RightScale Webinar: Operationalize Your Enterprise AWS Usage Through an IT Vending Machine


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We’ve all seen the trend everywhere around us: customers want self-service. It offers them the agility they need and gives businesses the ability to scale and lower their costs. With cloud deployments, enterprises can experience similar benefits through the use of a self-service portal where internal customers can provision their own resources while Central IT maintains control and visibility. This saves both time and money.

In this webinar, learn how to empower your internal customers to provision the necessary cloud resources when they need them but also ensure that what get receive is well within IT approved guidelines. Beyond simple convenience, this methodology permits you to operationalize your AWS cloud usage to easily roll cloud into an overall IT strategy.

Architects from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and RightScale, an Advanced Technology Partner, will provide an overview of the key business and technical considerations for operationalizing your AWS cloud usage. In the second half of the webinar, our technical experts will answer your questions. Priority will be given to pre-submitted questions.

To help illustrate the effectiveness of this approach, our architects will walk you through real-world examples and the overall impact on their organizations.

Key Topics:

1. Create an IT Vending machine with consistent and reproducible processes.
2. Enable your end users while maintaining visibility and control.
3. Use cost planning and forecasting to fine-tune and understand cloud spend.
4. Discover reporting and auditing tools to ensure compliance.
5. Avoid downtime through proven HA/DR architectures.

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RightScale Webinar: Operationalize Your Enterprise AWS Usage Through an IT Vending Machine

  1. 1. Ask  the  Architect   Opera.onalize  your  Enterprise  AWS  Usage  through  an  IT   Vending  Machine     Brian  Adler,  Sr.  Services  Architect,  RightScale   Kyle  Lichtenberg,  Solu.ons  Architect,  AWS   Ryan  Geyer,  Cloud  Solu.ons  Engineer,  RightScale  
  2. 2. Introduc.ons     Q&A     •  Michael  Curry,  Account  Execu.ve,  RightScale   •  Bryan  Cox,  Sales  Development  Representa.ve     Please  use  the  “Ques,ons”  window  to  ask  ques,ons  any  ,me!   Brian  Adler   Senior  Services  Architect   RightScale   Kyle  Lichtenberg   Solu.ons  Architect   AWS   Ryan  Geyer   Cloud  Solu.ons  Engineer   RightScale  
  3. 3. Agenda   •  Opportuni.es  in  the  Enterprise   •  The  Cloud  Challenge   •  Opera.onalizing  your  AWS  Usage   •  Real  World  Examples   •  Demo   •  Q&A  
  4. 4. Opportuni.es  in  the  Enterprise  
  5. 5. Why  do  Enterprises  Choose  AWS?  
  6. 6. 1.  Pay  For  Infrastructure  as  you  Need  it,  Not  Up  Front   On-Premises $0 to get started Pay as you go
  7. 7. 2. Lower  Total  Cost  of  IT   Scale allows us to constantly reduce our costs We are comfortable running a high volume, low margin business We pass the savings along to our customers in the form of low prices
  8. 8. 3.  You  Don’t  Need  to  Guess  Capacity   Self Hosting Waste Customer Dissatisfaction Actual demand Predicted Demand Rigid Elastic Actual demand AWS
  9. 9. 4.  Increase  Innova.on:  Experiment  Fast  with  Low  Cost  and  Low  Risk   On-Premises Experiment Infrequently Failure is expensive Less Innovation Experiment Often Fail quickly at a low cost More Innovation $ Millions Nearly $0
  10. 10. 5. Get  Rid  of  Undifferen.ated  Heavy  Liing   Data Centers Power Cooling Cabling Networking Racks Servers Storage Labor Buy and install new hardware Setup and configure new software build or upgrade data centers We take care of it… So you don’t have to …
  11. 11. 6.  Go  Global  in  Minutes  
  12. 12. The  Benefits  Of  Cloud  Are  Only  Possible  IN  THE  CLOUD   Pay as you Go Lower Overall Costs Stop Guessing Capacity Agility / Speed / Innovation Avoid Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting Go Global in Minutes ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ “Private” Cloud X X X X X X
  13. 13. 4X More Reliable & 1/4 the Cost of On-Premises Infrastructure In early 2012, AWS commissioned IDC to interview 11 organizations that deployed applications on AWS.
  14. 14. Architected for Enterprise Security Requirements “The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud [Amazon VPC] was a unique option that offered an additional level of security and an ability to integrate with other aspects of our infrastructure.” Dr. Michael Miller, Head of HPC for R&D
  15. 15. What are Customers Using the AWS Cloud For?
  16. 16. Lionsgate uses AWS To host SharePoint & SAP Amazon VPC Avoided data center build out Saved $1M over 3 years 50% lower cost than hosting options
  17. 17. Samsung Improved their Product Experience with AWS Saved $34 Million 85% savings versus traditional hosting
  18. 18. The  Cloud  Challenge  
  19. 19. U@lity   Compu@ng   What  IT  Management   Sees     Chargeback/Billing   Runbook/Process  Automa@on   Applica@on  Lifecycle  Management   Workload  Management   Configura@on  Management   Applica@on  Streaming   Automa@on   OS  Provisioning   Virtualiza@on   GRID/HPC/clusters   What  End  Users  See  
  20. 20. Cloud  Challenges  You  Face   •  Visibility   •  Standardiza.on   •  Self-­‐Service    
  21. 21. Visibility   •  Cloud  agility   –  For  every  cloud  project  you  know  about,  there  may  be  3-­‐5   others  you  don’t  know  about  (Forrester)   •  Not  rebellion,  but  revenue  &  produc.vity   –  Security  and  compliance   –  Billing  and  chargeback   Business   Unit  2   Business   Unit  1   Marke.ng  Site   QA   Stage   Prod  Dev   SaaS   Analy.cs  Marke.ng  Site   Chicago  San  Diego  Tokyo   Region  n  Region  1  Region  z   Enterprise   Business   Unit  C   Business   Unit  B   Business  Unit   A   Retail  plaeorm   w/  PII  and  PCI  
  22. 22. Standardiza.on   •  Cloud  builds  are  everywhere   –  Machine  image  &  workload  sprawl   –  Configura.on  language  smorgasbord   –  Almost  limitless  cloud  deployment  op.ons   •  How  can  IT  support  this?   By  2016,  more  than  70%  of  large  enterprises  will  choose  a  heterogeneous  IT  opera.ons   management  vendor  (rather  than  an  infrastructure  vendor)  for  their  cloud  management   plaeorm  to  unify  cloud  investments  through  a  single  manager-­‐of-­‐managers  style  of   management  and  control.     Donna  Scoh,  Gartner  
  23. 23. Opera.onalizing  your  AWS  Usage  
  24. 24. Self-­‐Service   •  IT  can  be  the  hero,  agility  with  control   •  Provide  standardized  builds  with  opera.onal   excellence   •  Legacy  management  approaches  are  not  designed  for   cloud  
  25. 25. Cloud  Management  Requirements   Simplified   provisioning     Access  controls  &   chargeback   No Wait IT Public,  private  &   hybrid     Heterogeneous  stacks   Scalable  and   automated      Highly  available   Workload Liberation IT  at  Scale  
  26. 26. Real  World  Examples  
  27. 27. IM Demo Cloud From Presentation to Evaluation in Minutes §  IBMer initiates the project –  Nothing for the customer to provide –  Nothing to slow the engagement §  Create BigInsights Enterprise sandbox for enablement engagement in minutes –  No need for customers to get hardware –  No need to install/patch OS, BigInsights software –  No need to write Hadoop jobs –  No need to find data sets §  Also great for beta, product introductions, technology previews, etc. §  Built on RightScale Platform!
  28. 28. No  Wait  IT  at  Quest   Requirements:     •  Compliance and BAA •  Self Service, API driven •  Hybrid Cloud Solution: •  Built self-service HashBang UI on RightScale •  Use multiple clouds to power Quest apps
  29. 29. No  Wait  IT  at  Lilly   Solu.on:     •  IT Vending Machine •  Reduce provisioning time from 36,000 to 30 minutes •  Measure costs in cents per hour for compute and storage Requirements:     •  Self-service access •  Deploy on selected IT resource pools based on job and group •  Share best practices •  Consumption metering
  30. 30. IT  Vending  Machine  Demo  
  31. 31. Upcoming  “Ask  the  Architect”  Events   Connect  Your  On-­‐Premises     Infrastructure  to  AWS     Depth  of  content   Webinar   Digging Deep with Hybrid IT AWS  re:Invent   In  Person   Online    Recording   NYC                                            10/1   Connecting your Datacenter to AWS Designing and Implementing a Hybrid IT Strategy and Solution @  AWS  re:Invent   Las  Vegas,  NV     11/12  
  32. 32. Ques.ons?  
  33. 33. Q&A   •  I  have  setup  a  Microso  windows  based    AMI  with  my  soware   environment  and  have  EBS  drives  containing  image    I  would  like  to   automate  the  process  of  launching  my  AMI  instance,  ahaching  EBS  drives,   star.ng  my  soware  (runs  for  several  hours)  and  then  automa.cally   download  the  results  and  kill  the  EC2  instance.  I  could  develop  this   automa.on  program  in  C++/C#  or  python.  This  will  provide  the  basis  of  a   service  I  can  provide  to  remote  customers.  Which  is  the  best  language  and   library  to  use,  where  I  can  get  example  code  and  help  troubleshoo.ng?  
  34. 34. Q&A   •  I  am  interested  in  implemen.ng  VPC.  What  are  the  Best  prac.ces  and   things  to  avoid?  
  35. 35. Q&A   •  Examples  and/or  best  prac.ces  of  self-­‐service  deploy  of  mul.ple  services   at  a  given  revision  for  applica.on  development  /  tes.ng  purposes.    For   example,  I'm  making  a  change  to  service  A  &  B  and  want  to  regression  test   service  C  along  with  it,  and  have  a  separate,  transient  set  of  servers  for   those  services  just  long  enough  to  complete  my  development  and  tes.ng  
  36. 36. Q&A   •  We  have  an  interest  in  empowering  external  customers,  too,  perhaps   through  their  own  account  portal.  Are  their  examples  that  show  how  such   arrangements  can  be  mone.zed?  
  37. 37. Q&A   •  My  current  hot  buhon  is  data  center  extension  for  dev/test  with  no  public   facing  elements.  What  are  the  security/cost  tradeoffs  between  the  various   connec.vity  op.ons?  
  38. 38. Q&A   •  When  will  we  be  able  to  copy  custom  AMI's  from  region  to  region?  
  39. 39. Q&A   •  Given  the  underlying  storage  system,  does  pupng  database  data  and  log   files  on  separate  EBS  volumes  have  any  value?  That  is,  can  one  s.ll  fail  and   the  other  not?