Tech Ed SA Sessions Attended


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Sessions which I attended at Tech Ed South Africa

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Tech Ed SA Sessions Attended

  1. 1. Tech Ed Africa / #TechEdZACollaboration SessionsApril 2013
  2. 2. Intro Ridwan Sassman Manager Collaboration
  3. 3. Agenda Tech-Ed Africa Overview Sessions Attended Windows Azure Get Ready to Yammer Driving Adoption withGamification
  4. 4. Tech Ed Africa Collaboration OverviewBig focus on AzureCloud 2.0
  5. 5. Agenda Tech-Ed Africa Overview Sessions Attended Windows Azure Get Ready to Yammer Driving Adoption withGamification
  6. 6. Sessions AttendedWindows Azure - IAAS - PAAS• The Journey• IASS, PAAS & SAAS• Fabric• Azure More InfoGet Ready to Yammer• Technology is evolving• Sounds familiar• thats where yammer fits in• top 5 yammer featuresDriving Adoption with Gamification• What is gamification• Why do I need it• How do I use it• Where is it goingSharePoint and Office AuthenticationSharePoint 2013 - Top 10 Health and Riskassessment failuresREST Assured - Best Practices with theSharePoint 2013 Data Services…and a few more ….
  7. 7. Agenda Tech-Ed Africa Overview Sessions Attended Windows Azure Get Ready to Yammer Driving Adoption withGamification
  8. 8. The Journey"This is the bet for thecompany, … for the cloud,were all in.“-Steve BallmerSDK 1.3 ReleasedVM Role and AzureConnect BetaSDK 1.6 ReleasedField and Services Engineeringpartner to migrateMSDN/TechNetField Engineeringreleases offerings toassist in moving toPaaSField Engineering beginssupporting IaaS customerpreviewsField and Services Engineering beginworking on MSDN/TechNet migrationto IaaSWindows AzureIaaS Era Begins
  9. 9. IAAS, PAAS & SAAS(on-premise)storageserversnetworkingosmiddlewarevirtualizationdataapplicationsruntimeyoumanageiaasstorageserversnetworkingosmiddlewarevirtualizationdataapplicationsruntimeoperatormanagesyoumanagepaasoperatormanagesyoumanagestorageserversnetworkingosmiddlewarevirtualizationapplicationsruntimedatasaasoperatormanagesstorageserversnetworkingosmiddlewarevirtualizationapplicationsruntimedata
  10. 10. ‘Fabric’ is the core for paas| 10fabrictimedemand
  11. 11. all is hidden…012securitypatchessoftwarepatchesservicepatchesservicepacksbackupinstancemanagementloadbalancer1sla99.95%uptime
  12. 12. What you can do…
  13. 13. your free trial contains
  14. 14. IT is ‘Cool’ thanks to Azure!
  15. 15. SP and Azure - More Info
  16. 16. SP and Azure - More Info
  17. 17. Agenda Tech-Ed Africa Overview Sessions Attended Windows Azure Get Ready to Yammer Driving Adoption withGamification
  18. 18. Technology is evolving…Communication is the same
  19. 19. The Communications TechnologyRevolutionLine chart showingSocial > EmailSOCIAL NETWORKINGEMAIL#users2009Fueled by mobile technology, more people are now using social networking websites thanemail or web portals.› 800 million Facebook users with over 100 billion connections› 300 million Twitter users with 1 billion tweets every 4 days› 488 million mobile devices v 417 million PCs shipped in 2011Line chart showingSocial > EmailtimeTimespentonlinePORTALSSOCIAL NETWORKING2011time
  20. 20. Sound familiar?Who can help mewith this project?What arecommonobjections fromprospects?Does anyonehave experiencewith….Who’s goingto theconference?I’m new to thecompany. Wherecan I find…?Where can I findthe latest travelpolicyinformation?Anyone know agood taxlawyer?What’s ourprotocol forengagingwith…Thecompetition’sup to this. Whatdo we do?Who’shandling thisaccount?
  21. 21. That’s where Yammer fits in!Yammer is the private and secure enterprise social network throughwhich a companys employees connect, collaborate and coordinate.
  22. 22. Yammer helps you to…› Ask questions and find answers faster› Save time by sharing great projects and preventingduplicate work› Meet co-workers with similar interests and relevantexpertise› Share news and announcements with the people who needto know› Discuss major decisions and prepare for change› Gather opinions and ideas from across the company› And much much more…..
  23. 23. Understand My Feed• My Feed integrated and accessible directly within SharePoint lets you connectwith the most relevant content in your networkTop Conversationssurfaces contentrelevant to you based onyour activityFollowed Conversationsshows you content fromPeople, and Groups thatyou followTrending Content showsyou the most popularcontent right now
  24. 24. Top 5 Yammer Features
  25. 25. 1 Start Conversations…• Use @mentioning and + Add people to notify to loop-in the right peopleStart a Conversation@mention to notifyspecific people about aconversation or to askfor their input+Add people to notifyas an FYI
  26. 26. 2 …And Join Conversations• Reply, Share and Like conversations to join inReply to a specificperson within aConversation threadLike if you like it, toacknowledge it, or tosay Thank You!YAMMER TIP:Shy in getting started?Observe and “Like”first!Share a Conversationwith another group orin a Private Message
  27. 27. 3 Collaborate with Files and Pages• Add Related Content and in-line CommentsView fullscreen,email ordownload filesAdd and Reply toin-line commentsAdd Related Filesand Pages fromother groups
  28. 28. 4 Send a Private Message• Communicate with one or a few colleagues using Private Messages via yourInboxManage Unread Conversations andreply to Private Message throughyour Inbox
  29. 29. 5 Start Conversations with Online Now• Online Now lets you quickly start private discussions with other employees whoare online nowConnects to yourPrivate Messages,making it easy to addadditionalparticipantsGreen tells you whichof your coworkers isOnline NowSearch for coworkersto see if they areOnline Now
  30. 30. Agenda Tech-Ed Africa Overview Sessions Attended Windows Azure Get Ready to Yammer Driving Adoption withGamification
  31. 31. Turning Mundane assignments intoFUN tasks!
  32. 32. DefinitionGamification is the use of gamemechanics……to drive engagement in non-gamebusiness scenarios……to change behaviours in a targetaudience.
  33. 33. Who Plays Games• 99% of boys and 94% of girls under 18 play 13 and 8hours a day• 92% of 2 year olds play games• One out of four gamers is over the age of fifty.
  34. 34. What Defines a game• The Goal• The Rules• The Feedback system• Voluntary participation• Compared with reality, games are too easy…take golf for example…
  35. 35. Motivating People• Extrinsic Rewards• Things• Intrinsic Rewards• Satisfying work• Success• Social Connection• Meaning
  36. 36. Behaviours to motivatePost Status MessageClose a support ticketClose a dealApprove ExpensesEdit a Wiki
  37. 37. Failure is an option• In reality, if we fail there are consequences and permanentoutcomes• In gaming, we can fail repeatedly• We are not afraid to try different approaches• ..until we find the best approach
  38. 38. Examples and Impact• The Worlds Deepest Bin – during one day 72kg collected(31kg avg)• Piano Staircase – 66% more people than normal chosestairs over escalator• Foursquare – Badges for places travelled to• Opower: Your neighbours are doing better than you.
  39. 39. Gamification in SharePoint• Raising Awareness for use in Collaboration environment• Generating ROI for clients• Look at creating Successful Strategies around currentCollaboration technology
  40. 40. Questions
  41. 41. Connect with Me SharePoint Saturday
  42. 42. Tech Ed Africa / #TechEdZACollaboration SessionsApril 2013