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GEC presentation

  1. 1. The Energy FutureGlobal Energy Contractors, LLC Building it today
  2. 2. Global Energy Contractors, LLCOil & GasGlobal Energy Contractors provides front-end engineering, process engineering,detailed design, procurement, fabrication, Complete Stationsstartup and commissioning, and Natural Gas Compressionconstruction services for a full range of oil Pipelines& gas projects. We deliver lump-sum, ASME Pressure Vesselsturnkey solutions for the gas processing, oil Flares Structural Steelrefining, LNG/LPG/GTL, storage andpipeline sectors. We design and buildvirtually all components for process units,treater plants and refineries, terminals, andcompressor stations.
  3. 3. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCE Excellent Safety Record Global sets the standard in the Oil & Gas industry worldwide for safe methods.Expert Field Crews Global has 1,000+ Welders, Boilermakers, Pipe- fitters, Riggers, and Field Supervision personnel available as resources for small to large projects. ● American OSHA trained workforce ● PFT tested workforce ● Fresh air certified workforce ● Drug screened workforce ● H2S (sour gas) trained personnel ● Confined space certified personnel ● Equipment operator certified personnel
  4. 4. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCEOil Refinery & Gas Plant EPC Global offers existing plant expansion, new plant design, and facility development for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. ● Feasibility ● Engineering ● Mechanical ● Civil ● Turn-Key Field ConstructionEnergy Infastructure Construction Global specializes in expansions and Before ground-up construction of energy infastructures and plant facilities. ● Compressed schedules ● Turn-Key installations ● Project Management After ● Fabrication ● Field installation
  5. 5. Global Energy Contractors, LLCLocation Hook-Ups
  6. 6. Global Energy Contractors, LLCCompressor Stations
  7. 7. Global Energy Contractors, LLCPipeline Services ● Small bore ● Large bore
  8. 8. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCEShop & Field Fabricated Piping Shop & field fabrication per ASME B31.3 & API 1104 Codes ● Design engineering ● Field installation ● Bolt-up and torquing ● Hydro-testing ● Radiography ● Post-weld heat treatment ● Sandblasting/coating
  9. 9. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCE O&G Process Equipment ● Plant equipment design ● Plant equipment fabrication ● Field installation & retrofit Heat Exchangers & Reboilers ● Bundle extraction ● Hydroblasting/cleaning ● Fabrication ● Repair & re-tubing ● Bolt torquing O&G Package Plants ● Design ● Fabrication ● Relocations ● Field hook-ups
  10. 10. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCE Oil Refinery & Gas Plant Mass Transfer Equipment“Confined Space Specialists”Global offers complete services for the Tray Servicesrepair and mechanical maintenance of Single-Pass Double-Pass SpecialtyASME vessels, towers/columns, andtheir internal mass transfer equipment. • Vessel blinding & de-blinding Valves • Open & inspect services • Field installation services • Complete Code welded repairs Random Packing • Hardware procurement • NBIC inspection services • API 510 inspection services Structured PackingManufacturers:Sulzer Chemtech®Nutter ®Koch ®Koch-Glitsch ®
  11. 11. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCEFlare SystemsGlobal offers complete flare systemdesign, fabrication, field erection, andassociated equipment installation.● Flare tips● Pilots● Flame front generators (FFG)●“Dead-man” assemblies● Cable tensioning & replacement● Steam assists● Knock-out drums● Piping tie-ins
  12. 12. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCEOil Refinery & Gas Plant Turnaround Services ● Complete manpower & resource ● Turn-key services ● Project scheduling ● Aggressive schedules Complete plant turnaround services
  13. 13. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCEEmergency Field Services Global offers rapid mobilization, specializing in 911 emergency and difficult projects. Field crews available for immediate dispatch
  14. 14. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCESpecialty Welding Services Global maintains certified welders and welding procedures for ASME piping, boiler tubes, and structural steel: ● Stainless steel ● Exotic alloys ● Carbon steel ● Chrome ● Post-weld heat treatment
  15. 15. Global Energy Contractors, LLC CONSTRUCTION ▪ ENGINEERING ▪ PROCUREMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES ▪ MAINTENANCEExpert Heavy Lifting Services Global specializes in “Super Critical” lifts: ● Flare stacks ● Pressure vessels ● Towers/columns ● Incinerators ● Package units ● Equipment skids ● Heads
  16. 16. Global Energy Contractors, LLC “Offering EPC Services for the Oil & Gas Industry”Global Energy Contractors, LLC is a Texas (USA) based multi-discipline service companyspecializing in field construction, engineering, procurement, emergency services, andmaintenance for the Energy Market, and General heavy Industry.● ConstructionGlobal Energy Contractors continues to set the standard for safe, quality field construction services for the Oil & Gas, and General Heavy Industry. Global hasa call list of over 1,000 field craft employees and field supervision personnel available as resources for both large and sma ll construction projects worldwide;including Code certified welders who back up Global/LI’s ASME “U” and NBIC “R” Stamps.● EngineeringGlobal offers total solutions for energy and petrochemical and manufacturing companies providing systems design, expansion an d ground-up construction ofplant facilities and their components. From ASME pressure vessels to NBIC boiler engineering services to mechanical engineering disciplines, Global has theengineering certifications, resources and expertise available to accomplish a total engineered solution for your system’s app lication.● ProcurementAllow the experience, skill and buying power of Global to work for you. Global can procure, manufacture, and ship virtually any type of plant componentworldwide. Global’s manufacturing capabilities give it a distinct advantage over its competitors due to the diverse nature of the design -to-installationinvolvement in its fabrication projects.● Emergency ServicesGlobal can respond rapidly to emergency situations, particularly after a fire or an explosion. The Emergency Services Group specializes in difficult jobs andaggressive schedules. Their response time, in most cases, is only a few hours. From specific process and manufacturing equipment to entire operating units,Global can rapidly restore the facility to like-new operating condition. No other company in the industry outperforms Global in emergency situations.● MaintenanceGlobal offers quality, dependable personnel and industrial maintenance services and has set the standard for customer satisfa ction for both short-term andlong-term Oil & Gas equipment maintenance requirements worldwide.
  17. 17. Global Energy Contractors, LLCWho we are: Global Energy Contractors is a multi-discipline EPC construction company with an excellent safety record, and offers unsurpassed experience for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and General Heavy iIdustry.What does EPC mean?EPC: Engineering, Procurement & Construction; turn-key construction services.What type of projects does Global specialize in?TEEM- acronym: T – Turnaround Services E – Emergency Field Services E – Expansions, New Construction, and Infrastructure Projects M– Maintenance ServicesWhat are Global’s disciplines of work?A. Mechanical Engineering & Procurement Services: 1. Design 2. Procurement 3. Shop fabrication & OEM manufacturingB. Field Construction Services: 1. Field fabrication 2. ASME & API Code specialty welding 3. Plant mechanical services, well hook-ups, roustabout work 4. Heavy lifting/crane & cartage services 5. Inspection & quality assurance serviceWhat type of Oil & Gas work does Global provide?Some, or all of the following equipment may be found in a TEEM project: A. Unfired ASME & API pressure vessels and tanks B. Mass transfer distillation equipment, hydrocarbon cracking equipment C. Fired equipment D. Flare, incinerator, and thermal oxidizer systems E. Heat exchangers & product coolers F. Process & interconnecting piping systems, and pipelines G. Package plants and stations H. Auxiliary plant equipment & systems
  18. 18. Global Energy Contractors, LLC ProjectsT – Plant Turnaround Services:Specializing in aggressive schedules and compressed durations for projectsTurnaround pre-planning & project scheduling with experienced planners/schedulers (Primavera P3 & Finest Hour)On-site project management services with experienced project management teamManpower & resource with total project staffingState of the art tools, equipment & construction methodsE – Emergency Field Services:Global’s multi-disciplined field construction services allows us to respond to virtually any scenario after an unscheduled shut-down oremergency situation- particularly after a fire or an explosionQuick response time- immediate dispatchSpecializing in aggressive schedules and compressed durationsDifficult jobs that our competitors are not experienced in, or will not doState of the art tools, equipment & construction methodsE – Expansions & New Construction Projects:Total plant design, construction and field installationFeasibility phaseSite layout and design engineeringInfrastructure constructionCivil excavation and concrete constructionPlant equipment design engineeringPlant equipment fabrication and procurementElectrical / instrumentationInsulation and heat tracingSandblasting & paintingEquipment setting and haulingState of the art tools, equipment & construction methodsM – Maintenance Services:Dependable craftsmen with safety training and extensive experience in routine & preventive plant maintenanceLong-term routine maintenance agreements allow Global to offer very competitive rate structures.Global cultivates the employee base from the local job market (no travel or per diem) for long-term routine maintenance agreements. Thesefield personnel cost less than those described below in #2, and the rate structures are priced accordingly.Short-term scheduled / unscheduled maintenance of a specialty nature utilizing Global field personnel from the field travelingturnaround group (involves travel or per diem). These field personnel cost a premium price relative to those described in #1, and the ratestructures are priced accordingly. State of the art tools, equipment & construction methods
  19. 19. Global Energy Contractors, LLC Equipment ServicesA. Unfired pressure vessels (distillation towers / columns, drums & tanks) Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Complete rebuild after explosion or fire / confined space blinding & deblinding / complete vessel replacements & revamps / open & inspect services / confined space & inert atmospheres, fresh air welding / “R” Stamp NBIC Code welded repairs, vessel alterations and re-rating per ASME and NBIC Code / welded overlay / cladding & strip-lining / external man-ways / nozzles / heads / can section replacement & patching / tray rings / skirts / coliseum bases / civil & concrete foundations, caisons, octagons, pedestals / TAs- tower attachments: lifting lugs, ladder attachments, stair attachments, lifting trunions, / platforms & ladders / vortex breakers / internal baffles / internal spargers, distributor piping & spray headers / vessel trim- sight glasses, TIs- temperature indicators, PIs- pressure indicators / hydrostatic testing- full vessel hydro, local hydro with test bonnet / pneumatic re-pad testing @ 10 psi., weep-hole placement at bottom / ultrasonic thickness testing / x-ray / shear wave / liquid dye penetrant testing / stress relief for service & thickness / carbon steel, stainless steel & exotic alloys / vacuum truck services / hydro-blasting servicesB. Mass transfer equipment for distillation processes Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Complete re-trays & internal equipment replacement / confined space blinding & de-blinding / open & inspect services- including down- comer & weir height tolerance video & written documentation / confined space & inert atmospheres, fresh air / fractionation trays- single pass, double pass & specialty trays / sieve trays / chimney trays / china hats / distributor trays / man-way hardware, footballs, man-way studs, nuts, washers / tray hardware, ring clamps, bolts, nuts / demister pads / structured packing / random packing- ratchet rings, pall rings / support grids / hold-down grids / ballast valves / bubble cap valves / support beams / experienced with Koch, Koch-Glitsch, Sulzer Chemtech, Nutter products / vacuum truck services / hydro-blasting servicesC. Fired equipment (steam boilers, product heaters, reboilers & reformers) Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Inspection services / complete rebuild after explosion, puffing / confined space blinding & de-blinding /leaking tube repair / window welding / complete re-tube / tube bending / finned tubes / swaged tubes/rolled tubes, mechanical seal field machining of drums / welded tubes / stainless steel & exotic alloys / mud drums / steam drums / drum demagnification procedure / refractory- fire brick, castable & plastic / steer horns & anchors / spray-in refractory / insulation / skin casing / package boilers / burners / fire eyes / fuel tranes / plenums / stacks / foundations / hydro-static testing / fire tube boilers / water tube boilers / civil & concrete foundations & pedestalsD. Flare & incinerators systems Fabrication / procurement, field installation & repairs: Inspection services / infrared surveys / design / fabrication & procurement / tips / pilots / FFG’s- flame front generators, piping / cables- inspection, tensioning, dynamometer, deflection method / deadman assemblies- civil & concrete, hardware, inspection / steam, air & gas assists / mole seals / erection / KO- knock-out drums / interconnecting piping, including underground / ladders & platforms / civil & concrete foundations, quesons, octagons & pedestals / burners / refractoryE. Heat exchangers, & product coolers Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Blinding & de-blinding / bundle extraction / hydro-blasting / plugging / tube replacement / repairs / bore-o-scope inspection / lancing / manual drilling / single pass / double pass / floating head / re-tubes / rolled tubes / welded tubes / shell side test / tube side test / bolt torquing / field machining / hydro-test / fin-fan bank replacement
  20. 20. Global Energy Contractors, LLC Disciplines of WorkA. Mechanical Engineering & Procurement Services:1. DesignTurn-key mechanical engineering services / mechanical drawings / isometric drawings / P&IDs- piping & instrumentation drawings / codefiles / vessel calculations / civil engineering / process engineering / feasibility studies / facility development2. ProcurementTurn-key raw materials & equipment procurement services / OEM equipment dealer of plant components / factory direct purchasing skids &package plants / package boilers / vessels / tanks / flares / chemicals, media, & catalyst3. Shop Fabrication & OEM ManufacturingTurn-key custom fabrication services, OEM equipment manufacturer of plant components & equipment / custom metal fabrication / design /drawings, prints, P&IDs / structural steel / piping / ASME “U” Stamp Certification for shop fabrication, OEM of unfired pressure vessels andpressure parts / code files / certified welding procedures / certified welders / code welding of carbon steel, 5 and 9 chrome, stainless steel,monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy materials / sand-blasting & coating / shipping & delivery /B. Field Construction Services:4. Field FabricationTurn-key custom fabrication of plant components & equipment / custom metal fabrication / erection / design / drawings, prints, P&IDs /structural steel / process piping systems / carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy materials5. ASME Code & Specialty WeldingField installation & repairs:NBIC “R” Stamp Certification for field repairs and alterations to unfired pressure vessels / code files / certified welding procedures / certifiedwelders / code welding of carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy materials6. Plant Mechanical ServicesGlobal provides field crews consisting of: welders, boilermakers, riggers, and supervision necessary to perform mechanical work on plantequipment / revamps & upgrades / complete installations / 7. Heavy Lifting ServicesCritical lifting & cartage services/ 28 ton / 40 ton / 80 ton / 120 ton / 150 ton / 200 ton / 500 ton / 650 ton / specialty c ranes & crawlers /hydraulic / fixed lattice boom / rig mats / detailed written lift plans / periodic crane inspections / daily crane inspections / rigging inspections/ trained crane operators & riggers / OSHA man-baskets, test lifts with weights8. Equipment Inspection & Quality Assurance ServicesControlled by Global’s quality control manual / RT- x-ray, radiography / LDPT - liquid dye penetrant testing, dye pin, LDPT Test Procedure,cleaner, ink, developer, dwell time, can lot numbers / magnaflux- dry mag particle testing, wet mag particle testing, not on stainless / shearwave, vague results / UT- ultrasonic testing, thickness testing, grid lines, pre cleaning, gel / equipment scanning / equipment infraredsurveys / PMI-positive materials identification / color coding of dissimilar metals / black light testing for hydrocarbons / bore-o-scopeinspection / weld maps / torque maps / hydrostatic testing / pneumatic testing / chart-wheel recorders & weights / stress reliefdocumentation / vessel inspection / tray inspections / boiler inspections / WPS (weld procedure specification) welding procedures: 482 formfront-back, 483 form front-back, 484 front-back / WPQR (welder’s performance qualification record) welder’s certification record: 484 form /welder’s continuity log / welder’s ID code, stamp / Inspector- Level I, LDPT applicator / Inspector- Level II, LDPT interpreter / Inspector-Level III, x-ray hand, technician / AIA agency- Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection HSBCT / AI agent- Hartford inspector, NBIC Inspector /CWI- Certified Welding Inspector / API 510 Inspection service
  21. 21. Global Energy Contractors, LLC Equipment Services (cont’d.)F. Process & interconnecting piping systems Piping- Shop & field fabrication, field installation & repairs: Complete systems / blinding & de-blinding / ASME B31.3 Code 100% x-ray for severe service / certified welders / open-butt welds / socket weld piping / screw piping / underground & lined pipe, jeeping / TIG- GTAW welded / stick- SMAW welded / stress relief of chrome & for thickness and service/ 5 and 9 chrome / carbon steel / stainless steel & exotic alloys / sandblasting & painting / weld maps / as-built isometric drawings / torque maps / material control / rack piping / hot-taps / small-bore & big bore weld procedures / heavy- wall & thin-wall weld procedures Valves- Procurement / field installation & repairs: Blinding & de-blinding / P&ID location and identification / valve change-outs / relief valve pulling & testing, popping with test rings or bench testing / packing / lapping / car sealing / flow control valves- diaphragm (fisher), stroking, globe valves, butterfly valves / positive on-off valves- ball valves, gate valves, needle valves / check valves / gaskets and stud-bolt and nut kits / bolt torqueing / torque maps /G. Package plants Fabrication / procurement, field installation & repairs: Complete custom fabrication / procurement / compressor skids / amine skids / glycol skids / TOs- thermal oxidizers / equipment hauling & setting / interconnecting piping systems- above & below ground /H. Auxiliary plant equipment & systems Procurement / field installation & repairs: Pollution control and emissions equipment / water treatment & filtration equipment / desulphurization equipment