2012 RightScale Road Trip - San Jose


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  • The shift is having a profound impact on all companies but many are left confused on where to start. New mindsets and methodologies must be adopted.
  • All over the mapDifferent perspectives, phases, goals and objectivesContext-specific … really about what matters to them … sign of breadth of what we do and horizontal play we’re after … accept and be ready to deliverFUD is a realityLots of expirementation
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  • Disparate Resources - Manage and monitor your AWS resources in the context of the applications they support by organizing groups of resources into a system, known as a RightScale Deployment, that works in concert to support an application service.Pre-built cloud architectures - save time by leveraging a catalog of pre-built architectures that are tested and proven (?) Cross-dependencies - Easily visualize what is actually being run in AWS, what Deployment it belongs to, and what cross-dependencies it has with other systems and services.Multiple Accounts and Users - Logically organize multiple AWS accounts and users around the divisions, departments, teams and systems they're responsible for.AMI sprawl - RightScale ServerTemplates are reusable "blueprints" that dynamically configure base AMIs that are published and maintained by RightScale, thus eliminating machine image maintenance and sprawl.
  • Lifecycle Management - Development & Test - Developers want to develop in an environment that looks like production.  Reusable Deployments allow you to have your developers use the identical environment in AWS you use in production, even on different (potentially cheaper) AWS instances. Lifecycle Management - Operations - No more pager duty!  Constantly monitor your AWS infrastructure and leverage fully configurable operations remediation for level 1 support. Governance and Auditing - Grant user access to multiple AWS accounts from a single pane of glass or SSO. Audit logs for human and environment triggered actions and events help ensure accountability.Security & Compliance - Enforce consistent builds on AWS and ensure that every instance is reporting to your security information and event management system.Optimize Costs - Understand what you're spending on AWS right now based on how you need to see it--business unit, project, application, user, lifecycle, etc.  Run detailed 3-year forecasts to better budget and plan.Reporting - Granular AWS cost detail available for export to existing accounting and ITSM systems, on-demand or scheduled.
  • More Applications - Each application's requirements will differ.  RightScale's open framework and expertise aids in the choice of the best fit solution amongst AWS service offerings like SQS, RDS, and ELB and flexible alternatives from 3rd party ISV providers configured to work on AWS. Surviving Turnover - ServerTemplates are self-documenting with modular components enabling you to easily share and ensure best practices as the number of users access AWS within your organization changes.Manage Workloads in Multiple Regions and Private Clouds - Whatever you're running on AWS should be easily reproducible and extend to other AWS Regions and private clouds.  RightScale enables you to manage portable workloads, configuration and governance across AWS regions and private clouds.Outage-proof - RightScale's global distributed system and automation tools provide you with architectural options to achieve higher uptime in AWS.  We know how to architect for these scenarios and have built the largest and most resilient cloud deployments in AWS.  
  • No Wait ITRightScale enables ITaaS through pre-built stacks and platforms that meet your enterprise policies. Self-service interfaces and APIs let users spin up applications in the cloud in minutes.Workload LiberationRightScale lets you deploy application workloads to the right environment at the right time. Multi-cloud templates help you avoid lock-in and preserve choice, and a common set of management tools gives you a single pane of glass regardless of the cloud you use.Outage-Proof EnvironmentsRightScale is a resilient and secure cloud management solution that stays up even when your cloud doesn’t and helps you architect for resilience and automate DR scenarios.
  • From technical sys admin to the business userIT can maintain control, developers can customize, and operations can automate. Everyone can get the agility of the cloudBusiness is agile, efficient, and innovative.Enabling the basic benefits, that is what this platform is about.RightScale make the power of cloud accessible to everyone with automated solutions that are easy to use.Great technology is invisible.RightScale takes care of the annoying but critical details for operational excellence.
  • 265 Customers and growingEnterprise customer with financial transactions These are the customers who have already reviewed Coupa Cloud and Cloud Operations 14 Billion of spend through the system 500,000+ suppliers on Coupa supplier platform Integrations to all kinds of ERP Lawson, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, JD Edwards etc..
  • Trustworthy - Build a cloud that customers can trust to succeed and sales can trust to sellZero data lossSecureAlways onAwesome Customer Experience - Provide the most frictionless user experience to customers so that they can forget about Coupa and focus on their businessEasy to useFast PerformanceSeamless integrationTrue Cloud - Build a cloud that is truly elastic and resilientFault Tolerant (Designed for failure, Self-healing)Elastic (Auto-balancing, Auto-scaling, Auto-provisioning) Zero physical hardwareMulticloud – Work seamlessly in public and private cloudHigh ROI - Build tools to provide the highest return to Coupa by empowering and making everyone at Coupa hyper-productiveMeasure everythingMinimal infrastructure costsEmpower Team Coupa
  • Cloud spend management company not Operations companyOutsourced infrastructure to AWSOutsourced system administration to RightscaleAutomated everything elseNot a single piece of server hardwareOn Amazon for 3+ years since EC2 was in betaOn Rightscale for 3+yearsYoung, 5 year old company. Went from server in garage to cloud directly. No data center baggage.
  • Servers are hosted on $1,000 commodity hardware not $30,000 high end highly redundant serversRightscale RailsHAProxy, Front-End, App Server, Database Manager templates with instances in multiple AZsReplicate data across zones – across clouds in the future for failoverBackup data across clouds for DR
  • Make application CPU boundShard from the startHybrid multi-tenant instead of monolithic multi-tenantAllows data segregation for data securityAllows auto balancing and auto provisioningRightscale deployment clusters for customer Tiers, Regional data protection legislationRightscale arrays – Schedule for known traffic patterns, triggers for unknown surges
  • Use Open technologies instead of custom vendor technologiesAllows using any cloud to comply with regional data protection directivesCoupa will host on a cloud if Rightscale supports itPaaS should abstract and still provide knobs and levers for lower level tuning e.g. Amazon outage
  • Thanks for introductionMy role is Director of Operations
  • Who is CBS Interactive?The company you all know and loveBrought you CBS Sports & 60 MinutesPieced together through acquisitionsAlso brought to you sites like Zdnet,Gamespot,LastFM,Metacritic,TV.com and over 20 more10 ten global web company 270M world wide uniques (1/3 the size of facebook), as of September 2012 by comScore (for August)http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2012/9/comScore_Media_Metrix_Ranks_Top_50_U.S._Web_Properties_for_August_2012
  • How you currently use the cloud at CBS InteractiveRe-emphasize: Cloud means a lot of different things to different companies; blame marketing – too good of an opportunity to resistTo me, the only one that counts, is the LCD: IaaS (from which all the other Asses are born)It all started….New Year,New CTO, New Vision:Peter YaredA year ago, cloud was in its infancy, now it’s in full effectWe went from 1 site (clicker.com), to 8 major sites running entirely in AWS as of AugustZDNet.com,Gamespot.com,GameFaqs.com,Chow.com,Chowhound.com, TV.com,Metacritic.com.clicker.comWe make use 3rd party services rather than building everything ourselves (we tried!)focus on our core competenciesWe had less than a year to do thisDid not want to wage an ideological warOur policy is No policies as it relates to cloudDecentralized (no single AWS account; Consolidated billing)Autonomous (responsible for their own architecture)Silo’d (no one site can take out any other site)ManagementChoose what/how you do it; we were getting out of the business of micromanagement, not just rebranding it3 major factions / largely cultural divisions how to do opsWe’ll help you if you don’t know which direction to takeDevOps / embed ops person in each BU / teach engineers how to manage their own software My dream: Netflix no-ops
  • Look… there are a lot of reasons. You’ve probably already heard them all. Here’s how I see it:EvolveTectonic shifts in the plates of Operations; cloud is here to stay;Need to keep our infrastructure in pace with major technology shiftsLong track record of success => build up of technical debt Long term goal: private cloudLonger term: bring it back in-house on AWS compatible infrastructureWant to provide a similar set of platform services as AWS: RDS, EC2, ELBBusinessVirtualization is accepted as an efficient way to slice/dice bare metal resources“Cloud” (IaaS) is just the efficient way to manage those virtualization resourcesReducing the human resources required to manage those clouds is what we’re striving to do: cores / adminsSizeWhere cloud computing concepts make the most sense technically and financially is at scale or when you expect rapid short term growthWhen BUs start to horde hardware because they’re not sure if they can get it when they need it, you have a problemWe had no way of knowing what it really cost to run CBSi in a data centerOur new initiative to build out a private cloud in our PHX datacenter with CloudStack (headed up by me)We can never match the breadth / depth of AWSBut we believe we can drive down the costs for single region / multi-az Dev/QA EnvHybrid virtualization EnvEC2 CompatibilityNetScaler integrationAdmins / CoresAdmins specialized in CloudStack/Xen/VMWare/Hardware
  • LegalSerious legal hurdles negotiating with AWS; they don’t budge easily no matter how big you areContractual/MSA:Unique privacy issues for hosting sites in the EU on AWSPoliticalSome engineers were not too keen on the DevOps movementDisruption of status quo always upsets some peopleA new way of doing things that went against grainOn-call/PagerDuty not popularEducationalAWS / Cloud requires new skill sets we did not already haveWe did a lot of training to get devs up to speed with hasnds on courses3 separate training sessions on EC2, each one spanning 2 days (16 hours) covering everything; custom training material; outside consultant1 training session on Chef; custom material covering basic LAMP stack configurationUsed Vmware image with pre-installed tools; IAM for AWS accounts; shared training accountTechnicalSecurity policies needed to be amended to take into account servers outside of our wall gardened environmentSecurity / DDoS protection didn’t have obvious solutionsVPC is a fairly new offering that took some; few people with experienceNot everyone was decided on RightScale, it made things more difficult for them; lack of support when they had problemsFinancial Sticker shockPoor insight into what it actually cost to run things in the datacenter down to the BU/application levelDifficult to model costs with apple to oranges calculationsActual usage costs exceeded back of the napkin calculations But now we know exactly what our costs are and have optimized HEAVILYReserved InstancesThe transformation of "capacity planning"; we have the capacity, but how do we spend wiselyWhat to buy / what not to buyPracticalWe had to overcome everything above in less than 1 yearWe had a hard deadline to decom our datacenter in 365 MainWe had to physically unrack and e-waste thousands of machines2700 items (racks, switches, servers, storage, hw, etc)117 racks down to 20
  • ConclusionIf a company as large as CBSi is able to move in less than a year 8 properties to EC2, it probably means you can too.It requires buy-in from higher ups; for us this started with Peter Yared, our CTOThere will be growing pains by entering unchartered territory; you’ll need to address the challenges we faced relative to your organizationDon’t do it alone; you need to have a few A-players that know the ins and outs of cloud 
  • 2012 RightScale Road Trip - San Jose

    1. 1. RightScale RoadtripSF Bay 2012Josh FraserSVP Sales and Business DevelopmentRightScaleNovember 1st, 2012
    2. 2. 2#Today’s Agenda1:30-2:15 Review the Map: Your Cloud Strategy Options• Josh Fraser, SVP Sales and Business Development, RightScale2:30-3:30 Cloud Chronicles: Real Cloud StoriesBusiness Software Hosted Completely in the Cloud• Amit Utreja, Cloud Operations Architect, CoupaBuilding the Case for the Cloud• Erik Osterman, Director of Operations, CBS Interactive3:30-4:00 Plan Your Route: Best Practices for High Availability• Brian Adler, Sr. Services Architect, RightScale
    3. 3. Review the Map:Your Cloud Strategy Options
    4. 4. A Perfect StormEconomic uncertaintyDo more with lessConsumerization of ITNew models around IT-as-a-Service
    5. 5. 5#Defining “Cloud” An IT delivery model with: Several types of clouds:On demand self service Public = Vendor infrastructure with utility pricingGlobal access via API Private = Single-tenantResource pooling infrastructure driven by an APIRapid elasticity Hybrid = Multi-vendor or public/privateMetered service
    6. 6. 6#
    7. 7. 7#
    8. 8. 8#Is your company incorporating a multi-cloud strategyinto your cloud choices and usage? RightScale Cloud Market Survey, May 2012
    9. 9. 9#Cloud is Not a Silver Bullet Every Company Not Every App
    10. 10. 10#Where are we at?• 1 in 5 Americans admit that they‟ve pretended to know what the cloud is or how it works • Citrix survey, August 2012• “Can I use my AWS Tags in Cloudstack?” • Top AWS, Cloudstack and RightScale customer• “All I know about Chef is that I don‟t know how to use it” • RightScale Customer• “We are looking at using the best of both worlds, combining Azure and Amazon EC2” • RightScale customer• “We are actively working on a project to move infrastructure to a public cloud. Some of this infrastructure will remain on-premise …can you help with the above?” • RightScale prosprect
    11. 11. 11#Transformation is Hard
    12. 12. 12#Navigating Your Strategy Options• How to keep pace with innovation• No one cloud will meet all of your needs• What differentiates you and getting IT to work for you business• The shifting expectations of your customers
    13. 13. 13#Shifting Expectations Increasing • Internal customers expect instant on • Driving use of public cloud outside of IT No Wait IT Agility
    14. 14. 14#No Wait IT Expands Market Opportunities Market Window ✖ Business Opportunity $£¥€ Time to Market
    15. 15. 15#Shifting Expectations Increasing • Internal customers expect instant on • Driving use of public cloud outside of IT No Wait IT Agility Unprecedented • Explosion in apps, data, users • Mobile, social and big data increase scale IT at Scale Scale • IT needs to do more with less
    16. 16. 16#IT at Scale Requires Curating Chaos Data Users Apps More data collected, More users on more More interconnected stored and analyzed devices applications
    17. 17. 17#Shifting Expectations Increasing • Internal customers expect instant on • Driving use of public cloud outside of IT No Wait IT Agility Unprecedented • Explosion in apps, data, users • Mobile, social and big data increase scale IT at Scale Scale • IT needs to do more with less • Shift to cloud shakes up vendor landscape Rapidly Evolving • Heterogeneity is the norm Workload Landscape • Vendor lock-in drives prices SW prices up Liberation
    18. 18. 18#Workload Liberation Preserves Choice Multi-Cloud filters App • Geography App • Cost App App • Performance App • Features • Compliance App • Security • Existing vendors Cloud Management Platform "Hybrid IT is the new IT and it is here to stay.” Internal External Gartner Public Private Private
    19. 19. 19#Where are we headed?• Cloud builds are everywhere – Machine image & workload sprawl – Configuration language smorgasbord – Almost limitless cloud deployment options• How can IT support this? By 2016, more than 70% of large enterprises will choose a heterogeneous IT operations management vendor (rather than an infrastructure vendor) for their cloud management platform to unify cloud investments through a single manager-of-managers style of management and control. Donna Scott, Gartner
    20. 20. 20# UtilityWhat End Users See Computing Chargeback/BillingWhat IT Runbook/Process Automation Application Lifecycle Management Workload ManagementManagement Sees Configuration Management Application Streaming Automation OS Provisioning Virtualization GRID/HPC/clusters
    21. 21. 21# UtilityWhat End Users See Computing Chargeback/BillingWhat IT Runbook/Process Automation Application Lifecycle Management Workload ManagementManagement Sees Configuration Management Application Streaming Automation OS Provisioning Virtualization GRID/HPC/clusters
    22. 22. 22#Cloud Challenges You Face• Structure• Control• Ready for what‟s next
    23. 23. 23#Structure• Disparate resource• Cross-dependencies• Accounts & Users
    24. 24. 24#Control• Image sprawl• Lifecycle Management• Security & Governance• Costs Control
    25. 25. 25#Ready for What’s Next• More applications• Surviving turnover• The next hiccup• New Clouds
    26. 26. 26#Managing the Cloud with RightScale Workload No Wait IT IT at Scale Liberation Pre-built 12 public & Auto-scaling & ServerTemplates private clouds orchestration Easy to MultiCloud High availability customize inputs Marketplace architectures Access controls Cloud-portable Resilient, secure & chargeback configurations SaaS
    27. 27. 27# WorkloadNo Wait IT IT at Scale Liberation CONFIGURATION AUTOMATION GOVERNANCE ® Public Clouds Private Clouds my network my storage my servers
    28. 28. 28#Global Footprint 3 Private Clouds 9 Public Clouds
    29. 29. 29# Diverse OS Automation Support Governance Guaranteed Reliability Geo- Better Together Multi-CloudRedundant One-click Worldwide Deployment Low Cost Templatized Workload
    30. 30. 30#Cloud Management = LeverageCorporate IT becomes a curator of IT Services Workforce Leverage Self Service Remove IT from the critical path of service delivery Management Reduce IT labor costs and shorten SLAs Automation Workload Ensure consistency with each application and Standardization service deployment Usage Metering Retain real-time visibility into resource Capital Leverage allocation and line of business usage Centralized Increase server/admin ratio and delivers Management benefits of scale Smarter Reduce capital and licensing requirements Virtualization
    31. 31. 31 Trader Media: Cloud service delivery template #What’s Possible Goals:  Project Spitfire to drive service delivery model  Develop new revenue lines faster  Reduce datacenter requirement  Replace with OpenStack, Citrix hybrid within 3 years Business challenge: Business benefit:  Provisioning is slow so use  Cost management RightScale and Amazon to spin up  Scale up/back and in multiple new sites geos  Remain agnostic  DevOps – no versioning  PaaS? Looking at roll-your own  Consolidate management ops rather than hosted lock-in  Got burned in Amazon‟s Dublin 2011 outage
    32. 32. 32#What’s Possible Requirements: • Self-service access • Deploy on selected IT resource pools based on job and group • Share best practices • Consumption metering Solution: • IT Vending Machine • Reduce provisioning time from 36,000 to 30 minutes • Measure costs in cents per hour for compute and storage
    33. 33. 33#What’s Possible Requirements: • Compliance and BAA • Self Service, API driven • Hybrid Cloud Solution: • Built self-service HashBang UI on RightScale • Use multiple clouds to power Quest apps and achieve compliance
    34. 34. 34#What’s Possible Requirements: • Public and private clouds • Geographic reach • Scalable provisioning Solution: • Host Chinese customer website • Rapid elasticity using auto-scaling • Consistent configurations for development, test, and production
    35. 35. 35#What’s Possible Zynga manages their public and private/hybrid cloud (zCloud) with RightScale – through a „single pane of glass‟ “zCloud also integrates with the operational and management tools that have proven critical to our business, such as RightScale and CloudStack.” Allan Leinwand, Zynga CTO Infrastructure Engineering• 1,000 servers launched in 24 hours• 100x increase in infrastructure in 2 years• From 20% to 80% of workloads in zCloud in 1 year
    36. 36. 36#What’s Possible Requirements: • Large scale, 3M+ students • Single-tenant SaaS • Multi-cloud • Fast customer POC & onboarding Solution: • Clone-able, customizable environments • Consistent dev and production environments • AWS and Rackspace • Ability to easily pilot and test
    37. 37. 37#What’s Possible Requirements: • Rapid provisioning • Unknown demands • PCI compliance Solution: • Reproducible artist sites • Scalable architectures • Ecosystem of ISV vendors
    38. 38. 38#The Experts in Cloud Management More Applications More than launched At Production Scale Cloud deployments with On More Clouds supported public and private cloud providers, now including Windows Azure Since IaaS began Managing cloud deployments globally for
    39. 39. Cloud Chronicles:Real Cloud Stories
    40. 40. Coupa - Business SoftwareUsed by Real BusinessesHosted Completely in the CloudAmit UtrejaCloud Operations Architect, Coupa SoftwareNovember 1st, 2012
    41. 41. 41Helping customers succeed
    42. 42. 42Coupa Cloud Goals• Trustworthy• Awesome customer experience• True Cloud• High ROI
    43. 43. 43Coupa Cloud SaaS API INFRASTRUCTURE WEB APPLICATION CONFIGURATION DEPLOYMENT PaaS MANAGEMENT Rightscale Ruby on Rails/MySQL Capistrano MANAGEMENT Puppet Private Cloud IaaS AWS (CloudStack) Cloud (…) Cloud (…)
    44. 44. 44Design for HA
    45. 45. 45Scale out 7:00am 8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm
    46. 46. 46Avoid cloud vendor lock-in
    47. 47. 47Thank You! We‟re Hiring jobs.coupa.com amit@coupa.com
    48. 48. Building the Case for the Cloudat CBS InteractiveErik OstermanDirector of Cloud Architecture, CBS InteractiveNovember 1st, 2012
    49. 49. 49Who are we?
    50. 50. 50How do we use cloud?• IaaS• SaaS• Management• All environments / Full Stack / Auto scaling / High-Availability
    51. 51. 51Why do we use cloud?• We need to evolve / paradigm shift• It makes business sense• We‟re big enough that it matters• Because…….
    52. 52. 52What were some of the challenges?• Legal• Political• Educational• Technical• Financial• Practical
    53. 53. 53Contact InformationErik OstermanDirector of Cloud Architecture, CBS Interactiveerik.osterman@cbsinteractive.com+1 (415) 344-1767 http://www.linkedin.com/in/osterman https://github.com/osterman http://www.osterman.com