ServerTemplates - The Next Generation

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ServerTemplates - The Next Generation



RightScale Conference Santa Clara 2011: Looking for configurations that work across clouds? Want to pull configurations from Git? Learn how RightScriptsTM and Chef power ServerTemplates. We will ...

RightScale Conference Santa Clara 2011: Looking for configurations that work across clouds? Want to pull configurations from Git? Learn how RightScriptsTM and Chef power ServerTemplates. We will present best practices for modular, agile configuration management.



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ServerTemplates - The Next Generation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 1ServerTemplates:The Next GenerationTim Miller, Sr. Director, ServerTemplatesCary Penniman, Sr. Software Engineer Watch the video of this presentation
  • 2. 2#Agenda • ServerTemplate Overview • What is a Compatibility Release • 12H1 The Next Generation • New Feature Details • Resources • QuestionsReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 3. 3#What are ServerTemplates • Blueprints for configuring a server • Modular, reproducible and easy to modify • Dynamically configured at boot • Consists of base image, layer in needed applications & configurations • Contains run-time automation % of Active Servers • Used in three ways • Run out of the box • Used as a starting point and then customized • Best-in-Class Reference Design • ISVs • Templates not yet in the Marketplace • Company unique ServerTemplate requirementsReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 4. 4#What is a Compatibility Release • Details • Tested together • Easily identifiable • Common base images • Frozen repositories • 11H1 • Released in March 2011 • AWS only • 16 templates • Over 100 scriptsReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 5. 5#12H1 The Next Generation • Multi-Cloud • Same template runs on AWS, Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, Rackspace and OpenStack. Many more to come!! • Supported OS including CentOS, Ubuntu and RedHat • Based on RightLink 5.8 • Enterprise Strength • Tag based routing of remote scripts, no more private SSH keys on your servers • Storage Toolbox • Built-in support for the Chef configuration language • External Source Control Management (ex GIT, SVN) • Shout Out to our Microsoft Software Templates • IIS, SQL Server HA & Active DirectoryReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 6. 6New Feature Details
  • 7. 7#New Features: Machine Tags • Tags are a useful way of attaching useful metadata to Servers • Tool support to add, remove and query server tags • Three main parts: namespace, predicate and value • Syntax: namespace:predicate=value • Example: • loadbalancer:lb=www • (a load balancer server for the www vhost)Real Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 8. 8#New Features: Remote Script Invocation • Invoked by one server, run on another • Uses tags for routing • Removes need for private SSH key material on Servers • Scoped to the current deployment • Example: • rs_run_right_script --name "LB Attach App Server" -- recipient_tags "loadbalancer:lb=www" --json ~/my_info.jsonReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 9. 9#New Features: Storage Toolbox • Its all about persistence! • Primary Backup • Uses local cloud persistence • Volumes snapshots preferred (i.e. EBS, Volumes) • Improved performance with LVM support • Secondary Backup • Uses remote cloud for redundancy • Useful in case of local cloud outage • LVM snapshot uploads to a Remote Object Store (i.e. S3, CloudFiles) • Built on our battle tested EBS ToolsetReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 10. 10#New Features: Storage Toolbox (cont.)Real Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 11. 11#New Features: Built-in Chef Support • System Configuration Language • High Level, modular components • Idempotent (potential for) • External Source Control Management • Easier to customize (modules, pull requests) • Large pool of reusable content, community • Chef Language != Chef PlatformReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 12. 12#New Features: Built-in Chef Support • Dont Panic! • Not a forced migration • RightScripts are alive and kicking and ServerTemplates can by hybrid • Good, but getting better! • Current UI features under development • Full Chef not supported (yet): missing databags • RightScale uses inputs and tags insteadReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
  • 13. 13#Resources • Find ServerTemplates in the MultiCloud Marketplace • Access Cookbooks in our public GIT repository • • Access documentation (machine tags, remote script) • Guides/RightLink/RightLink_Command_Line_Utilities • Coming Soon: RightScale Chef Training Class • Provide feedback • Cloud Experience. Shared.