Comparing Screencasting Tools


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  • If creating something from scratch, do preliminary recording of actions, and don’t record with audio (except with Camtasia).If you’re recreating a pre-recorded video, recreate or modify slides. Do this up against the videoFor each slide, write up notes. Once completed, read through them to make sure they flow and are accurate. Record audio for all slidesPlay eachslide individually, line up animation and drawing objects with voiceAdd additional drawing objects if necessary, use boxes to highlight screen items or bullet points from PowerPointPublish video. Review, and make edits while watching the published video
  • Comparing Screencasting Tools

    1. 1. Navigating the Screencast Tool Jungle by Rick Teplitz
    2. 2. Contents About Screencasts Screencast Use Cases The Tools (with demos) What I don’t Like What to do with your Video Converting Existing Training into Video Questions2 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    3. 3. Why Video? Has already become an integral part of today’s content Customers /users are looking for it Sometimes saying it with video is more effective than saying it with words Its international, even if not translated, it provides a visual which reaches a much wider audience3 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    4. 4. About Screencasts Digital recording of computer screen, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration Used for recording webinars, providing video training, instruction, website demos, marketing, and more Can be found on pretty much every website4 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    5. 5. Types of Screencasts at My Company New Hire Training Videos + Condensed 1 hour sessions into 15 minutes + Sessions could be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time + Videos uploaded to internal streaming server Feature Training Videos + Prepare training for Sales Engineers and Support that describe features and how to troubleshoot them + Videos uploaded to internal streaming server Knowledge Base Videos - for Customers + Short videos of 3 minutes or less + Illustrate procedures + Looking to supplement or replace basic procedures in online help with video5 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    6. 6. The Tools
    7. 7. TechSmith Camtasia (7.1.1) Studio7 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    8. 8. Camtasia Features Basic screen recording utility that enables adding elements on top of the video Can record PowerPoint presentations together with video of the presenter Good for shorter videos, longer videos need to be made in segments, no note utility to help when recording Does enable “splitting” video into segments Has call outs, drawing objects, transitions, picture-in- picture, and “zoom-n-pan” Has wide range of output options, youtube, mobile devices, MP4, etc.8 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    9. 9. Adobe (v6.0) Captivate9 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    10. 10. Captivate Features Hybrid of PowerPoint and Flash, allows creating modular files, files can be easily changed and updated Good for longer videos, training, etc. because its easier to manage content Automatically adds named callouts and mouse movements Standard tools, drawing on slides, voice recording, notes, buttons Can create effects like motion paths, scaling and rotating, color changes, etc. Library of drawing objects Enables creating quizzes for testing how much users have learned , including using advanced interactions10 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    11. 11. Articulate Storyline11 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    12. 12. Articulate Features Is a hybrid of Camtasia and Captivate After recording, can import as a single video file like Camtasia, or as slides like with Captivate Library of personas and gestures Built in the PowerPoint API, familiar PowerPoint environment Can import PowerPoint presentation with animation and keeps all items intact Don’t need to manually add text items or align them as you need to do with Captivate for text slides Saves about 30% of production time12 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    13. 13. What I don’t LikeCamtasia Captivate Articulate• No “text” slides, have • No “default text slides. • Can’t export to MP4 to record PowerPoint Have to manually add (video file) directly,• Can’t add audio while text boxes and align cumbersome watching video (can’t them workaround. Only time it and line it up) • Working with imported their proprietary• No area for notes, PowerPoint formats need to type of presentations is • Doesn’t support separate script awkward, having to motion paths• Cannot pause while open in PowerPoint for • Timeline isn’t smooth recording audio every change when editing• Not easy to determine • Support for motion duration of a paths is limited screencast13 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    14. 14. Preparing Videos
    15. 15. Converting Existing Training into Video Reasoning: Had one trainer training all new hires, different time zones, etc. Wanted to automate part of process and preserve his knowledge Record training sessions using Camtasia Can then remake them with Captivate or Articulate for more professional video Great way to capture knowledge from SMEs then create professional looking training15 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    16. 16. Overview of Video Preparation Process Preliminary Recording / Recreate Add Notes / Script Record Audio Review Project / Line Up Add Drawing Objects16 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    17. 17. Tips When recording with Camtasia, pause (F9) often to check on your script, then continue recording Practice narration. Speak slowly and clearly Don’t record voice with others in the room (keyboard, mouse clicks, etc.) When recording voice on different days, listen to one or two slides to match voice level and pitch In Captivate, recommended to rebuild PPT slides in application, or import presentation and simply highlight items If slides were animated, delete animated objects form PPT and add in Captivate individually17 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    18. 18. What to do with your Video Upload to Youtube Send by e-mail (not very convenient) Upload to video hosting/streaming server such as Kaltura, then embed if supported or send link18 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    19. 19. Bonus – Creating Knowledgebase Videos withCamtasia Video prepared internally for Support Provides step by step instructions on how to prepare for, and record using Camtasia See YouTube video Creating Knowledgebase Videos with Camtasia v7.119 - CONFIDENTIAL -
    20. 20. @ricktep