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RightScale Conference Santa Clara 2011: PHP is the foundational language for leading social apps and networks including Facebook, Drupal, and Yahoo!, and is used by almost five million developers. However, the standard process of developing a new application, testing, and moving to production is segmented and complex. In this session, we will demonstrate how developers can simplify development and streamline deployment of an application to production. We will show how an application can quickly be created and debugged in the Zend Developer Cloud using Zend Studio and then seamlessly deployed to an elastic, scalable production environment utilizing RightScale with both Amazon and Rackspace.

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  • So what I’d like to talk to you about today is what is changing in the world of applicationsSo what’s happening here with mobile, social and cloud; it is changing the nature of the applications we need to develop.The facts that these applications are changing is having an immediate impact on the Web workload.So today I’d like to talk to you about how the world of applications is changing:What it means to you as a developer?What it means to us?The user experience is changing rapidlyWe are always connected; apps are being developed as consuming many services.It social (sf.com chatter)Location basedAnd experienced on multiple form factors (I myself use ipod/ipad and laptop)So earlier this morning I was just thinking on how this is impact me..
  • So what does the next generation of Web workload look like?You need to deliver a great user experience; everyone’s an expert and the standards for user experience have gone way up.Applications have to evolve very quickly to meet the expectations of their usersEverything should have an API. In this new world, no connectivity will mean no usage. Applications w/o APIs will not survive.The broad reach of applications through the proliferation of devices will require workloads to adjust in real-time anelastic.What’s enabling thesed be workloads are open de-facto standards such as Linux, PHP & HTML 5 – HTML 5 example of already broadly adopted within the ecosystem although not yet ratified as a standard
  • So, I’m excited to announce phpcloud.com. phpcloud.com is the best way to develop & deploy in the Cloud.For Development:We start by providing you with a developer cloud at no charge. We believe the developer experience is critical and unlike other Cloud solutions we focus first at the developer experience. It’s all about helping you build quality apps faster.NEED TO EXPLAIN MORE CLEARLY THE CONCEPT THAT THIS DOES NOT REPLACE BUT WORKS WITH YOUR IDEWe have open-sourced a Java-based SDK which makes it easy to integrate tooling to the developer and production cloud. We are using that SDK ourselves to provide you with IDE, command-line integration and continuous integration.In production:The Zend Application Fabric is an elastic platform with everything you need to run and scale PHP apps in public or private Clouds. Zend App Fabric is built on the battle tested Zend Server technology Pre-integrated into a variety of Clouds- today Zend Application Fabric is already supported on the Amazon, IBM and Rackspace Clouds. And will be supported by additional clouds in the future.We are putting a big emphasis in ensuring we have accessible APIs both for development and production.We have also Web service enabled our runtime that makes it easy to automate the product with automation tools such as puppet or chef.
  • So let’s talk a bit more about the Zend Application Fabric is an open, elastic platform with everything you need to run and scale business-critical PHP apps on public and private Clouds.Because it’s based on Zend Server you get the benefit of years of best practices and expertise in running high-volume business critical Web applications.Fast, elastic , can scale out, dependable. We have evolved from Zend Server to add full automation with Web Services, auto-scaling up and down while retaining high availability, and robust, Cloud-ready application deployment. Capabilities like monitoring in production, caching, code tracing We are collaborating with RightScale, Rackspace, Amazon and IBM to deliver the best experiences on their supported Clouds. We are committed to expanding that list going forward and delivering choice to our customers. And if you’ve got a private Cloud internally we will support that too via standard APIs.
  • I’m super excited about Zend Developer Cloud. We didn’t just stick our runtime into the Cloud. We asked ourselves the question – how can we use the Cloud to deliver a significant step up in developer experience.This is my baby The Zend Developer Cloud enables you to spin up a complete PHP stack and start developing within seconds.It is possible to use it with your favorite IDE and make that experience seamless. Today we are delivering Zend Studio, Eclipse PDT and command line tool integration.We are including powerful debugging tools including code tracing which provides great insight into what an app is doing. We are exposing that in cool ways incl. via a browser-based toolbar.We enable you to collaborate much more effectively with dev cloud. You can share your work more easily with your dev environment being in the public Cloud; we allow you to take snapshots of your sandbox (PHP configuration and database included) and share that with your peers – allowing them to continue working or troubleshooting from exactly the same point you left off. These are just two examples of how we believe we can enable better collaboration through the cloud. “ GIT ON DRUGS” or “GIT meets Pastebin”Because Zend Application Fabric powers the developer cloud it is very simple to deploy the applications you created to any cloud.
  • So how to tackle this?Our goal is to provide you the best development and production solution for building these types of apps. PAUSETo do so, we know we have to tackle three specific areas to make you successful:Take developer productivity to a whole new level; make sure you can deliver quickly and at high quality to the ever growing requirements of the user experience. PAUSE FOR EFFECT Give you the best, elastic and dependable application platform that enables your application to perform and scale as needed. PAUSE FOR EFFECTc) And deliver that environment on the Cloud of your choice. STOP.
  • I’d like to welcome Kent Mitchell our Sr. Director of Product Management on stage to demonstrate the capabilities of phpcloud.com. Kent over to you.
  • Zend handles the application fabricRightScale does provisioning & deploymentTogether:AutoscalingResiliencyHigh Performance
  • In summary:With phpcloud.com we are committed to:Delivering the best development experience.The best application platform.And the choice to run on any Cloud.Learn more at phpcloud.comYou will all be getting an invitation for the developer cloud; it’s still early on but please give us feedback.
  • Zend - PHP Development to Cross-Cloud Production with RightScale

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