Reliability Engineering Blended Learning Training


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This program was designed for those Maintenance and Reliability Engineers who are ready to make a serious impact in asset reliability. This is a 7 Day Workshop Coupled with 52 iLearning Modules plus a Coach. 10:1 ROI is expected from all students.

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Reliability Engineering Blended Learning Training

  2. 2. THE SOLUTIONGPAllied’s inspired Blended Learning empowers participants to take control of their learning experiencethrough instructor-led classes, online curriculum, and skill applications within your facility orindustrial environment.GPAllied’s inspired Blended Learning is aimed at maximizing the value of training for our clients.Advanced adult learning techniques drive documented return on training dollars through the use of: Direct Real world Face-to-face eLearning Video Application examples Instruction iBL IS AIMED AT MAXIMIZING BUSINESS CASE THE VALUE OF TRAINING GAINS Tough to get training dollars? Let iBL help you build your business case. We can help you define FOR OUR CLIENTS. your project and calculate projected return on investments for your iBL training program.As opposed to traditional training, inspired Blended Learning is driven by directapplication at your site. Upon completion of each Learning Project, participants will t n mebe able to demonstrate the new knowledge, as well as document the return ontraining investment. GPAllied’s inspired Blended Learning enables organizations ls stto: S kil Inve of onExpand the capabilities of existing Maintenance and Reliability on urn tiEngineers et en RetDevelop new Maintenance and Reliability Engineers to meet growing RneedsExpect to see documented operating costs decrease, revenuesincrease, or bothEnsure retention and documentation of the learning and the resultsthrough virtual learning project coachingBuild a successful reliability improvement project plan bycompleting activities following each of the learning modules
  3. 3. 3-STEP PROCESS eLearning Modules 1 Asset Health Management • Introduction to AHM • Preparing the Asset Catalog • Analyzing Asset Criticality • Vibration Analysis Fundamentals • Ultrasound Fundamentals • Thermography Fundamentals • LEARNING PROJECT Motor Circuit Analysis Fundamentals • Oil Analysis Fundamentals • KICKOFF Reliability-based Lubrication Fundamentals • Selecting Quantitative PMs • Evaluating PM Program EffectivenessParticipants attend a one-week Learning Project Kickoff • Direct Application and Coaching on Asset Health Managementat GPAllied’s headquarters in Charleston, SC. The focus in your Facilityof the kickoff is to build a learning process foundation by Work Execution Management Overviewproviding exposure to the core philosophies • Introduction to WEMof the discipline selected. • Introduction to Planning & Scheduling 2 • Direct Application and Coaching on Work Execution Management in your Facility Developing Effective Work Procedures • Creating a Job Map • Writing Effective PM Procedures • Establishing Standard Work • Direct Application and Coaching on Developing Effective Work Procedures in your FacilityeLEARNING Reliability Centered Maintenance • Creating a Job MapThrough the iReliabilityTM Learning Management System, • Writing Effective PM Procedures • Establishing Standard WorkGPAllied delivers interactive, virtual modules. Each • Direct Application and Coaching on Reliability Centeredmodule begins with a discussion of a singular concept Maintenance in your Facilityusing animated graphics that break the concept down Root Cause Analysisinto manageable bits of information. Some animations are • Introduction to RCAinteractive, allowing the student to manipulate the graphic • RCA Fundamentals • Facilitating a Transparency-based RCAin order to simulate various scenarios and further enhance • Facilitating a Tree-based RCAthe learning objective. Activities such as quizzes, matching • Facilitating a Time-based RCAexercises, and fill-in-the-blank exercises are then used to • Introduction to Failure Mechanisms • Identifying Common Mechanical Failure Modesreinforce comprehension level learning objectives. • Identifying Common Electrical Failure Modes • Identifying Common Stationary Failure Modes 3 • Creating RCA Corrective Action Reports • Direct Application and Coaching on Root Cause Analysis in your Facility Reliability Engineering • Introduction to Reliability Statistics • Calculating Process Reliability • Calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness • Calculating Life Cycle CostsPRACTICAL APPLICATION • • Modeling System Reliability Calculating MaintainabilityFollowing each eLearning module, the GPAllied Coach • Writing an Asset Validation Procedure • Introduction to Energy Managementwill engage with the attendee for a total of 160 hours of • Management of Change Fundamentalsadditional guidance. Coaches will employ the iReliabilityTM • Direct Application and Coaching on Reliability Engineering in your FacilityLearning Management System to deliver custom-designedtasks and real world, on-site applications of core skills Materials Management Optimizationto blend learning objectives and skills applications while • Creating an Equipment Bill Of Materials • Calculating MRO Inventory Metricsfacilitating the improvement of your maintenance reliability • Establishing Just-In-Time Inventory Controlsprogram. GPAllied utilizes the R5 Rapid Improvement • Direct Application and Coaching on Materials Management Optimization in your FacilityProcess structure to execute the Learning Project.
  4. 4. apid Improvement and Reliability Maintenance Process apid Improvement Process Engineering Core Skills Development Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Core Skills Development RECOGNIZE RATIONALIZE RATIFY Learning Selection of Map Project Complete Present Project Enroll in Task Candidates Work to Project Project Philosophy Curriculum Assignments and Focus Sessions Charter Charter Fundamentals Lines Reliability Additional Skills Centered Development Maintenance Leadership Session (RCM) Alignment to Charter FailureLife Cycle Cost Reporting and Analysis Corrective Action System Asset Health Management Reliability(Electrical and Statistics Energy) Asset Health Root Cause Management Complete Case Advanced Analysis (RCA) Certification (Mechanical) Study Awarded Consideration Presented RESOLVE REALIZE North America • Latin America • Europe • Middle East • Asia-Pacific World Headquarters GPAllied EMEA 4200 Faber Place Drive Guldensporenpark 21-Blok C Charleston, SC 29405 B-9820 Merelbeke, Belgium o. 888.335.8276 o. +32(0) f. 843.414.5779 f. +32(0) •