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Chef Configuration Management With RightScale - RightScale Compute 2013


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Speakers: …

Raphael Simon, Sr. Systems Architect, RightScale
Ryan O’Leary, Product Manager, RightScale

Led by our in-house top chefs, this breakout delves into how Chef configuration management integrates with RightScale and tactics for getting started.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • First job out of college at Eiffel Software – worked there for 9 years, very elegant OO programming language (OO was all the rage 16 years ago)All about elegant software, clean designContrast with server configuration, mix of bash scripts, awk, perl… It just has to workThere had to be a better way
  • Now that you understand the value that RS can provide with Chef, and the value that Chef provides as a configuration management technology, I’ll hand it off to Raphael to tell you, whether you’re a current RightScale customer thinking about Chef, or a current Chef customer investigating RightScale, how you can leverage these two technologies together and what’s coming in the future.
  • Transcript

    • 1. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereChef Configuration Managementwith RightScaleRaphael Simon, Sr. Systems Architect, RightScaleRyan O’Leary, Product Manager, RightScale
    • 2. #2#2#RightscaleComputeElegant Software
    • 3. #3#3#RightscaleComputeChef @ RightScale History• First integration ~ 3 years ago• Chef only ServerTemplates 12H1 ~ 1 year ago• Private and OS Chef support through Chef ServerTemplate ~ next week• Going forward: tighter integration
    • 4. #4#4#RightscaleComputeRightScale ServerTemplate Teamo 16 ServerTemplates• Application servers, database managers, load balancers, all-in-oneso ~75 RightScripts• Thousands of line of bash code• OS conditionals and cloud conditionals throughout• Idempotency checking was laboriouso More Clouds, More OSs = Maintenance Nightmare!
    • 5. #5#5#RightscaleComputeRightScale: Why Chef?o Idempotency• Files, packages, resources, etc – all built-in• Easy to make your code idempotent (only_if, not_if)o System resource abstractions and utilities• No need for platform-specific checks or actions• Resource notificationso Built-in parsing and availability of system configuration infoo Strong open source community• Many cookbooks are already available• Help available when you need it
    • 6. #6#6#RightscaleComputeImpact of Chef at RightScaleo RightScript-based ServerTemplate releases• ~6 month release cycle• 16 ServerTemplates• ~50 total automated testso Chef-based ServerTemplate releases• ~2 month release cycle• 23 ServerTemplates• ~2500 total automated tests5X increase in bandwidth
    • 7. #7#7#RightscaleComputeRunning Chef in RightScaleo Single pane of glass for application management throughoutits lifecycleo All of the other cloud management utilities that you need, built-in
    • 8. #8#8#RightscaleComputeCloud Application Automationo Monitor system resources across your deploymento Configure alerts for notifications or to trigger actionso Auto-scaling on any cloudo Integrate with your systems using a single APIo Orchestrate across your servers/deployments using CloudFlow
    • 9. #9#9#RightscaleComputeDeployment Organizationo Organize your servers and services into Deployments for bettervisibility and automationo Configure Deployment-levelsettings, permissions, monitoring, and alerts
    • 10. #10#10#RightscaleComputeUser and Permissions Managemento Create user accounts with role-based permissions• SSO availableo Managed SSH available on all instanceso Coming soon: IAM and granular permissions
    • 11. #11#11#RightscaleComputeCost Forecasting and Detailed Reportingo Forecast costs based on historical data and estimated futurecloud service usageo Run detailed, regular reports for auditing and chargebackpurposes• Export reports into your accounting systems• Report per cloud, per service• Custom resource tagging and reporting
    • 12. #12#12#RightscaleComputeRightScale + Chef or Chef + RightScale ?o For RightScale users: RightScale Chef Built-in configuration engine Benefit from the Chef DSL Going forward: Make cookbooks first class abstraction in RightScaleo For Chef users: Chef integration Chef client ServerTemplate: easy on-ramp to RightScale Take advantage of governance, monitoring and some automation Going forward: RightScale connector to Chef
    • 13. #13#RightscaleComputeChef for RightScale UsersRightScale Chef
    • 14. #14#14#RightscaleComputeRightScale Chef, Design – RepoPathso Define your Chef cookbook repositorieso Create RepoPaths to group and order them
    • 15. #15#15#RightscaleComputeRightScale Chef, Design – ServerTemplateso Attach RepoPaths toServerTemplateso Define bootsequence, operational recipesand decommission sequenceusing recipes from cookbooks inthe RepoPatho Publish / import RightScale Chefbased ServerTemplates
    • 16. #16#16#RightscaleComputeRightScale Chef, Runtimeo RightScale uploads and replicates cookbooks to reposeo RightLink downloads cookbooks to instanceo RightLink configures and runs Chef:1. Merge RightScale inputs into Chef node2. Add RightLink resources (tag, server collection, remote execution)GitSVNURLreposeInstanceScraperRightLink
    • 17. #17#17#RightscaleComputeRightScale Chef, Future
    • 18. #18#18#RightscaleComputeRightScale Chef, Futureo No RepoPath: Attach cookbooks directly to ServerTemplates insteado Marketplace: Publish cookbooks to the MultiCloud Marketplaceo Runlists: Attach runlists (Chef roles) to ServerTemplateso Knife: Upload and download cookbooks from RightScale using knifeo Cookbooks: View cookbook contents (including recipes) in RightScale
    • 19. #19#19#RightscaleComputeRightScale Chef, SummaryComplete Integration with RightScaleo Design: leverage inputs, ServerTemplates, MultiCloud Marketplaceo Manage: automate, take advantage of tags, server collections andremote execution of scriptso Benefit: same technology used internally to build our ServerTemplates“RightScale and Chef are better together”
    • 20. #20#RightscaleComputeRightScale for Chef UsersHosted and Open Source Chef in RightScale
    • 21. #21#21#RightscaleComputeChef Client ServerTemplateo Available in the MultiCloud Marketplace next weeko Connect to existing Chef infrastructureo Customize ServerTemplate to enable automationo Use the RightScale knife plugin just released by Cary! CookbooksRole ...1. Chef Server config3. Monitoring dataHosted Chef / ChefServerInstanceRightScale(Chef Client ServerTemplate)
    • 22. #22#22#RightscaleComputeFuture: Chef Server Connectoro Connect RightScale to existing Chef infrastructure Import cookbooks to RightScale Design ServerTemplate in RightScale Configure instance using existing Chef infrastructureo Full Integration (leverage inputs, automation, etc.)3. CookbooksRole ...2. Chef Server config4. Audit entriesMonitoring dataHosted Chef / ChefServerInstanceRightScale1. Cookbooks, roles, attributes …
    • 23. #23#23#RightscaleComputeHosted Chef and Chef Server Integration, Summaryo Available now (next week) using the Chef Client ServerTemplateo Deeper integration in the workso Take advantage of the RightScale platform without changing anything toyour existing configuration development process
    • 24. #24#RightscaleComputeSummaryMake RightScale Yours
    • 25. #25#25#RightscaleComputeSummary, Your Choice• If you don’t need or don’t want to run Chef, use RightScale’s nativeconfiguration engine. Use RightScripts and/or RightScale Chef.• If you are already running Chef and want to take advantage ofRightScale’s automation, governance or reporting capabilities use theChef integration (Client ServerTemplate today, Chef connector in thefuture)“RightScale and Chef are better together”
    • 26. april25-26sanfranciscocloud success starts hereQuestions?