance big picture people value activity
  14. 14. Mercurian proverbs To admire a Martian is to regard him/her with wonder, delight and approval. When Martians feel admired, they feel secure enough to shine and confident enough to grab new business A Martian primarily needs to be encouraged by a Mercurian. A Mercurians encouraging attitude gives hope and courage to a Martian by expressing confidence in his/her abilities and character.
  15. 15. Key Mercurian attributes arms & legs & mouth of the law firm see the whole picture want help? just ask! trust everyone (especially the press!) results vs. process optimists pictures vs. words like people, not things all publicity = good most pleased when actively engaged like noise
  16. 16. How can lawyers and marketing people pro actively create new biz together?7 steps programme: macro economic analysis analysis of the (legal) market evaluation of market opportunity matching strengths and resources to market needs identifying and targeting key clients, decision makers, prospects relaying the message getting the business: • sales pitch • follow-up
  17. 17. Combining this with an instinctive approach you get: To be innovative you have to: observe orient decide attackRecent trend in marketing management: being involved in public policyissues (example: L&L and ‘Commissie Davids’)The point is to be really close to the action if you want to influence peoplewhich is the essence of a good legal marketing strategy
  18. 18. The proof: lots of awards
  19. 19. www.loyensloeff.comAmsterdam Arnhem BrusselsEindhoven Luxembourg RotterdamAruba Curacao Dubai Frankfurt Geneva LondonNew York Paris Singapore Tokyo Zurich