The 12 philippine minor basilicas
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The 12 philippine minor basilicas



For those interested in heritage....

For those interested in heritage....



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The 12 philippine minor basilicas Presentation Transcript

  • 1. THE 12 PHILIPPINE MINORBASILICASThe 12 churches that stand above the others.
  • 2. Minor basilica (Latin: Basilicaminor, Basilicae minores in plural) isa title given to some Roman Catholicchurches. By canon law no Catholicchurch can be honoured with the titleof basilica unless by apostolic grant orfrom immemorial custom.[1]In relation to churches, writers onarchitecture use the term "basilica" todescribe a church built in a particularstyle.
  • 3. The early Christian purpose-builtcathedral basilica of the bishop was inthis style, constructed on the model ofthe semi-public secular basilicas, andits growth in size and importancesignaled the gradual transfer of civicpower into episcopal hands, which wasunder way in the 5th century.
  • 4. In the 18th century, the term took on acanonical sense, unrelated to thisarchitectural style. Basilicas in thiscanonical sense are divided into major("greater") and minor basilicas. Todayonly four, all in Rome, are classified asmajor basilicas: the major basilicas of StJohn Lateran, St Peter, St Paul outsidethe Walls, and St Mary Major. Theother canonical basilicas are minorbasilicas.
  • 5. 1) Cathedral-Basilica of theImmaculate Conception, Intramuros, Manila
  • 6. Raised as Minor Basilica on April 27, 1981
  • 7. The Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica (also known as theCathedral-Basilica of theImmaculate Conception andinformally as Manila Cathedral) is aprominent Latin Rite Roman Catholicbasilica located in Manila, Philippines,honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary asOur Lady of the ImmaculateConception, the Principal Patroness ofthe Philippines.
  • 8. Located in the Intramuros district ofManila, it was originally a parishchurch owned and governed by thediocese of Mexico in 1571, until itbecame a separate diocese on February6, 1579 upon the issuance of a Papalbull by Pope Gregory XIII.
  • 9. The cathedral serves both as thePrime Basilica of the Philippinesand highest seat of the archbishop inthe country. The cathedral wasdamaged and destroyed severaltimes since the original cathedralwas built in 1581. The eighth andcurrent incarnation of the cathedralwas completed in 1958.[2]
  • 10. The Basilica has merited three Papalendorsements and two Apostolicvisits from Pope Gregory XIII, PopePaul VI and Blessed Pope John PaulII, who through the papal bull QuodIpsum declared the cathedral a minorBasilica by his own Motu Proprio onApril 27, 1981.[3]
  • 11. The current-elect for the ApostolicPapal Nuncio of the Philippines isArchbishop Giuseppe Pinto. Thecathedral serves as the highest seat ofthe Roman Catholic Archdiocese ofthe Philippines, while the presentArchpriest of the Basilica-Cathedralis Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle, thede facto Primate of the Philippines.
  • 12. The church was destroyed 7 times,and rebuilt 8 times, from it’sbeginnings as a parish church (1571),to the present cathedral (1956).
  • 13. Manila Cathedral 1.0: (1581-1588)damaged by fire; destroyed by typhoonManila Cathedral 2.0: (1591-1600)destroyed by earthquakeManila Cathedral 3.0: (1641-1645)destroyed by another earthquakeManila Cathedral 4.0: (1681-1751) becamestructurally unsound due to typhoons &earthquakes; had to be demolishedManila Cathedral 5.0: (1760-1852)destroyed by earthquake…againManila Cathedral 6.0: (1858-1870)destroyed by earthquake…for the nth time
  • 14. Manila Cathedral 7.0: (1879-1945) casualtyof war during the Battle for Manila
  • 15. 2) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Charity, Agoo, La Union
  • 16. Raised to Minor Basilica status on July 15, 1982
  • 17. The Franciscan priests Fr. JuanBaptista Lucarrelli and Fr.Sebastian Baeza established Agoo in1578 when it was still a part ofPangasinan. The Augustinians latertook over the mission in 1598. Agoowas named after a river whosebanks were lush with pine-like treescalled agoo.
  • 18. The churches and convents of Agoohad the misfortune of always beingrazed by fire and one of these wassaid to be the best in the whole ofIlocos. Fr. Saturnino Franco (OSA)later restored one burned downchurch --- probably the one built at aplace called Nagrugcan --- and alsohad a new convent built. In 1887, Fr.Casimiro Melgosa (OSA) had a belltower built.
  • 19. These structures were heavilydamaged in the earthquake of 1892and were repaired under thesupervision of Fr. Aquilino Garcia(OSA) in 1893. The image of OurLady of Charity was crowned in thischurch in 1971. The church was laterdemolished in 1975 to give way forthe construction of the present biggerchurch.
  • 20. The bell tower, the only remainingoriginal structure, crashed duringthe earthquake of 1989. The churchwas elevated as a basilica minor in1982 by Pope John Paul II.
  • 21. 3) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Malolos, Bulacan
  • 22. Raised to Minor Basilica on April 9, 1999
  • 23. Malolos Cathedral, also known asthe Basilica Minore dela NuestraSeñora de InmaculadaConcepcion (in Spanish) or MinorBasilica of Our Lady ofImmaculate Conception (inEnglish), is the ecclesiastical seat ofthe Diocese of Malolos in thePhilippines
  • 24. The Augustinian missionaries, headedby Fr. Diego Ordonez de Vivar,arrived at barrio Canalate in June1580. From a small chapel nearCanalate River, a bigger church wasbuilt which was recognized in therecords of the Augustinian chapter of1580.
  • 25. Due to the frequent submerging ofits first location,they moved thechurch to another location facingMalolos River and created it as thecenter of the pueblo (the presentlocation of the church).Augustinians placed under themantle of the ImmaculateConception. When the then Districtof Malolos was created anindependent town from its mothertown Bulakan,
  • 26. Malolos Church was made as thetown parish in 1673 with Fr.Francisco Lopez as its curate.Initially built from light materials,the church and convent wereenlarged by Fr. Roque Barrionuevoin 1691. In 1734, the church wasbuilt with stronger materials by Fr.Fernando Sanchez. Fr. JuanMeseguer finished this project in1740 and Fr. Jose de Vivar appliedthe finishing touches in 1753.
  • 27. However, both the church and theconvent were destroyed by fire in1813. The construction of the presentchurch begun in 1819 with Fr.Melchor Fernandez. This prolificbuilder was also responsible for theaddition of arches to the convent; thefortification of the belfry (toaccommodate the installation of aclock); and the construction of thebridge connecting Malolos withBarasoain.
  • 28. However, the buildings weredestroyed by a strong earthquake in1863. Fr. Ezekiel Merino undertookthe reconstruction of the collapsedstructures which lasted until 1872.Another severe earthquake took placein 1880 which destroyed the convent.Fr. Juan Tombo began the restorationof the convent in 1883. It wascompleted in 1884 by Fr. FelipeGarcia.
  • 29. 4) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia, Naga City, Bicol
  • 30. Raised to Minor Basilica on December 11, 1987
  • 31. The Peñafrancia Basilica Minore islocated on the outskirts of Naga City inthe Bicol Region of the Philippines.The Image of Our Lady of Peñafranciais enshrined in her sanctuary at theBasilica Minore, Balatas Road NagaCity. The current rector is Rev. Msgr.Rodel Cajot, PC, STD, appointed in2011.
  • 32. 5) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Piat, Piat, Cagayan
  • 33. Raised to Minor Basilica on March 10, 1997
  • 34. The Basilica of Our Lady of Piat(Basilica Minore Nuestra Señora dePiat) is one of the only twelve MinorBasilica in the Philippines. It islocated in the outskirts of Piat in theprovince of Cagayan. The shrine isdubbed as the Piligrimage Center ofthe North, and a home to the 407year old Black Virgin Mary, OurLady of Piat.
  • 35. The history of Our Lady of Piat datesback in 1604 when a black image ofthe Virgin Mary with the infant Jesuson her left arm was brought to thePhilippines from Macau by theDominican friars.[1] It was originallycalled the Nuestra Señora delaSantissimo Rosario (Our Lady of theHoly Rosary).[2]
  • 36. The image was brought to Lal-lo,Cagayan(then the Episcopal See ofNueva Segovia) to be known by theCagayanos. The image was alsobrought to Piat, and Tuguegarao in1622. During the visitation, it wasreplaced by a more beautiful imagefrom Manila but the peopledemanded that the original image bereturned to them so it was broughtback to Piat and was enthroned in asmall sanctuary.
  • 37. 6) Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo, Manila
  • 38. Raised to Minor Basilica on July 23, 1992
  • 39. In 1596, Dominican priests foundedBinondo church to serve their Chineseconverts to Christianity as well as to thenative Filipinos. The original structurehas sustained damages during wars andvarious natural disasters. The currentgranite church was completed on thesame site in 1852 and features anoctagonal bell tower which suggests theChinese culture of the parishioners. Thechurch was burned during the Britishinvasion of 1872.
  • 40. Another one was quickly builtfollowing the occupation.Improvements were made in the 18thcentury but the edifice was againdestroyed in the 1863 earthquake. Itwas rebuilt in the grandeur theremains on which we see today. Beforethe war, it was considered as one ofthe most beautiful churches in thecountry. Its bell tower was composedof five stories, octagonal in shape. Atits top was a mirador (viewingwindow).
  • 41. This roof was destroyed during the1863 earthquake.American bombing on September 22,1944 destroyed the structure.Everything including the archives ofthe parish were burned. Nothing wasleft behind except the stone walls ofthe church and the fire-tieredoctagonal belltower. After the war,Binondo parishioners had to make dowith a roofless church for several yearsuntil it was rebuilt in the 1950s.
  • 42. The present church and convent wasrenovated between 1946 and 1971.
  • 43. 7) Minor Basilica of San Sebastian, Quiapo, Manila
  • 44. Raised to Minor Basilica on 1890
  • 45. The Basilica Minore de San Sebastian isa fine representative of the Gothic revival inthe Philippines. The basilica is mixed with19th-century innovations in churchconstruction, architecture, and art. It takespride as the only all-steel basilica in theworld. The church is under theadministration of The Order of theAugustinian Recollects, located at LegardaSt. Quiapo, Manila. It was designed byGustave Eiffel, the same architect with theEiffel tower in Paris.
  • 46. 8) Minor Basilica of the ImmaculateConception, Batangas City, Batangas
  • 47. Raised to Minor Basilica on February 13, 1948
  • 48. According to its marker, the churchwas originally built in 1581 by Fr.Diego Mojica, an Agustinian friar andpastor of Calapan, Mindoro. Thechurch was dedicated to Our Lady ofthe Immaculate Conception.The foundation stone of the secondchurch was laid in the year 1601, andconstruction was carried out from1682-1721.
  • 49. In 1693, a convent was added, alongwith some artillery to ward offmarauding pirates. The 2nd churchwas torn down after 179 years.In 1851, Fr. Pedro Cuesta had thecurrent chuch constructed. It wasblessed on the 2nd of February 1857,and designated as a Minor Basilicaon the 13th of February 1948. Itchurch celebrated its centennial in1957.
  • 50. Upon entering, the foyer (alsocalled the Narthex), one canglimpse the cavernousinterior. The ceiling above is apainting of Our Lady of theImmaculate Conception. Theupper portion of the left wall is apainting of The Ascention. To theleft of the painting is a spiralstaircase that leads to the choirloft.(
  • 51. 9) Minor Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, Taal, Batangas
  • 52. Raised to Minor Basilica on October 22, 1948
  • 53. Basilica de San Martin deTours is a Minor Basilica in thetown of Taal, Batangas in thePhilippines. It is considered to bethe largest church in thePhilippines and in Asia, standing96 metres (315 ft) long and 45metres (148 ft) wide. St. Martin ofTours is the patron saint of Taal,whose fiesta is celebrated everyNovember 11.
  • 54. 10) Minor Basilica of Sto Nino, Cebu
  • 55. Raised to Minor Basilica on April 1, 1965
  • 56. The church of Santo Niño de Cebu wasfounded by an Augustinian priest,Andrés de Urdaneta on April 28, 1565.The first church structure was built outof earth, hard wood and nipa in 1566ordered by Friar Diego de Herrera. In1735, Fernando Valdés y Tamon, theGovernor of Cebu, ordered the church tobe constructed of hard stone, which wasbuilt in the same spot were the previouschurch stood.
  • 57. Construction was completed in 1739.In 1965, during the fourth centenaryof the Christianization of thePhilippines, Pope Paul VI elevatedthe church to the rank of minorbasilica.The Basilica remains under the careof the Order of St. Augustine.
  • 58. 11) Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, Quiapo, Manila
  • 59. Raised to Minor Basilica on December 11, 1987
  • 60. The Minor Basilica of the BlackNazarene, also known as SaintJohn the Baptist Parish andinformally known as QuiapoChurch is a prominent RomanCatholic church Latin-rite Basilicalocated in the District of Quiapo,Manila, Philippines.
  • 61. The church is reputedly famous forenshrining the Black Nazarene, adark statue of Jesus Christ whichmany faithful claim to havemiraculous powers. The parishbelongs to the Archdiocese ofManila and is currently rectored byRev. Msgr. Jose ClementeIgnacio.
  • 62. 12) Minor Basilica of St. Michaelthe Archangel, Tayabas, Quezon
  • 63. Raised to Minor Basilica on October 18, 1988
  • 64. Like most of the churches in thePhilippines during the Spanishcolonial era, the first church ofTayabas was made of indigenousmaterials. In 1585 the church wasconstructed under the supervision ofFranciscan friars with St. Michael theArchangel as its designated PatronSaint. in 1590, the church wasrepaired under the supervision of St.Pedro Bautista.
  • 65. In 1600 the church was rebuilt usingbricks but it was later destroyed bythe 1743 earthquake. In a few yearsthe church was again rebuilt into abigger one to accommodate thegrowing number of worshippers inthe province. It was once againexpanded in 1856 with the additionof the transept and copula and in1894 the brick tile roof was replacedwith galvanized iron sheets.
  • 66. On October 18, 1988 the title MinorBasilica was conferred by Pope JohnPaul II. It was proclaimed onJanuary 21, 1989. It is considered tobe one of the most beautifulchurches in the Philippines.It’s clock is said to be the biggest andoldest clock in Asia. When looked onfrom above, the church looks like akey. That is why it is commonlycalled by townsfolks as Susi ngTayabas.
  • 67. The 12 Philippine Minor Basilicas are:1) Minor Basilica of the ImmaculateConception, Intramuros, Manila2) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Charity,Agoo, La Union3) Minor Basilica of the ImmaculateConception, Malolos, Bulacan4) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia,Naga , Bicol Region5) Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Piat, Piat,Cagayan
  • 68. 6) Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz,Binondo, Manila7) Minor Basilica of San Sebastian,Quiapo, Manila8) Minor Basilica of the ImmaculateConception, Batangas City, Batangas9) Minor Basilica of St. Martin ofTours, Taal, Batangas10) Minor Basilica of Sto. Nino, Cebu11) Minor Basilica of the BlackNazarene, Quiapo, Manila
  • 69. 12) Minor Basilica of St. Michael theArchangel, Tayabas, Quezon
  • 70. The list accdg. to Blupanjeet (by raising date).
  • 71. QUIZ!
  • 72. A) Choose the correct basilica for each raising date.
  • 73. March 10, 1997
  • 74. April 27, 1981
  • 75. 1890
  • 76. April 1, 1965
  • 77. October 18, 1988
  • 78. B) Each church is well-known forsomething. What Church is well- known for…
  • 79. 1) Being the only all-steel basilica in the world?
  • 80. 2) Being rebuilt on the same site 8 times?
  • 81. 3) Being the largest church in Asia?
  • 82. 4) Having the oldest and biggest clock in Asia?
  • 83. 5) Containing a black miraculous image of Jesus Christ?
  • 84. C. Determine which church altar isthat of the Basilica pictured on the top of the slide.
  • 85. 1)
  • 86. 2)
  • 87. D) Miscellaneous QuestionsAnswers are on the slide after each Question.
  • 88. 1) One rule of this basilica states that no other person except an archbishopor bishop can have a funeral held in it. But, due to her importance to the people, Cory Aquino became the 2nd president (next to Pres. Garcia) tohave a funeral held here. Where was it celebrated in?
  • 89. 2) The only basilica with the history of being destroyed by a volcano.
  • 90. 3) This occasion happened in what basilica?
  • 91. 4) When the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan (Fernao Magallanes) visitedCebu, he gave Raja Humabon (Carlos whenbaptized) and Reyna Amihan (Juana when baptized) a small statue of the StoNino, which now, is said to be miraculous.What church is said to be the sanctuary of the statue, which survives to this day?
  • 92. 5) The church of San Nicolas Tolentino in Intramuros got destroyed by the war. Devastated, the AugustinianRecollects relocated and built their new mother church somewhere in Quiapo. What is the new church?
  • 93. Photos From: Esc Key to Exit.  Or You May Visit Data Other this From: Powerpoint (CLICK)