Preliminary synopsis


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It provides with scratch level idea on how to develop a preliminary synopsis of research proposal.

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Preliminary synopsis

  1. 1. HOW TO PREPARE A PRELIMINARY SYNOPSIS OF THESIS RESEARCHPROPOSAL- DR C P RIJALTHOUGH THE DIVERSITY AND INTENSITY OF COVERAGE WILL RELYON RESPECTIVE DEPARTMENTAL EXPECTATIONS, HERE ARE A FEWIMPORTANT AREAS OF CONCERN THAT YOU NEED TO BUILD ON YOURSYNOPSIS FOR ANY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROPOSALFocus of the StudyProvide with a brief picture about the general scenario in your area of interest. If possiblecite a few sources indicating lapses in such area. Establish a gap and tell what you intendto do to address the gap. Also try to project the level of uniqueness, innovativeness andminute-problem based exploration. Your very first statement may be a provocative one,which should serve as the thesis statement of the overall works.Objectives of the StudyState the bottom-line purpose why you intend to conduct such a study. What does it aimin respect with assessment, exploration, observation, judgment, evaluation, projection andpredict.Statement of ProblemState in a single interrogative or affirmative statement – what big question you have inmind for guiding the total study.Research QuestionsBreak down the big question into 3-5 simple questions for your inquiry. These questionsare the overall premise to build your scope and extent of your observation.Working Hypotheses (Optional)State a few working construct propositions; take only null hypotheses; Please do notbother now, if you have problem in understanding statistical testing; your respectiveguide and other mentors will help you in your later phases.Scope of the StudyExplain what functional aspects would you like to include so as to give it a morecomplete shape.Significance of the StudyDiscuss about the urgency and managerial implications of the findings of this study. Alsotell why such a work is considered as an innovative work.Definition of Key TermsDefine a few very important terms that you think may be new to the readers of your finalstudy report and establish the functional definition for the simplicity of your readers.
  2. 2. Key Literature for ReviewBriefly provide with the proposed literature coverage that you will bring into account ofthis study.Proposed Methodology of StudyExplain briefly the proposed study approach, methods, sources of information, populationand sampling strategies, mechanism for the development and testing of data collectiontools, research administration mechanism, proposed techniques of data processing andanalyses, work schedule, (sponsored research may require budgeting and expertise to beinvolved too), socio-ethical considerations, etc.Limitations of the StudyHow much of coverage in terms of scope of study and field coverage should have beenmaintained in such a study, how much of it you are planning to do, and the reasons whyyou intend to limit it to certain extent.Organization of the Proposed Thesis ReportMention briefly in how many chapters you will develop this study report and what will beplaced in which chapter.=====================================For further inquiry-based learning or research seminar/workshops, training, advancedteaching, please write Ph: +977 9851105671