Chris Craft Presents O.P.E.N. Leadership - DFSC


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Chris Craft reminds you, the future leaders of our government, of the connection between your personal brand and your career success. We will use the O.P.E.N. framework to show you how O (Opportunity), P (Passion), E (Education), and N (Networking) are used in concert to help you stay informed, motivated, inspired, and on the right side of your relationships while on your journey to leadership excellence.

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Chris Craft Presents O.P.E.N. Leadership - DFSC

  1. 1. Chris Craft Presents O.P.E.N. Leadership Chris Craft DFSC – July 10, 2014 Forest Park, GA
  2. 2. A little about me O.P.E.N. Leadership Believer Proud Husband and Father Chief Visionary at Nao Media Author Texan (in Georgia) Tiger & Yellow Jacket
  3. 3. The O.P.E.N. Framework O.P.E.N. Leadership Components for achieving leadership excellence: OPPORTUNITY PASSION EDUCATION NETWORKING
  4. 4. What are today’s objectives? O.P.E.N. Leadership 1. Describe the different flavors of opportunity 2. Help you find and leverage your passion so you can remain motivated at every stage of your career 3. Show you the power of educating others while you learn and grow 4. Explain how networking activates, supports, and feeds the other framework components
  5. 5. Component 1: Opportunity O.P.E.N. Leadership Opportunity: (an awesome noun) a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something
  6. 6. Types of Opportunities O.P.E.N. Leadership Wild Cards: Random Opportunities and… Snowball Opportunities: Tiny Opportunities That Grow Into Large Opportunities
  7. 7. Types of Opportunities O.P.E.N. Leadership Snowball Opportunities: Often start off as Wild Card opportunities. I’m here as an example of a snowballing opportunity.
  8. 8. Snowball Opportunities O.P.E.N. Leadership How One Opportunity Leads To Another: 1. Being 100% Present 2. Overcoming Shyness 3. Possess Skills of Value 4. Learn More Skills 5. Move (Network) 6. Share Your Knowledge 7. Remain Humble
  9. 9. Component 2: Passion O.P.E.N. Leadership Passion: (a lovely noun) an object of desire or deep interest
  10. 10. Your Passion O.P.E.N. Leadership Passion is the glue of the O.P.E.N. Framework Connect your career to your passion Passion must shine through your work in order for you to achieve authentic career excellence.
  11. 11. Finding Your Passion O.P.E.N. Leadership What do you enjoy within and outside the scope of your current job? You know you’ve found your passion when… -Work doesn’t feel like work -Resistance doesn’t stop you -Resistance actually becomes the way to excellence -Learning curves flatten -Networking opportunities increase
  12. 12. Passion: Fighting Monotony O.P.E.N. Leadership How do you keep your passion alive? Do non-work activities with colleagues. Add new wrinkles to your understanding. Gamification: turn work into a fun challenge or game. Embrace change.
  13. 13. Passion: Take A.C.T.I.O.N. O.P.E.N. Leadership Active Change That Ignites Our Now There’s more work to do! Go beyond knowing your passion. Get out there and make it happen! A.C.T.I.O.N. is deliberate practice. You can’t leave much up for chance.
  14. 14. A.C.T.I.O.N. O.P.E.N. Leadership Active Change That Ignites Our Now Opportunity is the engine. Passion is the fuel.
  15. 15. Component 3: Education (Beyond Degrees) O.P.E.N. Leadership Link Your Education and Your Passion (which is linked to your career). 1. It’s more enjoyable. 2. It’s less stressful. 3. It increases your focus.
  16. 16. Component 3: Education O.P.E.N. Leadership Listen: How can you learn if you’re too busy talking? Listening Techniques: -Maintain eye contact -Don’t think about your answer -Visualize the speaker’s words -Be empathetic -Note non-verbal cues -Let the speaker finish talking
  17. 17. L.E.A.R.N. O.P.E.N. Leadership Listen: A mark of wisdom is being able to learn from others. Engage: Consider new sources for learning new things. Acquire: Collect information from your learning sources. Reflect: Imagine what you can do with your knowledge. Nurture: Share your knowledge with others.
  18. 18. Nurture: The Learning-Teaching Cycle O.P.E.N. Leadership Nurture: Invest time in refining your knowledge and educating others Embrace the Cycle: Learn then teach others and fortify your learning in the process! If you teach something useful and valuable to someone, you contribute something to their life that can’t be taken away. Plants use what we put out and we use what they put out. Nothing is wasted.
  19. 19. Component 4: Networking O.P.E.N. Leadership Gives legs to the previous components Networking = New Career Opportunities Networking = More Opportunities to Find and Express Your Passion Networking = More Opportunities to Learn and Teach Others (Education)
  20. 20. Thank You! O.P.E.N. Leadership
  21. 21. Let’s Connect! O.P.E.N. Leadership Chris Craft @ChrisQueso Enjoy the book!
  22. 22. Recap from Session #1 O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Opportunities can come in many ways, shapes, and forms Passion is the glue of the O.P.E.N. Framework Education is more than what you learn to obtain your degree(s). Keep going! Networking gives legs to Opportunity, Passion, and Education
  23. 23. What are today’s objectives? O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 1. Show you the importance of EVERY opportunity 2. Show you how to prepare for life-changing opportunities 3. Explain how networking and investing in relationships can increase your influence and improve your legacy
  24. 24. Wild Card Opportunities O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Wild Cards: Random Opportunities that turned into… Snowball Opportunities: Tiny Opportunities That Grow Into Large Opportunities
  25. 25. Snowball Opportunities O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Every Opportunity is Important Allow time to let small opportunities mature into larger ones! Therefore: 1. Know what fits for you 2. Always do a good job! 3. Pass along what doesn’t fit 4. Know your end game
  26. 26. My Wild Card That Snowballed O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Responding to one tweet resulted in: -Being quoted in ROI -Guest blogging -Speaking -More business -A mentor for life
  27. 27. Another Wild Card That Snowballed O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 A good relationship with a former colleague resulted in: -Writing the script for an upcoming Piggly Wiggly television commercial -Writing and voice work for an adventure sports promo video
  28. 28. Passion Meets Opportunity O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Leverage passion to seize opportunities by: 1. Find and embrace your passion 2. Confidently, respectfully push through being told “no” 3. Humbly display what you know during the opportunity 4. Network like crazy while the opportunity is still present!
  29. 29. Component 4: Networking O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Networking improves your chances of landing opportunities Next: -Learning and Teaching while Networking -Finding (and Keeping) a Mentor -Becoming a Mentor
  30. 30. Learning and Teaching while Networking O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 What happens when you learn and teach while networking? Amazing happens. Organizational silos are opened for collaboration. You learn new skills. You give/gain respect to/from new people.
  31. 31. Finding (and Keeping) a Mentor O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Think about your ideal mentor Ask your colleagues about helpful superiors Ask HR about mentoring programs at your job Look outside of work Don’t discount mentors who are younger than you! Listen and deliver on their advice
  32. 32. Becoming a Mentor O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 As you continue to learn, gain wisdom, and move up, you will have opportunities to become a mentor. Prepare others for greatness by: -Dedicating time for 1-on-1 mentoring -Not holding back useful knowledge -Introducing them to your network -Helping them in good and bad times -Learning from your mentee!
  33. 33. Becoming a Great Mentor O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 If you’re truly a great mentor, your mentee will eventually be greater than you. This is great news! As a leader, your legacy is determined by the number of great people you’ve nurtured and built up. This is the spirit of the O.P.E.N. Framework.
  34. 34. Thank You! Any Questions? O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2
  35. 35. Let’s Connect! O.P.E.N. Leadership – Part 2 Chris Craft @ChrisQueso Enjoy the book!