Nothing but .NET - Launching .NET and SQL Server in the Cloud


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RightScale Conference Santa Clara 2011: Windows in the cloud isn’t impossible. Learn the best way to use Windows in the cloud with a live demo of our Windows-based ServerTemplatesTM including IIS, SQL Server, and .Net. These are used in proven production environments to dynamically configure, launch, and manage Windows software stacks in the cloud using Microsoft best practices.

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  • 3 hurdles to overcome with cloud infrastructure and Microsoft technologies.RightScales solves each of these, particularly to enable Microsoft Technology in the cloud.
  • These are just some of the images available in clouds. Imagine in amazon, across multiple regions, each looks different <= NOT STANDARD ImagesWhat about private cloud options? Up to you to build for yourself.
  • In the future, less focus on 2003 images2008 R2 is MVP for new cloud platforms we support (focus on leveraging best go-forward platform for your windows environments in the cloud)Standardized images – what you see in one image in one region of a particular cloud you will also see in different regions and different clouds
  • Solving second problem – pre-installed images with configuration and applications RS methodology – focus on what can be modular across all clouds (images…as abstracted by MCIs <= introduce as collection of multiple images that will “work” for the application) - enable RS platform to abstract cloud nuances so… - you can focus on the application itself, which is what you’re best equipped to doThink of the cycle as a blueprint for a server…what RightScale calls a ServerTemplate
  • Introduce ServerTemplate (modular, portable, reproducible)Compare and contrast the old way of the world with the RightScale way - focus on use case -> how do you change a configuration in your application (the latest version of your app supports a different web protocol, so you need to open a port on all your app servers…) emphasize workflow and dynamic configuration
  • Review ServerTemplate – what does it contain and what does the server life cycle look like - consider cloud resources as disposable entities. If you need to make a change, bring up a new environment, test, when ready, shift traffic and terminate the old environment. - emphasize the reusability of the servertemplates, how you can facilitate devops with sharing and reuse through the MultiCloudMarketPlace and how you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with what’s already published.
  • Emphasize RightLink; communication methodology between instances and RightScale. - local script execution (not run remote) - outbound connectivity only - communication through a secure and redundant protocol - behavior in one cloud is the same as in other clouds
  • RightLink and what it does (and is capable of) - a tool as part of the platform that facilitates automation and configuration
  • More STs – making the .NET stack work on more than just Amazon; additional STs, consider solution stacks for database reporting, business intelligence solutions, possibly sharepoint, etc.More infrastructure – windows is a unique beast in the cloud and we’re ensuring our infrastructure will handle windows as reliably as linux. Rest assured, our features are at parity and we will ensure our monitoring, and other services are maintained going forward
  • Some of the innovations we’ve conquered in the past year around supporting Windows in the cloud.Volume management – aws only; ability to request in advance the sequence in which volumes are mounted (Very important for making sure your snapshots are restored with the correct volume attachments for your application to know where to retrieve stuff from); VSS based snapshotsNetwork security and isolation – windows firewall, admin passwordMonitoring / alerts – WMI based collectd plugins to monitor some base metrics with the ability to write custom plugins for monitoring any supported register in WindowsFaster boot times – reducing the number of reboots after the sysprep,
  • Nothing but .NET - Launching .NET and SQL Server in the Cloud

    1. 1. 1Nothing but .NETLaunching .NET and SQL Server in the CloudRaphael Simon Shivan BindalSr. Systems Architect Product ManagerWatch the video of this presentation
    2. 2. 2#Challenges of Cloud Infrastructure • Images and their contents • Lack of Standardization • Unclear Software License Management • Do not follow best practices • By design, inconsistent approach to security vulnerabilities • Pre-install required software and applications • Custom configuration in “baked” images • Long development iterations • Lack of Automation • Trust relationships hard-coded • No automated orchestration (How do I set up my application?)Real Cloud Experience. Shared.
    3. 3. 3#Existing Images in Cloud Infrastructure • Images and their contents • Amazon • 2003 Server Base • 2003 Server + IIS and SQL Server Express 2005 • 2003 Server + SQL Server Standard 2005 R2 • 2008 Server Base • 2008 Server + IIS and SQL Server Express 2008 • 2008 Server + SQL Server Standard 2008 • 2008 Server R2 Base • 2008 Server R2 + IIS and SQL Server Express 2005 • 2008 Server R2 + SQL Server Standard 2008 • Rackspace • 2003 Server + SQL Server Standard 2005 R2 • 2008 Server + SQL Server Standard 2008 R2 • 2008 Server R2 + SQL Server Standard 2008 R2Real Cloud Experience. Shared.
    4. 4. 4#RightImages in the Cloud• Images and their contents • RightScale RightImages SQL Server Operating System Base IIS Standard 2003 Server X X X 2008 Server X X X MVP > 2008 Server R2 X X X • RightImages are optimized for performance and security • RightImages all contain: • RightLink • Powershell 2.0 • .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 • Critical Windows Updates • Application Service Packs • Windows Install Media for 2003 RightImages serve as a secure reusable base from which you create automated configuration and orchestration.Real Cloud Experience. Shared.
    5. 5. 5#Avoiding “Baked” Images Modular – Portable – Reproducible Application Applications • Cloud independent App Libraries deployment SQL Server/ASP.NET… Networking Cloud Portability • Standard configurations Storage volumes that work across cloudsRightImages & OSMulti-Cloud Images• Standard image Virtual machine configurationsReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    6. 6. 6#RightScale ServerTemplates vs. Images Virtual Machine Images RightScale ServerTemplates • Big & opaque • Modular & flexible • Complex to reproduce • Reproducible & • Static maintainable • Not cloud-portable • Dynamic & agile • Multi-cloud enabled  Slow workflow  Not cloud-agile  Dev-like workflow  Dynamic configurationReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    7. 7. 7#ServerTemplates: A Closer Look• Starts with a multicloud image • Defines base software• Adds: • Boot, operational and decommission RightScripts and/or recipes for configuration • Alerts definitions for automation• ServerTemplates are versioned • Reproduce exact configuration• ServerTemplates can be published/imported • Sharing / reuseReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    8. 8. 8#How does this all work? RightScale Dashboard & Provisioning & MultiCloud Access & Accounts, resources, API Automation Marketplace Security monitoring, logging Script Resource states & execution, monitoring, l actions ogging Your Clouds Cloud Gateways Cloud resource states & credentials Your Your Networking & Servers Storage Cloud Controller Right Link RightLink runs with Admin privileges on the Server and talks to RightScale through a secure and redundant protocol.Real Cloud Experience. Shared.
    9. 9. 9#RightLink: Deep Dive • Functions • Receive commands from RightScale • Runs specific scripts on the local instance • Identify local instance using tags • Query instance using tags • Query RightScale (internal API) • Locate related servers • Open-Source Agent • Installer provided to RightLink-enable your Images • Secure • Signed & encrypted AMQP transport • Deployment ScopeReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    10. 10. 10#Where are we? • Tangible ServerTemplates • MS IIS ServerTemplate (Multi-Cloud) • MS SQL Server HA ServerTemplate • MS Active Directory ServerTemplate • Automated Configuration • RightLink 5.7 We’ve come a long way, but there is a lot more to do! • Next up: • More ServerTemplates across multiple clouds • More Infrastructure to support Windows in the cloudReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    11. 11. 11#Automated Configuration - RightScale • Reliable Volume Management • Guarantee that a volume attaches as predefined drive letter every time. • Advanced Snapshot capability using Microsoft Volume Shadow Services • Reliable and fast backup mechanism with restore capabilities • Best Practice configuration for network security and isolation • Pre-configured Monitoring and Alerts (cpu, memory, disk) • Create custom monitors as well • Faster boot times with performance enhancements • Limited number of reboots when launching a serverReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    12. 12. 12#Demo – Scalable .NET AppReal Cloud Experience. Shared.
    13. 13. 13#Questions? Thank you! Raphael Simon Shivan Bindal Sr. Systems Architect Product ManagerReal Cloud Experience. Shared.