Directions for choosing a person for essay
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Directions for choosing a person for essay






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Directions for choosing a person for essay Directions for choosing a person for essay Document Transcript

  • Directions for Choosing a Person for Essay #3 (Movie Proposal) 1. Consider choosing someone who has had a substantial impact upon your field of study (major) or someone who has made an impact on the world - - either positively or negatively. You do NOT have to choose a person related to your major, but it is highly recommended. 2. The person must be well-known enough that enough articles, essays, and books written about him/her so that you can do substantial research. 3. The person should be someone about whom a film has not already been made OR if a film does exist, it was poorly made or does not explore the same aspects of the person’s life that you want to explore. 4. Choose someone who has been dead for at least 25-years.I will negotiate item #4 - - that is, if you can demonstrate that you can find enough resources about theperson via our library’s databases and book catalog.Required Outside Sources (you must have at least 4 sources) 1. Required: An encyclopedia article from one of our databases (one of your sources must be from an encyclopedia and it must be a substantial article—not one that is only one-paragraph long) 2. Suggested: A chapter from a book or a book 3. Required: Articles from periodicals - - newspapers and magazinesYou may use ONLY one website.Directions for Essay #3 Proposal (Due Thursday, March 21)Write a paragraph in which you tell me: a. Whom you have chosen b. The encyclopedia in which you have found an article about that person (Go to the Sojourner Truth Library’s Website >>> Search under DATABASES >>>> SUBJECT >>>> REFERENCE
  • There you will find a list of Databases with EncyclopediasFind an article of substantial length. If you cannot find any information about your person in oneof these encyclopedias, choose someone else.c. Tell me whether or not there is already a film about that person (Do a search for a film on the Internet Movie Database: IMDB.COM). Remember - - you should choose someone about whom no feature film has been made (documentaries are OK) or someone about whom a poorly made movie (such as for television) has been made.