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Ohs assessment task
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Ohs assessment task


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. INDUCTION Occupational Health And Safety
  • 2. FOR ALL EMPLOYEES • Procedures eliminate possible dangers for employees. • Protect employees rights. • Maintain worker health. • Ensure all employees are aware of safety procedures. • Ensure all safety gear is used correctly and to its optimum.
  • 3. SAFETY CHECKS • Risk assessment of all equipment. • Work practises. • Are we compliant with workplace and safety. • Reporting methods. Safety Checks On All Equipment And Work Practises
  • 4. POINT OF CONTACT ! ! ! ! ! Ben One is a OH&S representative on behalf of the company, Ben has been empowered to act on behalf of employees and employer.Any incident or potential hazard should be reported immediately to Ben. Our Designated Safety Representative Ben One: EXT 21 Room: 5
  • 5. Potential Hazards 1. Visibility, ventilation and temperature. 2. Equipment working correctly. 3. Access to equipment 4. Safety gear 5. Tiredness 6. Exposure to substances chemicals. 7. Noise 8. Bullying and harassment 9. Manual tasks 10.Dangerous materials A Hazard is anything that has the potential to cause an injury, illness or even DEATH.
  • 6. CONTROLLING RISKS ! • Many hazards confront you in your everyday work, reporting them is the key to preventing accidents. • Hazards present themselves in many different forms, slippery floors, loose power points, untidiness in the workplace. • Speak with your representative. • Perform an overview of checklists provided for safe work practises. • Reviewing manufactures instructions for use of materials and machinery.
  • 7. Incident Reporting All incidents should be reported to our representative Ben One, more serious incidents require further reporting. ! Notifiable incident reports: Three types of notifiable incidents relate to: 1. Death of a person/s 2. A serious injury or illness to a person/s 3. A dangerous incident ! The person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must notify Worksafe Tasmania by the fastest possible means, immediately after becoming aware that a notifiable incident arising out of the conduct of the business or undertaking has occurred. This is usually by: calling the WS helpline on 1300 366 322 or 03 6233 7657 Faxing 03 6233 8338 Emailing or other electronic means. Written notification with the information detailed in our incident notification form within 48 hours of calling Worksafe is required. The form is located on the workplace standards website. !
  • 8. Incident Report Form how_to_give_notice_of_an_incident
  • 9. Consultative Process OH&S ISSUES A process to share information may take place at a meeting with other co workers. Both employers and employees work together to resolve any issues, through meetings and safety reports. Inspectors play a pivotal role as they provide an assessment of conditions in the workplace.
  • 10. Procedure For Emergencies A rapid and safe evacuation of a workplace maybe invoked in case of an emergency. Some co workers may have been delegated roles in case of an emergency and you will have been notified of these personnel, you must pay strict attention to these people and obey any instruction given. Commands may include the departure from the workplace to a designated area and or actions to counter the immediate danger.
  • 11. Responsibilities Both employers and employees have responsibilities inside the workplace: Employee Responsibilities: You must act responsibly, take care of yourself and others. Cooperate with your employer in matters of health and safety. This apples to all workers disabled or not. ! Employer Responsibilities: Employers are required to provide a safe and healthy workplace to protect employees against health and safety risks. Employees have an obligation to ensure all employees are covered by workers compensation insurance and in the event an employee is injured in the workplace to assist that employee to return to work in a safe environment.
  • 12. CommonHazard Signs
  • 13. List Of Resources how_to_give_notice_of_an_incident model-whs-act information/pages/compensation-information The_Management_of_Occupational_Health_and_Safety_in_Commonwealth_Agencies_I nduction_into_the_Workplace_OHS_13_Dec_07.pdf !