RightScale Roadtrip - Accelerate to Cloud


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The Accelerate to Cloud keynote will help you understand the current state of cloud adoption, identify the business value for your organization, and provide you a framework to plot your course to cloud adoption.

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RightScale Roadtrip - Accelerate to Cloud

  1. 1. Chicago Oct 3rd 2013
  2. 2. #2#2# #rightscale! Today’s Agenda! 11:00 3 Steps to Accelerate to Cloud: Get Out Your Map Ted Lewis, RightScale, Regional Sales Director 12:00 "Lunch ! 1:00 Demo: Agility in a Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Vijay Tolani, RightScale, Cloud Solutions Engineer ! 1:30 3 Steps to Accelerate to Cloud: Plot Your Route Ted Lewis, RightScale, Regional Sales Director!
  3. 3. # #rightscale! 3 Steps to Accelerate to!
  4. 4. #4#4# #rightscale! 3 Steps to Accelerate Your Cloud! 1 Get Out Your Map 2 Pick Your Destination 3 Plan a Route
  5. 5. # #rightscale! Get Out Your Map!
  6. 6. #6#6# #rightscale! Choice! The Rise of the Clouds
  7. 7. #7#7# #rightscale! What a Difference a Year Makes! Open Sourced Goes OpenStack Launched Adds Australia GA Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr 2012! 2013! Launched Grizzly Released vCHS GA Jun Aug
  8. 8. #8#8# #rightscale! Hybrid Matures! All of the Above Single private 5% Single public 11% No plans 7% Multi-public 15% Multi-private 15% Hybrid cloud 47% Multi-cloud 77% Source: RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2013
  9. 9. #9#9# #rightscale! Evolution of Hybrid Architectures! From a Portfolio of Resource Pools… App 1 App 2 Public Cloud! App 3 App 4 Private Cloud! App 2 …to a unified Resource Pool.
  10. 10. #10#10# #rightscale! Using! Cloud! Unlocks! Value
  11. 11. #11#11# #rightscale! Cloud Maturity Model! 8%! 17%! 26%! 23%! 26%! Source: RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2013 Cloud! Watchers! Cloud! Beginners! Cloud! Explorers! Cloud! Focused! No! Plans! Planning! First project! Apps running! Heavy use!
  12. 12. #12#12# #rightscale! Benefits Grow! 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Cloud Beginners Cloud Explorers Cloud Focused %ofRespondents Business continuity Higher performance Geographic reach IT staff efficiency Higher availability Faster time to market with apps Greater scalability Faster access to infrastructure 12 Source: RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2013
  13. 13. #13#13# #rightscale! What Business Value Do You Want?! Increase Enterprise Agility Drive Operational Efficiencies Expand Markets & Capabilities Increase Investment Flexibility Faster Time to Market Accelerate Innovation Fail (or Succeed) Fast Cut Infrastructure Costs Reduce Overprovisioning Increase IT Efficiency New Geographies New Capabilities Web-Scale Applications CapEX to OpEX Reduce sunk costs Reduce lock-in
  14. 14. #14#14# #rightscale! Driving Business Value from Cloud! Agility New Markets and Products Efficiency Changing the Financial Model
  15. 15. #15#15# #rightscale! Agility at Pearson! Requirements: •  Large scale, 3M+ students •  Single-tenant SaaS •  Multi-cloud •  Fast customer POC & onboarding Solution: •  Clone-able, customizable environments •  Consistent dev and production environments •  AWS and Rackspace •  Ability to easily pilot and test
  16. 16. #16#16# #rightscale! What is Pearson Doing?! Our Goals •  Cloud can be connected •  At least as easy and integrated as anything else •  A test-bed for automation and integration •  A showcase for transformation Our Objectives •  Push-button deployment •  Automated integration into existing management tools. •  Asset Management •  Monitoring •  Configuration and Software Deployment
  17. 17. #17#17# #rightscale! Using RightScale! •  Integration Bus model •  RightScale brokers the APIs •  Simple hooks: RightScale provides the hooks •  Loose binding: Pearson owns most of the logic •  The tools and time invested are not cloud-only •  Cross cloud support •  Templates •  Images •  API (almost) •  Easy to shift the integration points
  18. 18. #18#18# #rightscale! Efficiency at Samsung SDS! Requirements: •  Private cloud offering by ‘central IT’ to business units •  AWS-like and AWS-integrated •  Low latency for data replication Solution: •  Hybrid OpenStack & AWS cloud •  Additional ‘Availability Zone’ for cost, HA, and performance •  Unified management with RightScale
  19. 19. Copyright © 2013 Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. All rights reserved §  Predictable High Performance §  Samsung SDS Security Policy compliance §  Flexible and Low Cost Infrastructure Global, Elastic infrastructure to support unpredictable B2C Service traffic BUSINESS DRIVERS Cloud Controller Cloud Bursting/DR Unified NOC CDN/ADN Customized security Dedicated infra SDS DirectionsB2C Service Requirements Openstack Scalability & Cost Global Service B2C Private Cloud (SPCS) SPCS+PublicCloud=Hybrid Integrated Global Operations §  Unpredictable Demand §  Low upfront investment §  Unified Cloud Management System §  Global Deployment that meets user performance
  20. 20. Copyright © 2013 Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. All rights reserved HYBRID CONTROLLER! Hybrid Cloud Controller (RightScale) App Deployment Monitoring Automation Governance Application Server Database Server Load Balnacer Application Server Database Server Load Balnacer •  VPN •  Dedicated Line Private Cloud(SPCS) Public Cloud Resource/App Control/Management
  21. 21. #21#21# #rightscale! New Markets at Intercontinental! •  Targeted Consumer Website for China •  Global Training Environment
  22. 22. #22#22# #rightscale! Using RightScale! •  Consumer site and training sites use auto-scaling to run efficiently •  Minimizes the number of administrators needed to run these environments
  23. 23. #23#23# #rightscale! Opex at American Girl! Requirements: •  10x load increase after Christmas •  Quickly deploy infrastructure to meet a marketing deadline Solution: •  Scale 10 days in advance to ensure capacity can handle load •  Stable system that does not need to be actively managed •  Increased utilization and decrease costs using AWS and RightScale
  24. 24. # #rightscale! Pick a Destination!
  25. 25. #25#25# #rightscale! What Do You Need to Consider?!
  26. 26. #26#26# #rightscale! Consideration: Consistency ! Consistent performance & reliability Consistent utilization
  27. 27. #27#27# #rightscale! Consideration: Security ! Security outside the private network Heterogeneous APIs and behaviors
  28. 28. #28#28# #rightscale! Consideration: Waste! Simple, flexible ordering Complex merchandising and procurement Self-service de-provisioning
  29. 29. #29#29# #rightscale! Consideration: Automation! Architectural rework Dynamic configuration Integrated monitors and orchestration
  30. 30. #30#30# #rightscale! Consideration: Tracking & Planning! Budgeting Chargeback Purchase options
  31. 31. #31#31 #rightscale! # Why! Cloud! Management?!
  32. 32. #32#32# #rightscale! Our View of Cloud Management! A framework of tools to solve cloud challenges and increase your ability to enjoy cloud benefits ! Consistency and reliability of shared, commodity resources Secure access to a variety of remote, networked resources Self-service accessibility of an approved configuration menu Elastic, instantaneous scalability driven by automation! Usage transparency and optimization!
  33. 33. #33#33# #rightscale! The Core Cloud Management Toolset! •  Resource management •  Compute, network, storage •  Configuration & service management •  Configuration management •  Service catalog •  Governance •  Policy management •  Identity and access management •  Usage and cost management •  Automation •  Resource monitoring and alerting •  Automated scaling •  Deployment orchestration
  34. 34. #34#34# #rightscale! What Does This Mean for Your Business?! 1.  Combat complexity and stay organized 2.  Respond quickly to customer and market demands 3.  Spend less time firefighting 4.  Keep tabs on what’s happening 5.  Stay flexible and portable 6.  Focus on your core competencies
  35. 35. # #rightscale! Plot Your Route!
  36. 36. # #rightscale! Where to Start: Segment Your App Portfolio! •  Greenfield •  Designed for cloud •  Web architecture •  Elastic design •  Monolithic •  Hairball •  Legacy •  Standard technologies Elastic Web Traditional Cloud-Ready ROI Nightmare
  37. 37. #37#37# #rightscale! Evaluating Applications for the Cloud! •  Business impact •  Should we put this app on the cloud? •  What benefits will we get? •  Technical requirements •  Can we put this app on the cloud? •  How much will migration or build out cost? •  Choose the best ROI •  High business impact •  Appropriate technical requirements
  38. 38. #38#38# #rightscale! Business Impact: Framework Sample! App 1 App 2 App 3 App 4 App 5 Business Impact Fast time to market u u u u u Experimental u u u u u Demand fluctuation u u u u u Transitory/Time limited u u u u u Many instances u u u u u Many changes u u u u u DevOps/CI u u u u u New geographies u u u u u New capabilities u u u u u OpEX is desirable u u u u u
  39. 39. #39#39# #rightscale! Technical Fit: Framework Sample! App 1 App 2 App 3 App 4 App 5 Governance Factors Data Residency u u u u u Regulatory (PCI, HIPAA) u u u u u Security Requirements u u u u u Technical Requirements Load Balancer: Session Affinity u u u u u Application: Licensing u u u u u Cache: Persistent u u u u u Database: Working set size u u u u u Security: Egress filtering u u u u u …
  40. 40. #40#40# #rightscale! Refactor Don’t Migrate Hold Off Quick Wins Rank Your Apps to Prioritize! App 9 App 7 App 2 App 3 App 5 App 1 App 4 App 8 App 6 BusinessImpact Technical Fit
  41. 41. #41#41# #rightscale! 4 Common Starting Points! Marketing Campaigns Mobile Apps Self Service Test & Dev Batch Processing
  42. 42. #42#42# #rightscale! Your Cloud Team: Org Implications! Create a cloud team with a mix of new and existing talent Evaluate existing processes, tools are only part of the story Focus on business drivers – agility, efficiency, new markets, opex
  43. 43. #43#43# #rightscale! A Cloud Itinerary! •  Lay out your cloud strategy •  Understand your Business Value Tracks •  Develop your goals, what you want to accomplish •  Determine how you will evaluate success •  Select applications and use cases based on ROI •  Start with the best, not the worst, technical fit •  Align to meaningful business impact •  Favor greenfield and cloud-friendly applications •  Get started •  Stand up an application on a public cloud •  Run a POC private cloud •  Start using tools that will make scaling your cloud strategy easier