Progress Uses RightScale - RightScale Compute 2013


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Speaker: Roy Ellis, Principal QA Engineer, Progress Software

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • How many software only companies that you know have been around for over 30 years?Progress started in a old dentist office in Nashua, New Hampshire. Back then, every office had a sink and running hot and cold water!We are now headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.We have over 1600 employees in many countries around the world.
  • Progress started out with a relational database and a 4GL language to access that database.The database, quoted as “the best database on the 3rd planet from the sun” is remarkably stable, resilient and extremely low maintenance.The language is easy to understand and write and data access is very quickWe don’t write applications, we have partners that write applications. Our job, is to make our partners successful!
  • Again, our job is to make our partners successful.SaaS is “Software as a Service”. Instead of buying software you lease it. SaaS licensing is growing on average at 20% year over year.So how did SaaS get introduced get to partners – over 10 years, 7 years put together a process found our AP’s didn’t understand how to host SaaS
  • To help our partners move to SaaS the Cloud seems the fastest way. But how can they get started without a 2 to 3 week commitment to cloud?Arcade is our answer
  • This is a buildFull screen no highlighted sectionHere is the first page a customer would go to in the Stage&Test – PROGRESS DEPLOYMENTS 2) Fly-in highlight of AppServer w/Replication – Windows/LinuxAt the bottom are deployment templates that can be seen by everyone and users would select and make their own copy of the deployment3) Fly-in highlight of “roy” deployment is MY DEPLOYMENTSHere a deployment would only be seen by the user that createdTo start they would select the deployment and hit START4) Fly-in highlight in MY INSTANCESThis is the running deploymentTo get to the machine – select “Connect”
  • We expect our Cloud deployments for our customers to use “Best Practices”. That includes a web server machine in a DMZ and AppServer/DB behind 2 layers of protectionAlso, we don’t want our customers having to figure all of this out, we want it to just work “behind the scenes”So our web server machine needs to know where our AppServer machine is and how to contact it after it startsRightScale tags solve this problem…
  • Progress Uses RightScale - RightScale Compute 2013

    1. 1. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereProgress Uses RightScaleRoy Ellis, Principal Software
    2. 2. #2#2#RightscaleComputeMy Favorite Agenda• Who?• What ?• Why?• How?
    3. 3. #3#3#RightscaleComputeWho is Progress Software?• Software only company• Started in 1981• Over 1,600 Employees• HQ - Bedford MA• International company• India• Brazil• Japan• United Kingdom• Asia• Netherlands• Australia
    4. 4. #4#4#RightscaleComputeWhat does Progress do?• Database and Application Development tools• Over 2,000 Application Partners supporting over 4,000applications• Products purchased by > 140,000 enterprises in 175+countries• More than 4 million people are using applications built onProgress• 88% of Fortune 100 companies use Progress products• Over a 1,000 people each day become new Progress users• Probably the most-used, least-known software in the world!
    5. 5. #5#5#RightscaleComputeWhy the Cloud?• SaaS is the fastest growing market for software• Progress wants to help its Application Partners to branch outfrom on-premise application licenses to SaaS licensing• The Cloud is the easiest way to move to SaaS• But Progress Application Partners don’t necessarily haveexperience supporting production applications or the Cloud
    6. 6. #6#6#RightscaleComputeHow to help Application Partners to SaaS• Progress | Arcade• Big simple “Fisher Price”buttons• Defined “Doors” ofactivity• Progress OpenEdge pre-installed• Pre-defined BestPractice ApplicationArchitectures
    7. 7. #7#7#RightscaleCompute
    8. 8. #8#8#RightscaleComputeMaking Arcade Possible with RightScale• RightScale “Tags”• Tags to filter owners and “doors”• Tags to share IP addresses among deployment instancesIP Addresses
    9. 9. #9#9#RightscaleComputeSharing IP Addresses with RightScale TagsIP Addressesrs_tag --add nameserver:private_ip=…while ( )rs_tag --query "nameserver:private_ip”…# modify ubroker.propertiessed –i –e“s/hostName=$configured_nameserver/hostName=$actual_nameserver# restart tomcat server