Corprate presentaion of one soul


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Corprate presentaion of one soul

  1. 1. One Soul Multitrade Pvt Ltd INDIA<br />
  2. 2. Company Profile<br />Global Opinion”is a part of A big group of Entrepreneurs One Soul Mutitrade Pvt Ltd. who engage in different business sector from last 20 years. Who have come together to give you more out of life. We are a team of highly professional individuals who already have a niche in the field of own branded mobile and exporting garments out of India together this we are also in big range of electronic products, Energy & Environment friendly product, health care products , insurance and daily useful products.<br />We believe that every possibility exists for a person who chooses to uncover what lies within it and every dream can be a reality Extensive research and market study has led to the certain of a very unique plan which you can find nowhere else.<br />A company of the people, by the people & for the people. Here we shall end ever to ensure resounding success for each and every one; our aim is to make you stronger, energetic, healthier, and educated with more money and freedom. As you know the world is full of chaos but still there are lots of new hope & opportunities to be explored on the base of this concept and after deep study and research of the market the Global Opinion has taken birth.<br /> The company is headed by young and capable professionals, having high quality dedicator and experience in handling people, finance and management activities and successful careers in networking .Global Opinion also personally 100% committed to fulfill our aim.<br />As the name Global Opinion goes the motive is to create a family with 100% freedom of time, freedom of money and freedom to live the life as you like with better life by just giving your opinion.<br />Global opinion designed, keeping a balance with the needs and dream of any individual that join. 1SMPL visualizing in part of him what help wants to achieve in life, how is going to achieve it and when does he wants to achieve it.<br />Thus a unique blend of business opportunity with our business plan.<br /><br />
  3. 3. Our vision<br /> Our vision is to use this technology for online survey research this is young and evolving. Online survey services make online survey research much easier and faster. Participants, and the convenience of having automated data collection, which reduces researcher time and effort. our vision is make this more honest and trustable <br /> Our mission<br /> We worked for several months to create Global Opinion, the mission statement sums up the purpose of our organization: Making Global Opinion Known by Inviting All to give honest opinion.A group made the above banner for the Global Opinion, which bears the mission statement.  We worked together for bigger mission.<br />Our value<br /> At Global Opinion, we understand your opinion is valuable. You get rewarded for your honest opinion and the time you take out to respond to the Opinion of our clients. <br />Company Project <br /> Running projects <br /> Survey and ads <br /> Own brand mobile and laptop <br /> Garments <br /> One soul market <br /> Upcoming projects <br /> Education<br /> power <br />Registered office-252,3rd Floor New Atish Market Mansarover,JAIPUR,PIN NO-302019<br />Phone Number -0141-2391064<br />Email,<br />Website-<br />Website-<br />
  4. 4. Active Legal's <br />Before we define the legality of 1SMPL, let us first define the term legal. Anything that is officially authorized, permitted by law and is official is considered to be legal. Any governing body, given in a specific Area define the legality of any business in a certain area or region. Now, what is business? An activity or enterprise that is built in order to profit is business in its entirety. How do you know when the business is legally conducted? Is 1SMPL business a legal business? These questions are bound to crop up when one is intending to join the 1sm<br /> From the definition of legal and business, we can say that a legal business is duly entered into with sufficient legal permits, conducted and is regulated by the governing laws in that specific region.1SMPL Pvt. Ltd. is duly licensed and is legally permitted by law to operate in the manner intended by its associates. It has genuinely helped a number of individuals who are now successful distributors. There are various individuals who can attest to the authenticity and legality of 1SMPL business. This is of course aside from the legal documents presented in its website.<br />
  5. 5. Our Associates <br />.<br />
  6. 6. Company Turnover <br />One Soul is one of the recognized company which is growing very fast in networking marketing business its has 3.5 corer turnover at present <br />
  7. 7. One Soul Products And Services <br />Product<br />Services <br /><ul><li>Education
  8. 8. Heath insurance
  9. 9. Accidental insurance
  10. 10. General insurance
  11. 11. Life insurance
  12. 12. Prepaid recharge and top up
  13. 13. Scalar energy pendent
  14. 14. Bio magnetic bracelet
  15. 15. Mobile Phones
  16. 16. Laptop
  17. 17. Office bag
  18. 18. Lather folder
  19. 19.  Watches </li></ul><br />
  20. 20. Thanks <br />