Using the Cloud for Mobile, Social, and Games - RightScale Compute 2013


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Speaker: Ronnie Regev - Product Manager, RightScale

Many organizations get started in the cloud by developing new, fast-to-market, customer-facing applications. Often these are mobile, social, and gaming applications. We will talk about how to build a repeatable, cost-efficient, and scalable infrastructure platform to deliver a portfolio of mobile, social, and games apps.

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  • I’m also an avid trekker and want to share a story with you about a canoe trip I once took did not end as plannedYou trainYou packGet your buddiesAnd you set off for what will no doubt be an epic adventure!Something is missing here…a map!Spent too much time focused on the wrong things, which was our new gear, and not enough time learning our map.Really, it was a lack of focus!
  • The theme of the discussion today is on focus I’m here today to talk about how you can work with RightScale to maintain focus on what's important to your business, making great games.
  • Finance Understand business objectives, make those the new performance objectivesHelping finance understand new cloud costs will earn you friends in the right placesDevOpsnot just about deploying code quickly, it’s about teams working together for the business to succeed. Change performance metrics to business objectives99.9% availability changed to no drops in CCU during deployments Success + success=success As more people see one team succeed they will want to replicate what is being done. Cloud adoption in a large organization is not simple. Lots of naysayers, doubters,
  • ST CataloguesFrom MCM: RightScale engineered blueprints based on our experienceVendor created based on their expertiseMembase exampleCustom built ServerTemplates based on tech not availableSmartFox Pro, MongoDBHA ArchitecturesNot a single RS customers has on-boarded without RS pro-services b/c of experience. CostsUnderstand what your costs will be. Don’t bother building your own forecasting toolsDepl ReviewsBest practices evolve over timeTech trends have changed
  • Using the Cloud for Mobile, Social, and Games - RightScale Compute 2013

    1. 1. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereGaming in the CloudRonnie Regev, Product Manager
    2. 2. #2#2#RightscaleComputeWelcome• Ronnie Regev• RightScale Enterprise Product Manager• Large IT Oriented products & features• Authentication & Authorization• Cost aggregation, reporting & forecasting• Sr Manager of Online Game Ops & Architecture atUbisoft• Lead Ubisoft Online for several years• Directly involved in launching 20+ online titles• Evangelized broad cloud adoption internationally
    3. 3. #3#3#RightscaleComputeAvid trekker• Canoeing• Hiking• Spelunking• Caving
    4. 4. #4#4#RightscaleCompute
    5. 5. #5#5#RightscaleComputeAgenda• My experiences in maintaining focus• How RightScale can help you maintain focus onwhat’s important
    6. 6. #6#6#RightscaleComputeTales From The Past• Finance can be your best friend• DevOps works• Cloud success breeds cloud success
    7. 7. #7#7#RightscaleComputeWithin RightScale• ServerTemplates Catalogues• Highly Available Reference Architectures• Cost• Planning via PlanForCloud• Monitoring & Chargeback with Report Manager• Deployment Reviews with Professional Services
    8. 8. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereQuestions?