Minor projcect proposal on nanotechnology


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Minor projcect proposal on nanotechnology

  1. 1. Minor project Application of nanotechnology in Indian fashion industrySubmitted by:Riddheshvari Parmar3/24/2013
  2. 2. Introduction• Nanotechnology originates from the Greek word meaning “dwarf”. A nanometer is one billionth (10-9) of a meter, which is tiny, only the length of ten hydrogen atoms, or about one hundred thousandth of the width of a hair!
  3. 3. objectives• To study the application of nanotechnology in textile and fashion industry• Sub objective• Use of nanotechnology and different kind of finishes in it• Scope of nanotechnology in Indian industry.
  4. 4. background•The regular fashion is known to people but whentechnology applies to normal fashion it becomesdifferent, my key to make this project is to make awareof these technologies.• in Indian market what is the scope of nanotechnology•To understand nanotextile we must first explorenanotechnology which enables the manipulation offibers at the level of atoms and molecules to alter theirproperties and qualities.
  5. 5. Literature review• In simple terms, nanotechnology can be defined as ‘engineering at a very small scale’, and this term can be applied to many areas of research and development – from medicine to manufacturing to computing, and even to textiles and cosmetics.• There is much debate on the future implications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology may be able to create many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications• The use of engineered nanofibers already makes clothes water- and stain-repellent or wrinkle-free. Textiles with a nanotechnological finish can be washed less frequently and at lower temperatures.• Nanotechnology has been used to integrate tiny carbon particles membrane and guarantee full-surface protection from electrostatic charges for the wearer.• Socks that prevent odor, pants that do not hold dirt, t-shirts that can change mobile phones; it is not just science-fiction anymore but a part of today’s reality thanks to ever-developing nanotechnology
  6. 6. • The Indian government has already started Nanoscience and Nanotechnology initiatives and various funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology.• Nano product never get wet.• The embryo of nanotechnology is "atomic assembly", which was first publicly articulated in 1959 by physicist Richard Feynman.
  7. 7. METHODOLOGY• Research approach: Qualitative approach• Type of research: descriptiveSteps in Research Process:1. Formulating the Research Problem• To identify the way in which nanotechnology can be used or is being used in Indian fashion industry.2. Extensive Literature Review3. Developing the objectives
  8. 8. • 4. Preparing the Research Design including Sample Design• Sampling Design:(i) Population: the people who are owners of and who is associated in textile mills in Hyderabad & Ahmadabad(ii)Sampling Method: A convenience method is more appropriate way of arriving at the sample as I have to select approachable mills owners who are using nanotechnology and different kind of finishes applied by them • Sample size: For owner perception – 50 •
  9. 9. Scope of minor project• Through this project people can know how the nanotechnology will become helpful in textile industry.• In India what is the market of this technology.• Nanotechnology application and scope are tremendous. There are very expanding opportunities in this field and this field have raises impact on daily lives.• The Indian government has already started Nanoscience and Nanotechnology initiatives and various funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology.
  10. 10. Limitation of the study• The sample was geographically limited and the age range was narrow. Data collected in other areas may produce different results.• particular area this can’t represent the real picture of the population.• The instrument was limited to a qualities method.
  11. 11. Do you face garment related problem in your day to day life?• garment related problem 4 yes no 96
  12. 12. Are you aware of about nanotechnology? aware of about nanotechnology 36% yes no 48.%
  13. 13. Do you think that nanotechnology have solution of it? nanotechnogy as solution 12% yes no 70%
  14. 14. Do you like purchase nano product?
  15. 15. What kind of nano product do you like to purchase? different nano product cosmetic home furnishing different nano product accessory textile garment 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  16. 16. conclusion• Respondent like to purchase more nano product.• Many of them want they dream product through nano technology.• Industry believe that it is profitable market.• Nanoproduct perform better compare to other product.• Nanotechnology has answers for each of these problematic issues.
  17. 17. refrences:• http://www.textiletoday.com.bd/magazine/• http://www.indiantextilejournal.com/articles /• http://www.azonano.com/article• http://www.nafenindia.com• http://oecotextiles.wordpress.com• http://www.nano-tex.com.