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The following presentation shows an extensive research on Sky fall, the career of the characters and a lot more.

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Presentation1 (14 07-2013)

  1. 1.
  2. 2. SKYFALL was produced by EON production, distributed by MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2012. EON production is a film based in London‟s Piccadilly and also operates from Pinewood Studios in United Kingdom. MGM distribution( Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer) is an American media company, involved in production and distribution of films and television programs. Its headquarter is in Beverly Hills, California. Most of all the BOND films are produced by EON productions. INTRODUCTION:
  3. 3. SKYFALLSkyfall (2012) Quantum Of Solace (2008) Casino Royale (2006) Die another day (2002) World is not Enough (1999) Tomorrow never dies (1997) Golden eye (1995) License to kill (1989) The living Day Lights (1987) A view to kill (1985) Octopussy (1983) From your eyes only (1981) Moonraker (1979) The spy who loved (1977) The man with Golden gun (1974) Bond Films by EON Production:
  4. 4. Live And Let Die (1973) Diamonds Are Forever (1971) On Her Majesty‟s Secret Service (1969) You Only Live Twice (1967) Thunderball (1965) Gold Finger (1964) From Russia With Love (1963) Dr. No (1962) To Be Released: Bond 24 (2014) Bond 25 (TBA)*
  5. 5. Directed By Sam Mendes (England) Produced By Michael G.Wilson (New York) Barbara Broccoli (Los Angeles) Screenplay By Neal Purvis (United Kingdom) Robert Wade (San Diego) John Logan (Murphysboro) Starring Daniel Craig (Chester) Javier Bardem (Les Palmes de Gran Canaria) Ralph Fiennes (Ipswich) Naomie Harris (London) Berenice Marhole (Paris) Albert Finney (Salford) Judi Dench (York) Music by Thomas Newman (Los Angeles) Cinematography Roger Deakins (Torquay) Editing by Stuart Baird (England) Studio Eon Productions (London) Danjaq LLC CAST:
  6. 6. GENRE: , the newest James Bond film, which wasSkyfallforA12The age rating is released in the UK on 26th October 2012 following its 23rd October London premiere.
  7. 7. 1. Let Him Have It (1991) (co-written) 2. Plunkett And Macleane (1999) (co-written) 3. The World Is Not Enough (1999) (co-written with Bruce Feirstein) 4. Die Another Day (2002) (co-written) 5. Johnny English (2003) (co-written with Willam Davies and uncredited co-writer Peter Howitt) 6. Stoned (2005) (co-written with Geoffrey Giuliano) 7. Casino Royale (2006) (co-written with Paul Haggis) 8. Quantum Of Solace (2008) (co-written with Paul Haggis) 9. Skyfall (2012) (co-written with John Logan) Novels written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade
  8. 8. 1996 Tornado 1998 Bats 1999 Rko 281 1999 Any Given Sunday 2000 Gladiator 2002 The time machine 2002 Star Trek: Nemosis 2003 Sinbad: Legend of the seven seas 2004 The Aviator 2007 Sweeney Todd: The demon Barber of Fleet street 2011 Rango 2011 Coriolanus 2011 Hugo 2012 Skyfall 2014 Noha 2014 Bond 24 2016 Bond 25 John Logan:
  9. 9. Skyfall filming locations:  London  Scotland  Surrey  Berkshire  China  Turkey  Japan
  10. 10. Production on skyfall was based at the historic pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire just outside London. Pinewood has become synonymous with the James Bond films over the years, as all but three- Moonraker, License to kill and Golden eye- has been filmed there. Thirty-one different sets were constructed on eight sound stages at pinewood, including the interior of Golden Dragon Casino, where bond first meets Severine, and the exterior of the dead city, an abandoned island off the coast of Macao, where Silva resides. The 007 was home to the spectacular underground train crash that occurs when Bond is chasing Silva. From the crash, the crew built two full size train carriages, each weighing seven tons. It was too dangerous to allow people staying on stage, so ten remotely operated cameras were placed in 007 stage to cover crash from various angles. The paddock tank doubled as the exterior of the Golden Dragon Casino. The set was lit by 300 floating lanterns and two thirty foot high dragon heads. Twelve artisans were flown in from China create the authentic structures. They were made from wound steel cables, silk fabric and lit from within by 400 light bulbs. Many exterior scenes for skyfall were shot on location in Central London. Nine different London locations were used in the city. -Old Vic Tunnel: The Old Vic Tunnel doubled as an M16 training ground, an underground car park on Great Suffolk Street near Smithfield market served ass the entrance to the new M16 headquarters and the entrance to broad gate tower, London‟s fourth tallest building.
  11. 11. The National Portrait Gallery: This Gallery was used as the setting for a covert meeting between Bond and Ben Whishaw‟s character. The crew worked night after the museum was closed to collect the world‟s finest paintings. At sunrise, the unit moved outside to shoot Bond entering from London‟s landmark Trafalgar Square. Department for Energy and Climate Change: The opening trailer of the teaser trailer shows Bond on the roof of DECC- Department for energy and climate change. The view from the top of the DECC supplied the perfect backdrop for this important scene. Production was able to shut down both Vauxhall Bridge and Mill Bank for a scene where M witnesses an attack on M16 headquarters. The explosion was represented by a few fireworks on that day, then an M16 model was later rebuilt at a third scale on the back lot at Pinewood where Chris Carbould, the films special effects and miniature effects supervisor, use twenty-eight explosives to replicate the attack. Charing Cross: Over the course of four weekends, production filmed in the London underground station of Charing Cross. A chase between Bond and Silva was shot. The chase continued through Parliament Square up to White Hall, arriving in Trinity Square where the sequence comes to a climax. Other locations were Old Royal Navel College and Hankley Common in Surrey.
  12. 12. Scotland: The mountains are very beautiful. These mountains in Glencoe served as beautiful backdrop for Bond and M‟s drive through Glencoe‟s scenic roads in the iconic Aston Martin DB5. China: Establishing shots were shooted in Shanghai and driving sequences. The crew worked nights in the busy week leading up to the Chineese new year to capture the exhilarating, ever changing Metropolis that is one of the most Dynamic cities in the world. Rest of the Chinese environment was created in the Pinewood Studios. Turkey: The title was shooted in Istanbul and Adana. After Bond realizes that vital information has been stolen from an M16 agent the assailant Patrice with help of Eve through the crowded and vibrant streets of central Istanbul. Bond race through Eminonu Square, one of Istanbul‟s magnificent squares which is surrounded by the ancient Spice Bazaar and the fabulous Yeni mosque. The art and props department created an enormous market area within Eminonu Square housing over two hundred and fifty dressed market stalls that Bond passes through on motorcycle. The high-speed pursuit continued on the rooftops and then inside Istanbul‟s famous Grand Bazaar. It is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world.
  13. 13. From Istanbul production moved to Adana to continue shooting the chase where Bond follows Patrice onto a speeding Turkish passenger train. The scene was shot near the Eastern Border, setting for a major beat in the chase sequence featuring one hundred speeding cars and vans, a high-speed lorry crash, a show stopping motorcycle stunt performed by motorcycle and of course the train sequence. Adana:
  14. 14. CAST:  Daniel Craig as James Bond, agent 007  Judi Dench as M, the head of M16 and Bond‟s senior  Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva the film‟s main antagonist  Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, Chairman of the intelligence and security committee  Naomie Harris as Eve Monney Penny  Berenice Marhole as Severine, the leading „Bond girl‟  Albert Finney as Kin Cade, the game keeper of the skyfall estate  Ben Wishaw as Q, the M16 quarter master  Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner, the M16 chief staff  Ola Rapace as Patrice, a mercenary  Helen McCrory as Clair Dowar Mp, a British member of Parliament who overseas the public inquiry into M‟s leadership of M16
  15. 15. Sam Mendes: Skyfall Director Away We Go Director Revolutionary Road Director and Producer Jarhead Director Road To Perdition Director and Producer Loser Director American Beauty Director The Kite Runner Executive Producer Things We Lost In Fire Producer Starter For Ten Executive Producer
  16. 16. Casino Royale Chief of police, Producer Die Another Day Producer Skyfall Producer Quantum Of Solace Producer The World Is Not Enough Producer Tomorrow Never Dies Producer Goldeneye Producer License To Kill Producer, Screenplay, From story The Living Day lights Producer, Screenplay A view To A Kill Producer, Screenplay Octopussy Producer, Screenplay For your Eyes Only Producer, Screenplay Moonraker Executive Producer Man On The Train Associate Producer Ice Age Screenwriter Michael G. Wilson:
  17. 17. Skyfall Producer Quantum Of Solace Producer Casino Royale Producer Stolen Childhoods Executive Producer Die Another Day Producer The World Is Not Enough Producer Tomorrow Never Dies Producer Goldeneye Producer License To Kill Associate Producer The Living Daylights Associate Producer A View To Kill Assistant Director Barbara Broccoli:
  18. 18. Skyfall Screenplay Quantum Of Solace Screenplay Casino Royale Screenplay Stoned Screenplay Return To Sender Screenplay Johnny English Screenplay Die Another Day Screenplay The World Is Not Enough Screenplay Plunkett And Macleane Screenplay Let Him Have It Screenplay Neal Purvis:
  19. 19. Coriolanus Producer, Screenplay Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Producer, Screenplay The Time Machine Executive Producer, Screenplay Bats Screenplay Lincoln Screenplay Skyfall Screenplay Rango Screenplay, Story By The Aviator Screenplay The Last Samurai Screenplay, Story By Sinbad: Legend Of Seven Seas Screenplay Star Trek: Nemesis Screenplay Mission: Impossible 2 Screenplay Gladiator Screenplay Rko 281 Screenplay Any Given Sunday Screenplay, From Screen Story John Logan:
  20. 20. Skyfall James Bond The Adventure Of Tintin Voice Of Rackham/ Sakharine The girl With The Dragon Tattoo Michael Blomkvist Dream House Will Atenton Cowboys And Aliens Jake Lonergan Defiance Tuvia Biel Ski Quantum Of Solace James Bond And 29 Others Also Daniel Craig:
  21. 21. To The Wonder Father Quintana Skyfall Raoul Silva Killing Them Softly John “Squirrel” Amato Biutiful Uxbal Eat Pray Love Felipe Vicky Cristina Barcelona Juan Antonio No Country For Old Men Florentino Ariza Goyas Ghost Anton Chigurla 26 Others Also Javier Bardem:
  22. 22. Skyfall Gareth Mallory Wrath Of The Titans Hades Coriolanus Caius Martius, Director& Producer Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (2) Lord Voldermort Cementry Junction Mr. Kendrick Namy Mcpee Return 3 Lord Grey The Wildest Dream (voice of George Mallory) 32 Others Also Ralph Fiennes:
  23. 23. Skyfall Eve My Last 5 Girlfriends Jemma Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll Denise Roudette Morris Alive With Bells On Sonja Poppy Shakespeare Same Ninja Assassin Mika Explicit Ills Jill August Sarrah 10 Others Also Naomie Harris:
  24. 24. Berenice Marlohe: Skyfall Severine
  25. 25. Skyfall Kincade The Bourne Legacy Dr.Albert Hirsch Before The Devil Knows You Are Dead Charles The Bourne Ultimatum Dr.Albert Hirsch The Amazing Grace John Newton A Good Year Uncle Henry Delivering Milo Elmore Dahl Tim Burton‟s Corpse Bride Voice Of Finis Everglot, Song Performer 40 Others Also Albert Finney:
  26. 26. Skyfall M The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Evely Greenslade My Week With Marilyn Sybil Thorne Dyke J.Edgar Annie Hoover Pirates Of The Caribbean(on stranger tides)Society Lady Jane Eyre Mrs. Fairfax Nine Lilli Quantum Of Solace M Notes On The Scandal Barbra Covet 43 Others Also Judi Dench:
  27. 27. Cold Blue 2 2012 Disney Pixar All Time Favorite 2012 Latest And Greatest TV Themes 2012 Skyfall Soundtrack 2012 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2012 Bride Of The Noise Maker 2011 500 Others Also Thomas Newman:
  28. 28. Skyfall 2012 True Grit 2010 Revolutionary Road 2008 Doubt 2008 The Reader 2008 Wall-E 2008 49 Others Also Roger Deakins:
  29. 29. Stuart Baird: Skyfall Editor 2012 Green Lantern Editor 2011 Edge Of Darkness Editor 2010 Whiteout Supervising Editor 2009 Vantage Point Editor 2008 Casino Royale Editor 2006
  30. 30. World Wide Release: Canada 09th Nov,2012 Malaysia 01st Nov,2012 New Zealand 22nd Nov,2012 Singapore 01st Nov,2012 Denmark 26th Oct,2012 Germany 01st Nov,2012 Spain 31st Oct,2012 France 26th Oct,2012 USA 09th Nov,2012 Mexico 02nd Nov,2012 Egypt 26th Oct,2012 Iraq 26th Oct,2012 UAE 26th Oct,2012 Australia 22nd Nov,2012 Hongkong 01st Nov,2012 India 02nd Nov,2012 Japan 01st Dec,2012 Turkey 02nd Nov,2012 Oct 28: +$77.7 million Oct 29: +80.6 million Nov 4: +$287million Nov 11: +$518.6 million Nov 18: +669.2 million Nov 25: +$790.1million Nov30: +$800.3 million Dec 02: +$896million Dec 09: +$918.2million Dec16: +$951million Dec23: +$974.2million Dec30: +$1,000.2billion Jan06: +$1,023.3billion
  31. 31. More Facts about Skyfall: Character Errors: The dress worn by Berenice Marlohe is described as backless. There is clearly sheer fabric encrusted with crystals- hardly backless. Continuity: When Bond is about to fight Patrice in Shanghai, the hammer of his gun changes its position (cocked and un-cocked) multiple times. In the Shanghai Tower scene, the terrorist/sniper is seen operating a manual, bolt action rifle. Right after during the fight with James Bond, the gun is shot several times just as if it was a semi- automatic weapon. When M is first debriefed by Gareth Mallory, she enters carrying a handbag, which she places on the floor beside her. The meeting ends abruptly and she leaves, and is not carrying her handbag, but she is not seen picking it up. When Bond and Severine are walking in the island, her shoes change color between shots.
  32. 32. Before Patrice enters the elevator in Shanghai, the button for his floor is already lit. After he motions to press the floor button, it is no longer lit. Later, as the elevator is moving up, the button is lit again. When Bond is in M's flat, he puts down a bottle of Macallan whisky. When he is seen again, the bottle has been turned round, displaying the front label. In the next shot, the bottle is back to as it was. When Silva challenges Bond on Silva's island to shoot a glass off of Sévérine's head, one of Silva's henchmen points a gun to Bond's head. As camera angles changes, the position of the gun moves from shot to shot from being directly pressed against Bond's left temple, to a few inches away, to pointing more towards his cheek. When M is testifying to the ministers at parliamentary hearing, near the beginning of the scene, her wrist watch shows the time at 3:00. After about 5-10 minutes of dialogue, Silva approaching and Bond running down Whitehall, when they show M again reading poetry, her wrist watch shows the time at 3:55.
  33. 33. Crew and Equipment visible: During one of the beginning scenes, after Bond crashes his bike into a bridge wall and lands on top of a moving train, he almost slips off, but we see in a scene of the train moving away from the bridge that there is a platform which was supporting him as he was climbing back up onto the roof. Errors in Geography: The suggestion is that the building the Ministerial Hearing is being held in is in Westminster, in one of the Ministerial buildings off of Whitehall, however the building 'Silva' enters seems to be Trinity House on Trinity Square, close to Tower Hill and the Tower of London, several miles away, with Bond and others exiting the building after the shootout onto Seething Lane Garden. The opening chase scene is shot at two different provinces of Turkey, namely Adana and Istanbul, approximately 950 km apart. It is not possible to see yellow cabs with license plate numbers starting with '01' (signifying 'Adana') near the Grand Bazaar (in Istanbul). When leaving London the map discussed by Mallory and Q shows a route up the A9 on the east of Scotland. One of the mountains show soon after is the distinctive Buachaille Etive Mor which is adjacent to the A82 and marks the entrance to Glencoe on the west coast.
  34. 34. Factual errors: In the intro scene when James Bond's train car is uncoupled, the car's brake pipe is disconnected as well. Train brakes work on positive pressure, so if the brake pipe were disconnected, the uncoupled cars would immediately stop within a short distance, and the rest of the train would shortly follow. In the movie, the uncoupled cars continue closely following the train as if nothing had happened. The shrapnel taken from Bond's shoulder are 'depleted uranium' yet these rounds do not go through the mild steel cab of the digger nor do they go through the glass. Silva says that after he bit the capsule with hydrogen cyanide it "burnt his insides" but he "didn't die" because "life clang to him", and then shows the "effects of hydrogen cyanide". All of those statements are goofs. It's impossible for life to cling to anyone who ingests this chemical and he or she invariably dies within 1 to 10 minutes. The chemical doesn't "burn the insides"; it causes oxygen deprivation and death. It was used in Nazi Germany under the infamous name Zyklon B to kill people in extermination camps. It also doesn't cause any of the deformities shown by Silva.
  35. 35. Both Silva and Bond slide down the center escalator divider in the chase in the tube station. This would not be possible since, on the London Underground, there are protruding metal discs at regular intervals to prevent exactly this behavior.
  36. 36. The Negative: There are a few scenes in this movie that we‟ve seen before in movies for example, fight scene in train going into tunnels, motorcycle chase on rooftop, been there, done that. There was also one scene in particular , a train crash in tunnel that looked real cheesy. I also didn‟t care for the main bad guy, could have ever found better. The plus: Apart from negative points, this was a great movie, one of my favorite Bond movies. I think what made this movie better in my opinion is the fact that they didn‟t get carried away with far tech gadgets and chase scenes, they took it back a notch to old school, where you can believe it more. Recent Fan Reviews: One of the best Bonds to date with terrific performances from its two leads and an uncompromising story with one hell of an ending. January 20, 2013I know I'm in the minority, but I'll say...Good, but just okay. Like a lot of Bond films, when it's good, it's great. When it's slow, it's really slow. Not as good as Casino Royale, which is still my favorite Daniel Craig Bond film.