Manodo has chosen Clayster SDP for Landlord applications
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Manodo has chosen Clayster SDP for Landlord applications



Manodo has chosen Claysters platform to develop application for Landlords, Elderly care and Home Automation. ...

Manodo has chosen Claysters platform to develop application for Landlords, Elderly care and Home Automation.

Why Manodo chose Clayster is because they want to reach out to on IPTV, Mobile phones and MID. That's where they see the big advantage in Clayster.



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Manodo has chosen Clayster SDP for Landlord applications Manodo has chosen Clayster SDP for Landlord applications Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to Future Living
  • Contents It’s about changing the pattern 3 It’s finally possible... 4 Help your residents to become Climate Smart 6 Smart communication 8 Create safe living for everyone 10 Help seniors continue their independent life style 12 Which services would you like with SBox? 14 Resident options 16 Here’s how you make it happen 18 The system: care and operation 20 Om Manodo 22
  • It’s about changing the pattern People today are more aware than ever before of the importance of working together to reduce our energy use. How hard can it be? It shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if we can continue to live pretty much as we always have. Unfortunately, the general experience is that reducing energy use is both complicated to understand and difficult to track–that causes many to lose interest in reduction efforts. So we need help. That help is here in the form of Manodo’s SBox. SBox makes it easy to understand how much heat, water and electricity we use in a simple, easily understandable way. It’s easy to install and easy to use both for young and old. That’s because SBox was designed and developed together with residents between the ages of 16-86. Beyond helping residents to become climate-aware, SBox enables improved communications and a more secure way of life. SBox offers property managers and their residents a unique communications channel that’s always available to send an alarm, monitor the property and/or show who’s ringing the doorbell - just to mention a few of the functions. The bonus is that we’ve also developed a line of functions for everyday convenience- the kinds of things that just make your day a little easier and a lot more comfortable. SBox has been developed together with the community realtor Svenska Bostäder, hence the name- SBox.
  • Electronic lock Electric meter Climate sensors Water meters (for hot and cold water) It’s finally possible... Radio network (Z-Wave) Many have tried but no one has really succeeded. Either the technology was too expensive or the communications network wasn’t ready. The alternative was more cables than anyone wanted across their apartment. But these are new times. Broadband is here. Wireless is a success story and the touch-sensitive screen has made its widespread debut in our society. Apartment network (Ethernet) The Manodo SBox is equipped with a touch-sensitive screen that is installed in the hallway for quick access to energy usage information as well as a full range of other services and functions. SBox is connected to a server via broadband, making it easy to upgrade and add new functions whenever you or your tenants so wish. The service platform Home Arena runs on the server to manage delivery of the right services to the right apartments. SBox employs built-in wireless technology to communicate with (for example) sensors and regu- Broadband (fiber) lators without unnecessary cabling. To be on the safe side, we have already made sure that the right kind of Internet-based services and information plug into the system via the Home Arena platform. And more than that; you can display the information on your TV, your computer- even Home Arena server your mobile telephone. The icing on the cake is that we’ve made it possible for anyone at all to develop services that are compatible with the system and the service platform. The technically-inclined call it open API, SDK and Web 2.0. And we are completely convinced it is the most productive way to guarantee swift and innovative service development for the system. Administration Apartment services News feeds Energy services Community services and maintenance
  • Technical data Display: 8,4” VGA 24-bit LED backlight Power consumption: 7W active, 3W in sleep mode CPU: ARM9 200MHz Connections: Ethernet, USB, Z-wave. SD-card Dimensions W/H/D: 236 / 226 / 38 mm
  • Help your residents to become Climate Smart Many property management organizations have realized the benefits of energy optimization at the property-wide level. Energy waste at the tenant level however is often under the radar- a factor of significant potential given that it accounts for 30-80% of a property’s total energy use. When management can offer an intelligent alternative to help residents conserve energy, it’s a proposition that in the long-run makes winners of both parties. Individual metering and billing (IMB) Individual metering and billing for hot and cold water raises a resident’s awareness and incentive to reduce water usage. In our experience, hot water use sank by 20-30% when individual metering and billing were introduced. Choose the measurement collectors that best suit your properties from Manodo hardwired or wireless models below. Water meter Radio node SBox Measurement Collection System with pulse output Water meter Radio node SBox Measurement Collection System with pulse output Wireless collection Water meter MBus master Measurement Collection System with Mbus output Hardwired collection Water meter MBus master Measurement Collection System with Mbus output
  • Manodo also offers individual metering of heat and electricity, and for room temperature, a wireless, batterydriven room sensor for quick and easy installation. Manodo’s measurement collection system is often integrated with existing management systems for billing and use specifications to residents. Educational presentation With Manodo’s energy services, it’s easy to of energy consumption get a quick overview of how much energy Residents often find it too complex to become engaged you use. in household energy conservation but it doesn’t have to be like that! With Manodo’s energy services it becomes inter- esting, fun and even exciting to track your own energy usage. User-friendly functions and reports let residents measure their results, compare with their neighbors and follow their progress towards goals that can be defined in the system. Energy optimization through reference temperatures in every apartment Channeling room temperatures through a central control system enables well-tuned heating/cooling (“room com- Manodo offers wireless sensors and nodes pensation“) reducing total energy use. Room temperatures for individual metering. can also be used for separate billing.
  • Smart communication In the age of connectivity, shouldn’t we be adapting and improving to the biggest advantage of web-based systems—communications? That’s what we think, and happily without distortion! That’s why we’re proud that our SBox offers a unique communications channel between residents and property management personnel - landlords, superintendants, managers etc. See below! Residential communications with blogging superintendents! Often, communications with residents are by way of the notice board in the stairwell or by notices in the mail box. Most often, this amounts to one-sided communication without discussion from the residents. With Manodo’s messaging services, every apartment has an e-mail box where SMSs, MMSs and e-mail are sent and received. The building superintendent has his/her own place in SBox where current information can be posted just like a blog (welcome to the blogosphere!). The publicist/ spokesperson has specialized publishing tools for circulating questionnaires, conducting polls and posting management company information in the form of (for examples) resident notebooks, current events and newsletters. Enable residents to help themselves with the Problem Solver Offer residents the option of self-help before they contact service personnel. Using Manodo’s Problem Solver, residents are guided through a logical question tree to instructions in word, pic- tures and video before the issue is sent to the superintendent/service organization. In the event of a service company issue, the building superintendent is contacted by SMS or e-mail and can easily report the status from a web interface (example: Smartphone)
  • Book the laundry room from the apartment. Hallelujah! Why not provide your residents with booking options that allow them to reserve laundry facilities, guest accommoda- tions or other common resources directly from their apart- ment? Manodo systems enable you to do that by SBox, TV or mobile phone. Manodo booking services integrate seam- lessly with the most common booking-capable systems on the market via a standard interface. With the problem solver’s instructions/ films, many problems can be solved long before they require attention of service personnel Reserve laundry or other shared facilities.
  • Create safe living for everyone Who hasn’t experienced the feeling of having no relation- ship to their neighbors? Working together and improving communications between neighbors is effective against crime. It also promotes greater safety and pleasant living with few- er conflicts. Neighborly cooperation (at last!) Manodo’s services for communal collaboration mean that neighbors can message and warn each other in the event of break in or other emergency. It works manually if a resident personally activates an alarm. Or it can work automatically when a sensor (security lock, smoke detector, fire detector) sends an alarm to neighbors and/or the appropriate alarm central (configurable). Video telephony for the front door Most residents feel considerably safer when they know who’s moving around the building. With video-linked entry phones connected to SBox or TV, it’s easy to see who’s ringing the doorbell and whether to With video-linked entry phones, you don’t admit them or not. And with e-mail, MMS or external USB get unexpected visitors. memory, you can even use the system to circulate pictures
  • of visitors that are welcome. In this way you can (for example) make it easier for seniors to recognize and admit service person- nel and care-givers. Video-entry phones require in some cases the permission of the authorities. Electric security locks – with built-in alarms. Lost your “key” and need to unregister your RFID-tag? Forget to lock the door after you’ve left? Door have to be unlocked at a certain time to allow workers when you’re not at home? Do you want to transfer the alarm to a neighbor? To alarm central? All that and a little more is possible with the electronic security locks developed by Manodo with Assa Abloy. The lock features tradi- tional lock cylinders, an RFID reader, electronic display, web-cam, microphone and it’s managed through SBox.
  • Help seniors continue their independent life style Safety and security are the highest priorities among residents. This is particularly true for senior and handicapped persons. Manodo offers a portfolio of security/safety functions designed specifi- cally for this target group. Activity alarm You can remotely detect activity in an apartment with a range of sensors (for example: door sen- sors, activity sensors and water meters). Home/away functions Using SBox and/or electronic security locks, you can activate Home or Away status. Away status determines (for example) which power outlets and household appliances should be on or off when you leave the home (stove, oven etc.). Apart from increased safety, these functions also promote energy conservation. Remote Diagnostics The system provides the platform for web-cameras and/or other equipment (example: blood pressure devices) for remote diagnosis to spare residents routine medical visits. This is a way to save time, money and inconvenient travel for patients. Touch-free locks, messaging services on SBox or TV and neighbor-cooperation services give sen- ior residents a better way of life. That’s the kind of satisfaction that keeps them on board when it’s time to renew the contract.
  • Climate sensors Electric meter IR/motion detectors Z-Wave Wireless network VLan City network/fiber VLan router Switch at Home Arena Server connection point to Electronic lock property network Controlled power outlets Water meter Smoke detectors With built-in wireless technology, SBox can control a wide range of equipment in the home: dimmers, wall sockets, regulators as well as receive alarms from sensors such as fire warning devices and smoke detectors.
  • Which services would you like with SBox? Which functions and services would you like to offer your tenants? To make it easier for you: Start with our base package of the most popular functions. Add to the base packet the serv- ices that you need for your properties. Residents can then choose additional services they may want via SBox*. For example, our most popular service package: Base package Calendar: a basic function that accommodates your choice of calendar service. Problem reporting/problem solver with self-help in- structions and videos. News: news-in-brief feeds from the major newspapers (via RSS) Public transportation timetable local traffic local traffic information Traffic-cam (anyplace cameras can be displayed through the SBox) Basic information about the management company/ tenant rights association
  • Energy package „ Wireless sensors „ Room sensors „ Automatic Meter Reading system „ Energy services „ Billing specifications Security package „ Video entry phones and passage system „ Facility web cameras Convenience package „ Online booking for laundry and other reservations-based communal resources via SBox * Certain services can require a license fee to 3rd party providers.
  • Resident options …and just to gild the lily, the system allows the tenants themselves to continually modernize their conveniences with emerging services in SBox from Manodo and 3rd party developers. We at Manodo are continually developing new services in response to customer requests and Manodo of- fers an open, publically available developers platform to as- sure that SBox remains open Residents themselves decide which of these services they’d like to have. Here is a quick introduction to the kinds of functions and services that tenants themselves might choose to use in SBox: Digital photo show Why not let SBox (or the TV) display your favorite photos? You need only place them in an Internet catalog (for exam- ple: Flickr) to present them as a slide show. Chat Peer-to-peer technology enables residents to communicate with each other and property management in a number of ways including chat.
  • Announcements Residents can post buy/sell announcements on a common bulletin board – and Internet market places are accessible from SBox. Controlling electrical outlets Apartment appliances can be controlled by wireless tech- nology. Examples are: electrical outlets, dimmers, regula- tors and solar panels. Gaming SBox offers a wide range of games such as Otello and Chess. News News, stock markets and sports directly in SBox. SBox can present any information available on the Internet. Options are via RSS or metadata.
  • Here’s how you make it happen Installation and connection Install SBox on any appropriate wall. SBox then (via broadband) automatically finds the central Home Arena server. Home Arena provides most of the services displayed on SBox (or TV/mobile phone). To make it easy for property managers and their residents, Manodo hosts the central server, han- dling all operations and supervision. You can install other options (ex. Automatic Meter Reading, video entry phones, laundry booking services) at the same time or later. In the event of existing systems such as electronic door controls or electronic laundry booking (for example) Home Arena and SBox are integrated with them via web services. Examples of services SBox IP-TV Apartment services Internet Home Arena News feeds platform Energy services Community services TV Home Arena topology simplified Mobile phone
  • To secure communications between SBox and the server we need to know what kind of network exists to the apartments. Communications can be over the Internet or over a closed network. Internet Home Arena Server Internet Home Arena Server Communication via Internet Home Arena Server Access point Home Arena Server Access point Communication via closed network Existing network conditions (dependability, redundancy, latency etc.) can affect the quality of SBox services. For most services, Internet works notably well for communications. Functions that serve security/safety purposes (alarms, for example) may require higher dependability.
  • The system: care and operation Operations, server support (Home Arena) and SBox Together with national partners, Manodo offers operation/ supervision of SBox at a fixed fee per month and per apartment. One of the benefits of Manodo management is that on average, potential problems are actually solved Tools for Home Arena administration before they come to the attention of residents. SBox problems that escape our notice can be reported directly to a support center or (in certain cases) to property managers. Manodo attempts to remedy problems remotely when possible. Problems with SBox or other hardware in the apartment that require a site visit are handled by Manodos service partner (or property manager’s service personnel). Administration of SBox services and functions (via Home Arena) Manodo administrates the services and functions that Manodo offers in SBox. This includes, for example, handling and quality assurance for collected measurements of individual water, electricity and heat. Often this includes integration with existing back end systems using these measurements as a basis for separate billing.
  • Manodo also serves as the agent mediating support for 3rd party services. That means there’s only one number to call in the event of problem. Publishing information in SBox (via Home Arena) Example of a blog Building management or tenant groups can publish information easily with blog tools, publishing tools, central electronic bulletin board or e-mail to tenants. Develop your own, custom services in SBox A number of tools for developing questionnaires, polls and simple services for SBox via Home Arena are available via Manodos web site. Poll/questionnaire-creating tools and user-friendly templates are functions that also make it easy for permitted partners to publish information in SBox. Partner examples might be restaurants, media agents, newspapers, grocery stores and other shops that want to ad- vertise on SBox. More advanced services are developed with Easy to use tools for creating custom servi- Manodo’s Software Development Kit, an open SDK that is ces in Home Arena freely downloadable from Manodo’s homepage/Wiki.
  • About Manodo Manodo was established in 2000 as an answer to the calls from a number of visionary manage- ment companies that wanted better control of energy use across their properties. Companies wanted to centralize properties and heating grids to a web-based system in order to simplify operations and the management of apartments and facilities. With the maturation of the Internet, Manodo took a pioneering step forward in the form of centralized systems monitoring that major companies leaped at. Since then, Manodo has developed and delivered a wide range of system solutions for operations supervision and energy optimization for customers such as Göteborg Energi, Poseidon, Familje- bostäder, Riksbyggen, Harry Sjögren, Fortum and Bostadsbolaget. Today, Manodo develops systems and products that help property managers and residents reduce energy consumption, improve communications and improve security. In 2008, Manodo’s focus on individual metering and SBox apartment terminals attracted enormous media attention as well as that of energy providers and large-scale property management organizations. Manodo is headquartered in Västra Frölunda outside of Göteborg, Sweden with offices in Sisjön and Stockholm (Kista). Our products are developed entirely in Sweden, often in cooperation with larger property management and energy companies. Manodo products and systems are installed in approximately 10,000 properties in Sweden, Nor- way and China. Employees number 50 in Göteborg and Stockholm. In 2008 Manodo was awarded the Business Region Göteborg prize for outstanding growth - a turnover increase of 1125% since beginning in 2000.
  • © 2008 Manodo AB
  • Gothenburg F O Petersons gata 6 SE-421 31 Västra Frölunda Telefon +46 31 712 50 00 Stockholm Isafjordsgatan 32B SE-164 40 Kista Telefon +46 8 522 241 00