RightScale Webinar: An Architectural View of RightScale and Why its Chosen For Hybrid Clouds - APAC Case Study


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In a single platform, RightScale brings the concepts of governance, billing, access control, configuration management and automation to cloud computing infrastructure. One of Australia’s biggest companies has chosen RightScale to help it create a hybrid cloud onto which over 500 applications will be migrated. Whether you only use AWS or multiple clouds, RightScale provides a framework to get the agility benefits of cloud computing whilst retaining corporate IT controls.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how we make this possible:

Software-defined infrastructure: how RightScale elevates your infrastructure architecture to a layer outside of your cloud provider, which inherently enables application mobility and scalability

Self-service IT: Expose a cloud service catalogue within an enterprise portal, allowing self-service provisioning for application owners.

Increase visibility: Gain management and cost reporting for your complete environment, across regions, clouds, availability zones and across AWS accounts. Control changes to your cloud.

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RightScale Webinar: An Architectural View of RightScale and Why its Chosen For Hybrid Clouds - APAC Case Study

  1. 1. RightScale What we do, and why an ASX-10 company included RightScale in their Cloud Strategy Cloud Management!
  2. 2. Agenda •  Architectural view of RightScale •  View of a local client •  How to transition in Cloud Management!
  3. 3. # Who is RightScale?
  4. 4. Creating the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise 7 10 years clouds 65K+ 5.5M+ ~250 staff users servers Cloud Management! Offices in Santa Barbara, Sydney, London, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Seoul and Seattle.
  5. 5. Healthcare! Film, TV, Music! Advertising! Mobile! Financial Services! Publishing! Games! Software! Consumer/Retail! Gaming! Cloud Management!
  6. 6. # What is RightScale?
  7. 7. Design architecture above the cloud Abstracts the architecture to above the IaaS. Cloud Management!
  8. 8. Abstracts and standardises the clouds Elevates: •  Configurations •  APIs •  Automation behaviours •  Access control •  Billing and governance •  Monitoring Cloud Management!
  9. 9. Control plane Public Clouds! Resource pools Cloud Management! Private Clouds!
  10. 10. Single pane of glass Access control" Configuration" Public Clouds! Resource pools Cloud Management! Unified API" Automation" Billing and governance" Private Clouds!
  11. 11. How RightScale adds to AWS Configuration" Common capabilities From RightScale Automation" Governance" Global" Services" •  Provisioning •  Marketplace •  Support for Chef & Puppet •  Monitoring •  Alerts •  Auto-scaling •  User permissions •  Detailed cost reporting •  9 regions on 5 continents •  Solutions architects •  24x7 support •  Integrated version control •  Multi-region •  Pre-built HA architectures •  Support for Powershell and scripts •  Application organisation •  One-click cloning •  Advanced orchestration •  Run scripts in mass over fleet •  Unified API for all clouds •  Auto-scaling on hybrid clouds •  Control SSH access (userlevel) •  EC2 SSH key management (instance-level) •  Audit histories •  Cost forecasting •  Private cloud support •  Public clouds in other countries •  Unified multicloud access, cost and usage reporting •  Provides images for all regions, clouds and OS •  End-to-end engineering •  Application migration: virtual to cloud •  Strategic consulting Cloud Management!
  12. 12. planforcloud.com Cloud Management!
  13. 13. # Example implementations
  14. 14. Australian client A$30B+ revenue 500+ applications and 600+ staff in IT Hybrid cloud: AWS & CloudPlatform Purpose: •  Agility •  ‘Cloud first’ strategy •  Cost reduction Cloud Management!
  15. 15. Self-service portal for end-users" Web interface for service designers and system administrators" RightScale’s Unified API" Service catalogue" Cloud Management! Billing and governance"
  16. 16. No change to IT framework: firewalls, DMZ, internet access, operating system and security remains the same for cloud or non-cloud servers. Intend to move 1000+ Windows and Linux VMs within 3 years Why RightScale? •  Proven ability to move workloads between clouds •  Governance layer for access control and change control Cloud Management!
  17. 17. Cloud Management!
  18. 18. Requirements: •  Public and private clouds •  Geographic reach •  Unpredictable demand Cloud Management! Solution: •  Serve Chinese customer website •  Elasticity with auto-scaling •  Consistent configurations
  19. 19. New delivery models Requirements: •  Large scale, 3M+ students •  Single-tenant SaaS •  Multi-cloud •  Fast customer onboarding Solution: •  Consistent dev and production environments •  AWS and Rackspace •  Ability to easily pilot and test Cloud Management!
  20. 20. # How to transition into cloud
  21. 21. Hybrid has complications Technical differences API Network Hypervisor Storage Latency between tiers and clouds Cloud Management!
  22. 22. Governance •  •  •  •  Securing traffic User identity Access control Billing and metering Cloud Management!
  23. 23. RightScale helps move up maturity curve High Continuous Optimization Maturity Application Automation Dynamic workloads HA Production SDLC Test/Dev to Production Service-oriented design Self-healing Auto-scaling Multi-Cloud Server Automation Use of templates Code once, use everywhere Governance BC & DR Launch servers via scripts, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell, bash Provisioning Time Launch through OS Image Bootstrapping Low Value to Business Cloud Management! High
  24. 24. Cloud migration, optional DevOps Your current state Transition With RightScale Public or private cloud Virtualised servers Subject to traditional change control and governance Cloud Management! Separate static vs dynamic applications Using familiar virtual machine image management Deployed by DevOps, with control and governance
  25. 25. ServerTemplates •  Dynamic configuration •  Abstract role and behavior from cloud infrastructure •  Cloud agnostic Image Cloud Management!
  26. 26. Expert Services for Where You Are Strategy Design Build Operate CloudSight Implementation Support Expert Advisor Training Cloud Management!
  27. 27. How to get started We can evaluate RightScale’s fit with your goals and technical environment Get in touch Giri Fox gfox@rightscale.com Cloud Management!
  28. 28. # Thank you Giri Fox gfox@rightscale.com @girifox