To the master of bly


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To the master of bly

  1. 1. To the Master of Bly Thank you Donna for this#32 Harley St. great exchange of letters!London, EnglandDear Sir,I am a newspaper columnist in New York. Lately my work has me down, and awriter I met at Delehantys referred me to you as someone who might have goodadvice. Id already had a few, so the details are fuzzy, but his name wasHenry. Henry said youd taken in two little orphans. This is just the sort ofthing I wish I could do for my readers! You see, my job at the paper is toread dozens of letters every day from desperate people asking for my help. Myheart goes out to them, but Im overwhelmed. What can one man do to offerhope and relief for the suffering of so many? My greatest wish is to showthem that Christ is the answer. I want to embrace all of humanity and endtheir suffering. You seem to have managed to do this on a small scale. Do youhave any advice for me?Sincerely,Miss Lonelyhearts.Dear Sir or Madam,Please excuse me, as I do not know whether I am addressing a gentleman or a lady. Iam not at all sure whether it is even proper for me to respond to your letter, which has beenforwarded, unopened, to me, the governess at Bly. This is, no doubt, something of anirregularity, but my employers work - which I am not a little embarrassed to admit is acomplete mystery to me - takes up all of his time. I, myself, am under strictest orders never,but never to write him about anything.However, your interest in my two charges, the "little orphans," has set me somewhat on myguard. What do you know about the man you met at Delehantys? ( I am loathe to askwhat sort of establishment this is.) Are you quite certain his name was Henry, and not,perhaps, Quint? Was he a gentleman, unusually handsome, with red hair? Were hisclothes his own? Did you feel that he was too free with you? All of this may very wellsound strange, but- and this is most important- did anyone see him other than yourself?Oh, Miss Lonelyhearts! If anything in your letter speaks to me it is the words, "Myheart goes out to them, but Im overwhelmed!" Things are so lonely and strange here at
  2. 2. Bly. This is a terrible admission for a governess to make, but, I fear I am failing mycharges, little Flora and Miles. I am certain they are the victims of dark, unnaturalforces from which I am too weak to save them. Oh, please help me, Miss Lonelyhearts!What shall I do?Desperate in Bly,-The Governess.