Add background theme to folders in i phone


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Add background theme to folders in i phone

  1. 1. Credit:
  2. 2. Introduction: Add Background Theme to Folders in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Posted on September 13th, 2011 in Cydia apps As a prominent iDevice user, you would always expect to have an ability to customize the look of your device as much as possible. Wouldn‟t you want to make your iDevice look smarter than your colleague or friends? Of course, there are plenty of themes available to tweak the look of your iPhone, but very little you could do with your custom folders.
  3. 3.  Apple introduced „Folder‟ option in iOS 4, which lets you create your own folders and group your applications according to your interest (like all the system setting related apps goes to “System” folder, likewise all the games goes to “Games” folder etc.).
  4. 4.  Once again there is little iTunes Apple store can offer little to nothing when it comes to „add theme to your folder’. In order to customize the background of your folder you need to use cydia tweaks mentioned below.
  5. 5. Add Theme to Folder on iPhone Beautifolders: As the name suggests „Beautifolders‟ cydia tweak lets you add custom theme to spice up your springboard folders. Beautifolders adds a setting panel, but no icon to iPhone‟s Setting option, from where you can use built-in themes or make your own theme.
  6. 6.  It works recognizes folder name, and based on the theme which you‟ve assigned to that folder is shown in the setting option. This is where all fun begins. One can set unlimited themes to different folders, theme names are defined in advance.
  7. 7.  If you haven‟t jailbroken your iPhone, then head over to our tutorials section, and you‟re good to go. Ohh! BTW, Beautifolders is available at modmyi repo at free of cost.
  8. 8. Natural Folders: „Natural folders‟ is yet another cydia tweak that allows you to add theme to folder on iPhone. However, it does not offer much space for customization. As you would expect, it only displays natural themes. There is no new icon added. Once again, Natural folders is available on modmyi repo at no cost (both the applications are from same developer).
  9. 9.  It automatically adds custom background theme to the folders. Some of the setting option lets you change the look and themes based on folder names. Have you come across any other cydia tweak to add theme to folders?
  10. 10. Credit:
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