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Presentation that Ali gave at Edinburgh Business School.

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PlanForCloud - Ali Khajeh-Hosseini

  1. 1. Ali Khajeh-Hosseini@AliKhajeh, @PlanForCloud March 2013, University of Edinburgh
  2. 2. Why am I here?Describe our journey… from research to startup
  3. 3. Jan 2009: Started PhD in St Andrews May 2010: PlanForCloud v.1 ready Feb 2011: Interned in California for 7 months Dec 2011: Hassan quit his job and joined Feb 2012: Launched PlanForCloud v.2 May 2012: Mountain View for YC interview
  4. 4. Why?1. Perfect fit between products2. Scotland is a great talent pool
  5. 5. PlanForCloud helps users make decisions RightScale helps users do it
  6. 6. 1 st year: $450M of cloud-spend forecast
  7. 7. What the heck is… a cloud?
  8. 8. Server
  9. 9. Rack
  10. 10. Container
  11. 11. 2500 ServersElectricity, Water, Internet
  12. 12. a cloud
  13. 13. Around 60 Staff 30 Megawatts = Perth (Scotland)! 140 Containers 38,500 m2 = 4 ftbl pitches 360,000 Servers 500,000,000 Dollarsh"p://­‐02DublinDataCentre.mspx    
  14. 14. Why cloud?Cloud computing has many benefits- Elasticity- Pay-per-use pricing...
  15. 15. Animoto’s crazy scale-out Scale-out from 50 to 4,000 servers in 3 days h"p://­‐facebook-­‐scale-­‐up/  
  16. 16. Zynga’s Z-CloudLaunch new games on public cloudsMove to private cloud when usage patterns are understood h"p://­‐grows-­‐to-­‐1-­‐social-­‐gaming-­‐site-­‐with-­‐rightscale.php   h"p://­‐evoluJon-­‐of-­‐zcloud/  
  17. 17. There are many providers and pricing modelsWe have over 10,000 prices
  18. 18. Example: a MySQL DatabaseAWS Relation Database Service (RDS)- Up-front reservation fee (optional)- CPU: $X/hour (based on instance type and cloud)- Storage: $X/GB/month- Transactions: $X/Millions of I/O ops- Provisioned IOPS: $X/IOPS/month (has other limitations)- Redundancy: double the CPU hourly rate- Data transfer: $X/GB (tiered across cloud)
  19. 19. There are different purchase options- On-Demand: fixed rate- Reserved: pay upfront, lower rate- Spot: Bid how much you would pay- Discounts and consolidated bills
  20. 20. AWS Reserved Instances up-front procurement to pay-per-use You have to specify: term (1/3 yr), utilization, availability zone, instance type and OS when buying a RIImage  taken  from  h"p://­‐instance-­‐opJons-­‐for-­‐amazon-­‐ec2.html  
  21. 21. AWS Reserved Instances Marketplace Buy and sell reservations
  22. 22. AWS Spot Prices Bid for an instance, it’ll get switched on if bid >= spot price. You pay spot price, AWS sets it.h"p://­‐slides-­‐postmortem.pdf  
  23. 23. Prices change(feels like there’s a price war between providers)
  24. 24. What the heck?I just wanted a simple database PlanForCloud simplifies this
  25. 25. How much would it cost to deploy my systems on Cloud X?Would it be cheaper if I use deployment option X or Y?What happens to my costs if:-  my system grows?-  cloud provider changes prices?
  26. 26. IT managers Software Engs Consultants AccountantsUsers
  27. 27. How much would Pinterest or TripAdvisor cost to host on the cloud?  h"p://­‐analysis-­‐tripadvisor-­‐and-­‐pinterest-­‐costs-­‐on-­‐the-­‐aws-­‐clo.html    
  28. 28. How much would it cost to deploy System X on Cloud Y? e.g. TripAdvisor’s 700K requests/min system on the AWS US-East cloud
  29. 29. $1.7M/year
  30. 30. Would it be cheaper to use deployment option X or Y?e.g. reserved instances, different types of instances, different cloud providers…
  31. 31. $0.9M/year(using reserved instances) 1st month: $450K After: $38K/month
  32. 32. What happens to costs if system grows? e.g. start with 410TB of S3 storage, then grow by 25% every month
  33. 33. Currently: $39K/month1yr from now: $470K/month
  34. 34. It’s starting to get interesting1. Many clouds worldwide2. Many pricing models3. Markets for computing4. RightScale helps move between clouds Cost optimisation
  35. 35. 1st office: homeThen we movedto the TechCube
  36. 36. RightScale
  37. 37.  2012
  38. 38.  We’re hiring!