Essay 3 overview


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Essay 3 overview

  2. 2. THERE ARE SEVERAL PARTSCover/Title PageLetter/Memo of TransmittalTable of Contents with List of Illustrations (optional)Executive SummaryIntroductionDiscussion SectionsConclusion
  3. 3. COVER/TITLE PAGETitle: Proposal for Town of _____ (fill in the blank) Small Business GrantCome up with a name for your companyCome up with a company logo“Prepared for ______” (Town Board of ____ (name of town). T IP :Spacing, Fonts, Logo, and Layout are Important
  4. 4. LETTER/MEMO OF TRANSMITTALUse the company logo in your headingWrite to a specific person on the town board - - find out the name and address of the town supervisor or mayor
  5. 5. LETTER/MEMO OF TRANSMITTAL T IPS : Proper Business Letter Format is Important. Do not put in too much detail at this point but do include enough to create a positive first impression. 250 words, maximum. Refer to the small business grant and your application—you are submitting a proposal to receive a grant of $150,000.
  6. 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS Follow the basic outline provided in the textbook and on Blackboard. Your subheading under Features and Benefits will differ from the subheadings in the sample proposal in the textbook - - think carefully about your subheading titles
  7. 7. SUGGESTED SUBHEADINGS IN TOCOverview of BusinessLocation of BusinessImmediate BenefitsLong-Term BenefitsPotential ConcernsCompetitorsInitial Plans for Grant Money
  8. 8. TABLE OF CONTENTS T IPS :The wording of the headings in the TOC should match that of the ones you actually use within the proposal text.Page references should be correct.
  9. 9. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Present a concise overview of your proposal’s most important points. DO NOT merely repeat yourself. Make a brief mention of the town’s need for your business/service and how your business/service will meet that need. T IPS : Your first sentences should engage your reader’s attention. Focus on only 2-3 “selling points” - - do not go into too much detail. Limit yourself to 250 words. Write the summary after you have finished the entire proposal.
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION State the purpose of your proposal: You are seeking a $150,000 small business grant from the town Provide an overview of the town: Why does it need your business? What is going on now? What do residents do now, without your business/service? Provide an overview of the current economic/demographic context: Who is living in your town in 2012? What needs do they have at present? (Do some research about this.) Describe how your business/service will meet their needs. Include mention of your expertise .
  11. 11. INTRODUCTION T IPS :There are various sites that provide demographic information including real estate sites. However, start with the US Census site:If you use outside information at this point, remember to cite it.
  12. 12. DISCUSSION SECTIONS SUGGESTED SUBHEADINGSProvide supporting information in this section; this is the longest part of your proposal.S UBHEADINGS : Overview of ________ (Use the name of your business/service); provide a detailed description of your business/service and your target customer base. Proposed Location of _____ (Describe—include a map—the location of the business, explaining why it is suitable.) (The map will be an outside source.)
  13. 13. DISCUSSION SECTIONS: SUGGESTED SUBHEADINGSCompetition: Identify regional competitors. How will your business/service stand out from that of competitors?Immediate Benefits to _____ (name of town); explain the immediate (within the first 12 months let’s say) benefits that your business/service will bring to the town.Long-Term Benefits to _____ (Discuss the long- term benefits)
  14. 14. DISCUSSION SECTIONS: SUGGESTED SUBHEADINGS Possible Objections: This will depend upon what type of business you are starting. If you can honestly not think of any, then leave this section out. Initial Use of Grant Money T IPS :Readability is important. Do use subheadingsand format properly using bold lettering. Makesure you use the same subheading that appearin your Table of Contents (TOC).
  15. 15. CONCLUSIONSummarize your main points briefly, stressing the benefits to the town.Look to the future. What are your next steps going to be assuming that you get the money?Reassure your reader that you are around and are willing to answer follow -up questions.