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FL Mobile 회사소개 자료입니다.

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FL Mobile 소개

  1. 1. FL Mobile - Global Mobile Game Publisher & Operator NYSE:NQ NQ Mobile™ subsidiary
  2. 2. FL Mobile Introduction • Gaming brand of NetQin (NSYE:NQ) • 1 billion+ public company listed on New York Stock Market • Leading Chinese mobile game publisher and operator • 87M user base, 16M MAU • Top1 on iOS, Top3 on Andorid Source:EnfoDesk © Analysis International
  3. 3. FL Mobile Partners QQ Yujian FL Extreme Edition Wu Lin Meng Zhu The Return Condor Heroes Strategy relationship with top class game companies Dou San Guo Top 4 Top 3 Top 8Top 4
  4. 4. • Through mobile industry loop • Chipset & Smartphone handset makers • Mobile operators & retailers • Mobile ads network • FL Mobile community platform • Mobile Tech Bible • FL Mobile Download+ • FL Game Center Strong Distribution Capability
  5. 5. Our Subsidiary Distribution WAPS.com • Leading mobile ads solution provider • >200M mobile devices (Android+iOS) • >3M click and 300K app download per day Beijing Fanyue (apkshow.com) • Leading app install total solution provider of all of mobile retailer stores • installed on 40M+ devices per year Retailers Mobile Ads
  6. 6. Close relation with 3rd open platforms  3rd party app store  Ads network  Mobile browser  Search platform
  7. 7. Marketing Promotion Successful Case Star Yu Quan (羽·泉) co-investment, viral video, and has done 1st mobile game launch press conference During promotion period:  Daily new installs of iOS from 5,000 to 12,000, 140%+  Baidu user attention rate promoted 225%, media attention promoted 700%  Highest Rank: Free Download Top1 , Grossing Top4Gods & Dragons Puzzle + CCG
  8. 8. Recent Successful Publishing Case Pa Pa San Guo (啪啪三国), CCG+SLG iOS Grossing Rank Top 20 in Avg., Highest Top 8. (Dec – Jan)
  9. 9. Celebrity Endorsement PaPaSanGuo Marketing Practice Live Concert Co-operation
  10. 10. Recent Successful Publishing Case • Start promotion in Jan • Hit 4# on free download rank Dou San Guo (全民斗三国) RPG + SLG Developed by Tencent
  11. 11. Appendix
  12. 12. Technology: SDK solution for billing and channel • Automatic channel distribution total solution • Real time channel data stats and analysis system • User account and friend sharing support • Integrated billing method with 20 pay channels
  13. 13. Preparation phase • Product localization,prepare client side • Billing implementation • Prepare the download server • Customer service training • Marketing warm-up promotion plan Launch phase • Channel promotion and channel gift events • Marketing media promotion and game brand promotion • Product pricing test and data analysis • Customer service Operation phase • Daily/weekly/monthly operation events and contents updated • New version release • Customer service • 7x24 Ops support • Marketing regular events Operation Plan and Successful experience
  14. 14. Local operation: interaction on social medias •SNS Wechat contents/events updated •Baidu post Bar contents updated •3rd party forum events and info updated Interactive community • QQ group chat • Offline events Build up player community • CRM • Updates notification Core player maintenance
  15. 15. Legal support from FL Mobile  There are 3 licenses required to operate games in China - Network Publishing License - Mobile Operation License - Value Added Service Operation License  FL Mobile have 3 licenses Requirement of Operating Online Game in China
  16. 16. The Channel Capability of NQ and FL Mobile FL Mobile has established strong distribution capability through the whole industry loop, include Chipset, Smartphone handset makers, mobile operators, retailers, mobile ads network, mobile apps and other promotion partners Handset makers Web App Store Retailers Mobile Operators Smartphone OS Chipset Global Top2 Mobile Phone chip maker Global and domestic famous mobile phone manufacturers Three operators of Global Top5
  17. 17. Strong Distribution Capability of Our Subsidiary • Mobile Ads Network: • WAPS.com is the leading mobile ads network solution provider • WAPS.com is the subsidiary of NQ Mobile Inc • >200M mobile devices (Android+iOS) • >3M click and 300K app download per day • Retailers: • Beijing Fanyue(apkshow.com) is the leading app install total solution provider of all of mobile retailer stores • Beijing Fanyue(apkshow.com) is the subsidiary of FL Mobile Inc • installed on 40M+ devices per year
  18. 18. Successful experience with Chinese operators Operator China Mobile MM store products cooperation Mobile Game Center products cooperation China Telecom China telecom 189 store products cooperation Telecom egame cooperator China unicom China unicom wo-store products cooperation Billing: NQ all products take the way of operator billing Security: NQ supplies the three operators App Store safe scan total solution proposal Channel: FL Mobile gained the three operators‘ content provider qualification and channel distribution qualification
  19. 19. Successful experience with Chinese Manufactures • Manufactures: Huawei/ZTE/Lenovo/Coolpad/OPPO/… • NQ security and other apps installed on 80M+ devices per year
  20. 20. FL Mobile has No.1 entertainment branding and celebrity resources in the industry: Endorsement, TV programs implantation, Video advertising, Conferences and a series of entertainment marketing strategy. Mainstream media and vertical media of game industry (covering all media platforms),integrated promotion for S-class mobile games. Entertainment marketing:Mobile Games Everyone is GAMER
  21. 21. Successful Case: The Return Condor Heroes KOL drove huge player interests from SNS and Weibo through “Condor Love”event. Achieved Top3 hot topic, more than 60,000 comments Baidu index lift 30% Free Top10 Grossing Top3 on iOS
  22. 22. Uniquely Marketing capability and resources • Tencent AIO pop • Web page • Mobile APP • Wechat • Sina • SNS • Video • TV • etc Over 1000M per day the media show