Niche Marketing Exposed


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Niche marketing is a powerful affiliate marketing strategy that is commonly missundertood. This article clears up some misperception about niche marketing.

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Niche Marketing Exposed

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Niche Marketing Exposed: Learn to Refine Your Competitive Advantage By Rick Samara Dated: Jun 30, 2010 Niche marketing has become a misleading and confusing term. Consequently, anyone trying to compete in a niche market can easily get frustrated and fail. It is time to caste aside this term and find a more competitive basis for marketing online. Niche marketing can be a very misleading and therefore confusing term. The purpose of this article is to clear up some of the confusion about niche marketing. In its purely literal form, niche marketing is really an extremely broad term. For example, a niche market can be health products; but there are many, many different categories associated with health products. Just type "health products" into a Google search box and you will see what I mean. The results are extremely broad, and not very helpful because they are just not specific enough to the searcher’s needs. Niche marketing is actually a subset of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves representing a company as an affiliate and marketing their product or products on the Internet. Consequently, affiliate marketing and Internet marketing have almost become synonymous terms to home business enthusiasts; and herein lies some of the confusion. What's the difference? Niche marketing is essentially the skill of developing what is more accurately described as a micro-niche marketing strategy. It's very difficult to compete in a purely niche market. Using health products as an example, if someone types in "health product" into a Google search box, there are two likely events that will occur. First of all, their results are going to extremely general in nature; and secondly, the websites that pop-up on Google's first page are not likely to service their needs. Plus, an Internet marketer cannot expect to compete against some of the larger companies that appear on Google’s Page 1 search results. Consequently, most Google searchers now use what are known as "long-tail keywords" or "keyword strings" to refine their search to more accurately find what they are looking for. As an example, if someone is looking for "health products that increase energy," they will use that keyword string to find what they are looking for. Obviously, these are the consumers of products and services. Internet marketers (or, Affiliate marketers) need to sensitize their marketing techniques and adapt to these real life search strategies by consumers. And, this is where niche marketing really takes the form of micro niche marketing. This is directly related to the consumer’s search efforts. Internet marketers simply need to develop the right “keyword string” to market their affiliate products to these consumers. Furthermore, it does not have to be "products" at all. It can, and probably should be a single product that solves the consumer's need. Niche marketing can be an extremely effective tool used to build an Internet home business; but it needs to be understood in the context of how it used today. Niche marketing is much better represented in terms of “keyword strings” that consumers now use to find exactly what they are looking for on the Internet. Consequently, anyone interested in learning how to build an Internet home business needs to sensitize themselves to the skills attributed to what is better termed as micro niche marketing. Visit for details!! ### Page 1/2
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Rick Samara is the owner of e-Online Marketing Services (EOMS). EOMS provides proven solutions for small business owners to retarget their advertising resources to online marketing to increase the advertising return-on-investment. Category Marketing, Business, Internet Tags niche marketing, micro niche marketing, micro niche websites, Internet Marketing Email Click to email author City/Town White Plains State/Province Maryland Zip 20695 Country United States Page 2/2