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Why Cloud Management Makes Sense

Why Cloud Management Makes Sense



RightScale Webinar: Cloud is the most nebulous and abused term in information technology today. It describes multiple, disparate service models and has been retroactively applied to countless legacy ...

RightScale Webinar: Cloud is the most nebulous and abused term in information technology today. It describes multiple, disparate service models and has been retroactively applied to countless legacy technologies in attempts to keep them current. In this webinar, we'll discuss the cloud technology landscape and where RightScale fits in to drive agility, cost, and time savings above cloud infrastructure. RightScale has been investing heavily for the past four years to make cloud infrastructure easy to leverage. This webinar will clarify elements that are straightforward, what continues to be difficult, and the impact on your schedule and budget.



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  • Welcome to Why Cloud Management Makes Sense
  • In cloud computing, the edge of the demarca
  • In cloud computing, the edge of the demarca
  • Use unix analogy here.
  • Not all companies are this bigDatabase failover analogyMovie and tracking shot analogy
  • RS has 160 people working on this
  • Use linux analogy here
  • RightScale manages clouds Private cloud partners enable (Cloud.com, Eucalyptus) Together:Speed to implementationPurpose-built solutionIntegrated technologiesMarket view & business model alignmentAWS-compatible hybrid environmentsTwo support optionsOpen source: Free editionCommercial: Equivalent features, functionality and commercial offerings to that with RightScale & AWS

Why Cloud Management Makes Sense Why Cloud Management Makes Sense Presentation Transcript

  • Why Cloud Management Makes Sense
    September 1, 2011
    Watch the video of this webinar
  • Your Panel Today
    • Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale @michaelcrandell
    • Uri Budnik, Director, ISV Partner Program, RightScale @uribudnik
    Chad Carty, Account Manager, RightScale
    Please use the “Questions” window to ask questions any time!
  • Agenda
    Cloud computing tidal shift
    Why cloud management?
    Cloud-ready solutions
    Questions & Answers
    Please use the “Questions” window to ask questions any time!
  • Tidal Shift in Computing
    Source - Lew Tucker, Cisco
  • Tidal Shift in Computing
    • Big Switch – electricity grid
    • New IT Stack (replacing LAMP)
    • Third Revolution
    Source - Lew Tucker, Cisco
  • What do we mean by Cloud?
    • Cloud is a metaphor for complexity that does not need to be managed
    • The edge of the Cloud serves as a point of demarcation
    • The concept of utility based computing goes back to the 60s*
    James Urquhart** calls it an application centric operations model
    *John McArthy **Wisdom of Clouds Blog and Cisco
  • Four horsemen
    Cut costs
    Improve agility
    Increase scale & reliability
    Leverage best practices
    Highly effective layers of abstraction
    SaaS – cloaked below the browser
    PaaS – cloaked below the code
    IaaS – cloaked below the OS
    Each layer achieves scalability &
    reliability through uniformity
    True IaaS clouds are API-driven
    What’s Driving Cloud?
  • Public IaaS Vendors
  • So what’s the problem?
    • Paying attention to design
    • Using cloud != designing for cloud
    • Accidental tourist in cloud
    • Sign up, launch servers, sit back
    • Good cloud design
    • Secure
    • Reliable
    • No lock-in
  • The DIY Trap
    • Most clouds are a set of APIsand/or a simple UI to launchservers – is that what you need?
    • These are basic building blocks, not a management system
    • How should you spend your time?
    Managing multiple users with different levels of access
    • Configuration management and app lifecycle management
    • Track usage and costs across applications and business units
    • All the general purpose things you need to do like: Monitoring, Alarms, Auto-scaling, etc
    What do you do about IT or development personnel unilaterally opening a cloud account and deploying an environment?
  • The Reason for Cloud Management
    • Automation
    • Cloud-ready solutions
    • Control
    • Portability
    • A good cloud management platform delivers:
    • Ability to focus above the complexity & tedious work – to your core competency
    • Agility to IT and business
    • ROI almost immediately
  • Why Cloud Management?Reason #1
  • Automation
    IDC - Virtualization 2.0 - Dec 2006
    IDC - Virtualization 2.0 - Dec 2006
  • Automation
    Operational efficiency
    Source: Deepak Patil, GFS 2006
  • Automation
    Operational efficiency
    Server-to-admin ratio is an indicator of admin costs
    Inefficient operations as low as 20:1
    Above average ratio 150:1 (enterprises typically in the 70 to 140 range)
    Best practices over 2,000:1
    Savings on admin costs of easily 50%
    Source: Deepak Patil, GFS 2006
  • Automation – case study
    • Zynga is the top Facebook game company
    • Farmville, CityVille, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker, FrontierVille, Café World, etc.
    • 275 million monthly active users!!
    • 5 new players join Zynga every second
    • 10% of the world’s internet population plays Zynga games every month
    • FarmVille added 25 million daily active
    users in its first five months
    • If FarmVille were a country, it would
    be the 5th largest in the world
    Source: Interop presentation, Zynga VP of Infrastructure, May 2011
    and appdata.com August 29, 2011
  • Automation – case study
    Source: Zynga CTO – Infrastructure; InterOp, May 2011
  • Why Cloud Management?Reason #2
    Cloud-Ready Solutions
  • Cloud Ready Solutions
    “RightScale the Latest to Provide App Store for Infrastructure”
    by Derrick Harris
  • ServerTemplates
    Modular – Portable – Transparent – Dynamic
    • Application
    • Cloud libraries
    • Web framework
    App Libraries
    Environment config
    Sysadmin defined
    • syslog config
    • SSH keys
    • Apache config
    Common config
    Vendor provided
    • Ubuntu/RHEL/

    • MySQL/Oracle/…
    • Tomcat/Jboss/

    S/W Packages
    Virtual machine
  • Parenthesis: What are ServerTemplates?
    Configuring servers
    through bundling Images:
    Custom MySQL 5.0.24 (CentOS 5.2)
    Configuring servers
    with ServerTemplates:
    Custom MySQL 5.0.24 (CentOS 5.4)
    MySQL 5.0.36 (CentOS 5.4)
    MySQL 5.0.36 (Ubuntu 8.10)
    MySQL 5.0.36 (Ubuntu 8.10) 64bit
    A set of configuration directives that will install and configure software on top of the base image
    Frontend Apache 1.3 (Ubuntu 8.10)
    Frontend Apache 2.0 (Ubuntu 9.10) - patched
    CMS v1.0 (CentOS 5.4)
    CMS v1.1 (CentOS 5.4)
    My ASP appserver (windows 2008)
    My ASP.net (windows 2008) – security update 1
    My ASP.net (windows 2008) – security update 8
    SharePoint v4 (windows 2003) – 32bit
    SharePoint v4 (windows 2003) –64bit
    SharePoint v4.5 (windows 2003) –64bit

    Base Image
    Very few and basic
    Win 2003
    CentOS 5.2
    Ubuntu 8.10
    CentOS 5.4
    Win 2007
    Ubuntu 9.10
  • ServerTemplates
    Integrated approach that puts together all the parts needed to architect single & multi-server deployments
  • Scalable Web Applications
  • Dev & Test
    Available, Easily Provisioned Resources
  • Batch Processing / Grid Computing
    For IT
    High capital investment, typically low capacity utilization
    Scheduling conflicts, constant provisioning
    Specialized architectural and operational skills
    Specialized software applications and unique datasets
    For End Users
    Wait for resources
    Limited to resources available in the datacenter
  • Self-Service IT Portal
  • Why Cloud Management?Reason #3
  • Monitoring
    Logs + audit entries
    Alerts & escalations
    Last access
    User management
    Authentication, SSO
    Roles, permissions
    Umbrella accounts
    Cost tracking & quotas
    Real-time run rate projs.
  • Infrastructure Audit
    • Review of all Security Groups or SSH Keys
    • Includes audit of all Regions
    • Security Group audit analyzes public ports, or all ports
    • SSH Key audit analyzes running servers, or all servers
    • Up to 10 audits can be stored, with one being marked as a baseline for comparison
    • Audits can be downloaded as text or JSON files
  • Why Cloud Management?Reason #4
  • Portability
    Yankee Group, 2010
  • Portability
    • Lock-in dangers
    • Data has mass
    • Vendor contracts
    • Vendor features & APIs
    • Multi-cloud scenarios
    • Within a public cloud / between public clouds
    • Public / private hybrid
    • What you should do
    • Preserve multiple choices for any service
    • Keep contracts to length you can predict
    • Avoid unique services & APIs
    • Anticipate moving – set up small footprints elsewhere
    • Pilot a private cloud
    • Design for portability: architecture choices matter
  • It’s a multi-cloud world
    • Not all clouds are created equal
    • Once upon a time there was the expectation that a clear Linux top choice would emerge
    • Clouds will proliferate and companies will differentiate to compete
    • Keep your options open,
    …like she does
    Source: FailBlog.org
  • Human Capital
    Initial Deployment
    Ongoing Maintenance
    Efficiency Gains
    Efficiency Gains
    ~ 50%
    Cloud APIs or Consoles
    Cloud Management ROI
  • www.rightscale.com/tco-calculator
  • “We want to use clouds, not build them”
    — Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix Infrastructure Team
    Source: Qcon San Francisco 2010 Presentation
  • Getting Started and Q&A
    Next up in the Getting Started series:
    September 8
    5 Quick Wins for the Cloud
    - Brian Adler, PS Architect
    • Rafael Saavedra, VP Engineering
    Contact RightScale:
    (866) 720-0208
    More Info:
    Webinar archive: RightScale.com/webinars
    White papers: RightScale.com/whitepapers
    Free Edition: RightScale.com/free