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Delivering Marketing Campaigns in Record Time - RightScale Compute 2013


Published on

Speaker: Kim Weins - VP of Marketing, RightScale …

Speaker: Kim Weins - VP of Marketing, RightScale

Fast-to-market, repeatable, lightweight websites and microsites are the lifeblood of media and advertising in the cloud. Find out how marketing departments and firms such as advertising, consumer products, and media use RightScale to deliver campaigns.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Together RightScale and Windows Azure remove the barriers confronting DevOps.RightScale enables dev/test engineers to self-provision entire software stacks, on-demand, by adding automation on top of Azure VM’sWhile IT retains complete control over the configurations that are deployed on Azure, who may access Azure resources, and granular monitoring, alerting and reporting on all activities in the Azure cloud. All of this occurs through the same single pane of glass.RightScale bridges this communications gap by providing a single INPUT form for these diverse technologists to define the specific config inputs required by the developer.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Cloud ManagementCloud ManagementMarketing at ScaleSocial Mobile Apps Sites Games Campaigns
    • 2. #2Cloud Management#2Cloud Management“CMO spending will pass CIO spendingon technology within five years.”Gartner
    • 3. #3Cloud Management#3Cloud ManagementFlops are Bad!
    • 4. #4Cloud Management#4Cloud ManagementYou Want Success…
    • 5. #5Cloud Management#5Cloud ManagementAvoid Success Disaster
    • 6. #6Cloud Management#6Cloud ManagementCloud & RightScale: A Natural FitScalableFast-to-marketResponsiveCost effectiveReliableCloudMarketing Needs:ElasticInstant-onHigh performanceGlobalRedundantPay-per-use
    • 7. #7Cloud Management#7Cloud ManagementThe Technology Behind Great IdeasPre-builtTechnology StacksQuickProvisioningAuto-ScalingCost Tracking &ReportingMonitoringResilientApplicationsRightScale ConsultingAny Cloud
    • 8. #8Cloud Management#8Cloud ManagementDigital CampaignsMars: Candy GiveawayNationwide Media CampaignConde Nast / Self MagazineFacebook GameDisney / Tron LegacyAll Promo and InteractiveTwilightAll Promo and InteractiveMattel / American GirlAll Promo, Interactive, eCommerce
    • 9. Cloud ManagementTime-Limited Campaigns
    • 10. #10Cloud Management#10Cloud ManagementGaga Scales on RightScaleLittleMonsters.comPrivate Social NetworkHBO / Monster Ball TourDigital Facebook CampaignCoty: Fame LaunchDigital Facebook Campaign
    • 11. #11Cloud Management#11Cloud ManagementCoty and Lady Gaga FragranceSituation:• Facebook app for Lady Gaga• Standard hosting provider couldn’thandle the volumeRightScale Solution:• Up and running with RightScale usingAWS in 14 days• Smoothly scaled to meet load• Coty looking at other projects
    • 12. #12Cloud Management#12Cloud ManagementReal-time Feedback with MarsSituation:• Chocolate giveaway• Took corporate infrastructure downand could only handle 1/10th of trafficRightScale Solution:• Up and running with RightScale usingAWS in 7 Days• Smoothly scaled to meet load• Marketing team could see real timetraffic changes when radio and TV adswere running
    • 13. Cloud ManagementOngoing Projects
    • 14. #14Cloud Management#14Cloud ManagementSpeed-to-Market at American GirlSituation:• New virtual world for doll owners• Bad performance in data center• Holiday catalog drop promoting virtualworld was imminentRightScale Solution:• Up and running with RightScale usingAWS in 14 Days• Scaled to meet performance• Stable system• Reduced costs
    • 15. #15Cloud Management#15Cloud ManagementAuto-Scaling at InterContinental HotelsSituation:• Chinese reservation site• Geographic reach• Spikes in usage for seasonaldemandRightScale Solution:• Rapid elasticity using auto-scaling• Consistent configurations fordevelopment, test, andproduction
    • 16. #16Cloud Management#16Cloud ManagementRapid Provisioning at Sony MusicSituation:• Individual artist sites/stores• Need to provision new artists quickly• Varying visits/usage for each site• Need for PCI complianceRightScale Solution:• Standardized ServerTemplateblueprints for artist sites• Fast provisioning of new artists• Individually scalable sites• PCI compliance
    • 17. Cloud ManagementHow RightScale Helps
    • 18. #18Cloud Management#18Cloud ManagementWhy Cloud? Why RightScale?• Consumer experience• Better design – spend time on revising design, not hardware• Better performance – responsive to use• Reliability – campaign/site doesn’t go down• Speed to market• Meet deadlines• Spend less time on infrastructure, more time for design• Better cost model• Reduces up-front/fixed costs• Cost forecasting & tracking• Flexibility• Allow more revisions• Allow faster revisions• Reusability• Projects can be reused• Architectures can be re-purposed
    • 19. #19Cloud Management#19Cloud ManagementInstant Provisioning• Push Button Access: “Cloud in a Click”• Developers able to self provision
    • 20. #20Cloud Management#20Cloud ManagementAuto-Scale Up and Down• Any monitoring metrics• % CPU• Response time• Or others• Each machine votes• Set a voting and % that wins• Not just an average• So if one machine is torqued or LB is missing one machine or it’s stuck orapp server crashes• Same picture for scale down• Min and max• Time schedule for min and max
    • 21. #21Cloud Management#21Cloud ManagementScale Up AND Down• Scheduled changes vsmetrics based• Don’t over-react• Avoid bouncebackMin/MaxDecisionthresholdCalmingtime
    • 22. #22Cloud Management#22Cloud ManagementForecast Cloud SpendDesign yourenvironment andhow it scalesGenerate acomprehensivecost reportCompare providersand growth patternsand save them
    • 23. #23Cloud Management#23Cloud ManagementCosts over Time
    • 24. #24Cloud Management#24Cloud ManagementReuse Reference Architectures• Plan Ahead• Deploy quickly• Save it for later• Use it again
    • 25. #25Cloud Management#25Cloud ManagementExpertise:White Glove Campaign Launch ServicesPlan Develop LaunchKickoff meetingProject planArchitecture reviewDefine successcriteriaCloud selectionMonitorSelect & ConfigureServerTemplatesSetup Dev/ProductionSetup Suto-scalingOptional: Custom STsOptional: HA/DRLaunch PlanProactive supportDirect-to-human callsOn-call for alertsOptional: Pre-launchload testDaily monitoring for14 daysTuningSuccess Reporting
    • 26. Cloud ManagementCloud ManagementThank YouKim