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the-future-of-affiliate-marketing-part-2 the-future-of-affiliate-marketing-part-2 Document Transcript

  • Product Rights:[YES] Can be edited.[YES] Can put your name as the author.[YES] Can be broken down into articles.[YES] Can be used as web content.[YES] Can be given away free.[NO] Can be added to membership sites.[NO] Can be sold.Terms of UseYou can use this material as described in the Product Rights listed above.Should you substantially change the content of this eBook and claim yourselfas author, than you are entitled to Sell or Use it on Membership Site or doanything else you wish with this material. If you change 30 percent of thiscontent, than the eBook is essentially yours! You must also change the Titleand Subtitle as appropriate!You assume all responsibility in implementing any of the techniques listed inthis eBook. The techniques and programs covered in this eBook aresusceptible to change. You are solely responsible for any changes thatmight impact your business. You also agree, by using this eBook, that theoriginal author, Richard (Rick) Samara, cannot be held liable in any way forthe success or failure of any aspect of your business.Microsoft Word VersionIf you would like a MS Word version to edit and brand, please send yourequest via email to: .
  • IntroductionThe future of affiliate marketing is not in building websites to promotesomeone elses products or programs. There is simply too much competition,which means too much time and effort on your part with very little return.Establishing Your Business CredentialsThe very first thing you want to consider is establishing yourself as abusiness entity. This is a rather easy process, but it does entail someexpense depending on how serious you are about your business. These arethe things you will need: 1. A Business Name 2. Business Cards 3. Business WebsiteWhile this is not critical when you first get started, it will help you establishyour credibility with a business owner. I would highly recommend that youcarefully consider a business name, and that you focus on the services thatyou will be providing. I recommend as well that you choose this namewithin the framework of creating a future business website.Business Name: Therefore you want to pick a 3-4 word keywordstring for your Business Name. Here are some examples:  Business Marketing Services  Internet Marketing for Business  Internet Marketing for Small Business  Small Business Internet Marketing
  •  Website Design Services for Small Business  Online Marketing for Small Business  Local Listing Services for Small Business  Small Business Local Listing Services  Small Business Online MarketingOnce you have selected your Business Name, you are ready to order yourbusiness cards. But, if you are going to build a Business Website, makesure that you can purchase the domain name for your business! Business Cards. I always use Overnight Prints. In fact, you can try them out before you buy anything. You can order your first 100 business cards frees. This great deal is only available to new users! You can design your own business cards online. They have more than enough templates to get you started. Plus, you can upload your own logo. It‟s fast! It‟s easy? And, I think it‟sfun!Below, you will find the business card that I designed at Overnight Prints.You will also see how I integrated my domain/business name into myBusiness Card.Pass these cards out on a regular basis and start letting people know thatyou are now in the business of helping local businesses grow their business.
  • My Business CardBusiness Website: This is your virtual business office! Is it criticalto have a business website; probably not. However, I highly recommendyou get one. I have one and I have claimed it on Google Places. I get phonecalls all the time from local businesses desiring my services.The first thing you need is a domain name. If you have picked one of thesample Business Names above or if you have chosen a different 3-4keyword string, then you need to check to see if it‟s available.Here I am doing a search at, and I am looking for thesecond possible business/domain name on the above list: Internet Marketingfor Business (without spaces). Just type the domain name into the box andhit search.
  • Internet Marketing for Business was not available in .COM or .NET, but itwas available as a .ORG. It is generally accepted that if you want topromote your business via the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing)that .COM, .NET & .ORG are the most effective extensions to use. Go to Name Cheap to register your Domain!
  • How to Transfer Your Domain to HostGator for Hosting. There is oneother thing that you need to do at this point. It‟s rather simple, but it mayseem complicated the first time you do it. This is transferring your domainto HostGator, so that you can load your WordPress theme on your newdomain in your HostGator account.Once you purchase your domain at NameCheap, the domain is still on theirservers. You need to transfer your domain to your HostGator servers. It‟sreally easy once you have done it once or twice. But, let me show you howto do it.This is my Name Cheap account. You can see that I have about 10 domainslisted. If you are just getting started, then you will just have one at thistime. But, I‟m going to do an actual transfer for you. I‟m going to do it onmy domain called So, I simply click on thedomain name.
  • I will then be taken to a new page. I‟ve highlighted my domain name inyellow and this page contains my registration data at Name Cheap. Keep inmind that your domain will still be registered with Name Cheap. So, you willreceive notifications from them when you need to renew your registration.Since I want to transfer my domain to HostGator, the link I want is “TransferDNS to Webhost.” DNS means domain name servers.All I need to do now is add my HostGator domain servers and click „Save.‟
  • Your HostGator name servers are easy to find! Just go to your CPanel orback office account. You will find them in the left column at the bottom.They will look something like These may or may not be your HostGator nameservicers. So, make sure you use your own!Your Cpanel is easily found by typing it to the end of you domain namepreceded by a forward slash. For example: and Fantastico De Luxe With the HostGator “Baby” account you get unlimited hosting. As you business grows, this will prove to be a very valuable business asset. If you pay for three years in advance, you will pay $7.95/month. If you just want to pay monthly, then it will cost $9.95/month. I have used HostGator for quite some time now and simply love it.Customer service is excellent!!Use this coupon code to save $9.94 on your first month hosting:acmephoneleadsBut, the biggest advantage of having your own personal HostGator accountis that you get access to Fantastico Deluxe. With Fantastico De Luxe you get one- step installation for WordPress blog(s). And, WordPress is the premier blogging software availabletoday.
  • Note: There is one additional recommendation that I would like to make atthis time. You should register your business name with your state as a DBA(Doing Business As) or Business Alias. You might consider establishing aLimited Liability Company (LLC) to do this. An LLC helps you separate andprotect your personal assets from business debts and liabilities. Youll alsoenjoy the pass-through taxation and flexibility of ownership that make LLCsso popular among small business owners. Additionally, you will be able toestablish a business checking account which will enhance the credibility ofyour business.You can set up an LLC at Rocket Lawyer for free. You just have to pay thestate filing fees! Congratulations!...You have Just Established Your BusinessCredentialsThe future of internet marketing is in helping local businesses grow theirbusiness. Internet marketing presents significant opportunity. There isvirtually no competition in this market! There are two major componentsassociated with Establishing Your Business Credentials. You are not going tobe in business long or you will lose interest in your business if you do notstart to build relationships with local businessesFurthermore, you are not going to have to wait to start generating thisconsistent residual income. You do not need to know how to create websites
  • to do this. You do not need any special skills. All you really need is thededication and determination to start building a real business.I say this based on the following assumptions. 1. Local Businesses Face Competition 2. Local Businesses Understand they Need to Advertise 3. Local Businesses Already Have Advertising Budgets 4. The Internet is Changing the Advertising LandscapeLet‟s take a look of some of the older forms of advertising. Traditionalmethods of advertising are losing their effectiveness because of the impact that theinternet is having on people:Newspapers: People do not read newspapers anymore! They get themajority of their information on the Internet.Phone Directories: The have been declining rapidly. Where is Yours? Idread the day my phone directories are delivered. They go right into therecycle bin. I have despised this waste for years.TV: Along comes the DVR & TiVo. It used to be that we had to sit throughevery commercial. Every notice how the audio on commercials rises?Advertisers realize that people are leaving the room during theircommercials. Nice try! Now, we dont have to watch the commercialsTelemarketing: This was virtually destroyed with the "Do Not Call List!" Iknow, I was in the life insurance industry when these laws were passed.Now, telemarketers have to have permission to call a home phone number.Direct Mail: I have used it extensively. At best, I only realized a 1-2percent yield. That is not very effective.Print Ad: Just too expensiveYellow Pages ( Even the phone directory companies are takingtheir advertising online. But this still costs $75/monthly in my zip code.
  • Valpak: These still appear in my mailbox monthly. I usually toss them inthe recycle bin. However, I finally decided to do some research. I found thecost to advertise with Valpak and I learned what types of small businesseswere advertising in Valpak. Valpak Advertising Costs: There are 50,000 homes that they send their advertisements to. The basic cost is $350-$450 for a one time mailing to 10,000 homes. Conceivably, these small businesses are paying $1,700-$2,200 per month for the full package. Small Businesses Have the Advertising Budget! They Simply Lack the Knowledge of How Best to Use it! Companies Advertising with Valpak:  Contractors: o Windows and Siding o Replacement Windows o Roofing and Siding o Air Duct Cleaning o Heating and Air Conditioning o Fencing and Deck o Carpet Cleaning o RestaurantsBut, this is the way that most small businesses still advertise. They simplydo not know any better. Plus, it is extremely difficult to track their Return-
  • on-Investment (ROI). In other words, are they making $5 for every $3 theyspend on this type of advertising? Or, are they wasting their money?What if you had a way to simply show them some alternatives that couldsignificantly raise their ROI. You do not have to try to sell them anything.All you really need to do is show them some options. We already coveredone in Part I. The ACME Phone Lead platform is a great way for them toreceive a hot phone lead. In review, here are the basic facts again.Pay-Per-Call Local Lead Generation fills the gapbetween national and local businesses!! Furthermore, small business owners might very well receive this performance based advertising as something that will significantly increase their return on investment and have a positive impact on their advertising efforts. And, why wouldnt they? Since this is performance based advertising,the marketer assumes the risk, not the business owner. But, now I want to show you another great advertising method that is entirely free to the small business owner. And, this brought to use from our good friends at Google; and to a lesser extent Yahoo and Bing. It‟s called Local Search listings. This was already introduced in Part I to some extent, but now I want to show you how to use it to start building relationshipswith local business and to start putting some money into your business.The simple fact is that Google will allow a business to establish a listing onGoogle Places and it does not cost the business a dime. It‟s estimated that
  • there are almost 50 million small businesses in the US, but only 2-3 percentof these businesses have established and verified their local listing. Themarket is huge and it‟s virtually untapped. Plus, while 34 percent of peopleuse Google to find a local business today, this number is sure to grow withthe ever increasing growth of not only personal computers, but also SmartPhones. The large teardrop locations are Google Places verified local business listings (at least 90 percent of the time) SEE Next Screenshot). The small red dots are the unverified businesses. Google still lists these businesses. They have aggregated or collected information about these businesses from a lot of different sources. For example, the Yellow Pages, US Yellow Pages, City Search, SuperPages, Yelp, and Merchant Circle… just to name a few. HOLD THIS THOUGHT!!! These other listing sources are knowas Citations in Google language. The more a local business has, the highertheir ranking on Google Places.
  • Not one of top five neurologists on Google Places had claimed or registeredtheir page… even though they had the red teardrop symbol that usuallydenotes a registered business! So, be careful! Click on „Place Page,‟ andthis is what you will see:This is an unclaimed Place Page! If it says „Business owner?‟… then it isunclaimed. If it‟s claimed or registered, it will read: ‘ Owner-verified listing.’But, these businesses that do not have verified Google Places listings arelosing business to those businesses that do!These small businesses owners simply do not know any better. Theyprobably heard of Google Places, but they do not know how to get theirbusiness listed; nor do they know how to do it properly. They think it‟s toocomplicated. Or, they do not complete all the elements of their registration.
  • Plus, there are definite steps to take to keep a business on the top of GooglePlaces. Google Place registration involves many different elements.This is where you come in. You can target these businesses and becometheir Local Listing Representative. You can do it for them and charge themanywhere between $250-500 for the basic set-up; plus a monthly retainer of$300-$500 per month. This is how you start to build a consistent residualincome and establish your relationship with a local business at the sametime! However, if you are receiving a monthly retainer of $300-$500 amonth, you better learn how to provide some value added services!But, when you do, you will become a valuable resource to the small businessowner. All Google search results are based primarily on relevance, andGoogle Maps listings are no different. Google Maps ranks business listingsbased on their relevance to the search terms entered, along with geographicdistance and other factors. Sometimes their search technology decides thata business thats farther away from your location is more likely to have whatyoure looking for than a business thats closer.I mentioned above that Google Places involves many different elements.This is where you can really “make your money” or “earn your stripes” witha local business. If you understand these elements and Google‟s searchcriteria, you can effectively help a small business get ranked at the top ofGoogle Places for a local search. And, this will help you not only build astrong relationship with a business; but maintain that relationship as well.If you couple this with an ability to provide a business performance basedleads, you are well on your way to helping local businesses grow theirbusiness, and in the process your Internet marketing business will grow aswell! Join our Team Today!!
  • …More Coming Your Way in Part III  Google Place Elements: Complete Details on How to Upsell and Keep Your Business Clients! o More on Citations! o More on Categories! o More on Optimizing Your Google Place Listings  Mobile Marketing is Exploding: How You Can Gain a Competitive Advantage!  Using Social Media Marketing to Grow Your LIST and Business!  Plus Much More!We will be conducting regular webcasts in 2011. If youwant to stay current, I highly recommend you sign-up formy e-mail notifications on webcast topics and dates.If you do not have a Facebook account, get one! You willneed it for your business! Then, join the ACME PhoneLeads Group/Tribe ASAP. This is where we will bepublishing all our webcast topics and dates.You do not have to be a member of ACME Phone Leads toparticipate!
  • Regards,Rick SamaraRick SamaraACME People Search NewsHow to Build an Internet Home Businesse-Internet Marketing ServicesJoin me on Facebook: ID: rick.samara Join our Team Today!!