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Essay 4 fig Essay 4 fig Document Transcript

  • State University of New York, New Paltz Composition I/ Business FIG Essay #4: Advertisement Project and EssayDirections: Create a television advertisement (Commercial) that seeks to persuade your viewerto purchase your product, visit your restaurant, use your service, etc. This commercial mustadvertise the business you wrote about for Essay #3 (the Business Plan).Partner Option: You may complete this project with another member in the class. In that case,choose which business to create the commercial for. Each person will receive the same grade forthe project.Requirements for creating your Television Commercial:Use either Powerpoint or a program such as movie maker.Your advertisement should be between 1-2 minutes long.Sound: Yes, there must be soundYou may record a narration (voiceover); or read from a script if you cannot record a narration.AND/ORYou may include a soundtrack (music).You must present this television advertisement.Additional requirements: Brief EssayWrite a brief essay ( of at least 300-words long) in which you analyze and critique youradvertisement. In your report, answer the following questions:A) What is your purpose and who is your audience? What is it you want your audience to do?B) On what television channels would you run this advertisement? Why?C) Explain how your choice of images/music/voice-over will work to persuade your audience.D) How have you appealed to your audience? Reflect on: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. (USE theseterms in your essay.)
  • Note: I will grade both the brief essay and the television advertisement to arrive at agrade for Essay 4. Test your television advertisement in the computer lab before the final exam. If youcannot open the television advertisement, you will receive a "0" for the presentation part ofthe assignment. You must submit a copy of your television advertisement. You must email it to me orsubmit it under drop box. _____________________________________________________