How To Maximize Revenue From Targeted Traffic


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In this Slideshare I'm going to post on the topic of how to maximize revenue from targeted traffic.

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How To Maximize Revenue From Targeted Traffic

  1. 1. How To Maximize Revenue From Targeted Traffic
  2. 2. Hi, this is Rick Salas and this Slideshare I'm going to post on how maximize revenue from targeted traffic. If you want to generate revenue from traffic there are a few things you should do. You should, in my opinion, be working up to 3 hours a day on your business. Up to 3 hours a day if time permits for that day.
  3. 3. It's very important because you'll get faster at doing the most important things in your business, get faster and enjoy the revenue generating process a whole lot more. As soon as you learn something, write it down or put it to use fast. Things are fresher and you can work more effectively on your business when things are fresh on your mind. With that being said...
  4. 4. The reason, if you're in a business, is that you need to sell. Sure we call it marketing and other things but it all comes down to selling. Generating revenue from traffic. The cheapest way to generate revenue, with low investment is to create information products. Products that teach people how to do something so they can generate revenue.
  5. 5. Most people spend their time doing so many things but being good at one thing really helps someone become successful. So, if you want to generate revenue you have to have something to sell and in those 3 hours I mentioned, you can work for a couple hours recording a product you can sell. Do it for 5 days and you could have 10 hours of training you can add to a coaching program. Maybe a 10 hour home study course or maybe a really valuable give away that shows the value you bring to the market.
  6. 6. Now, if you get really good at a certain traffic source instead of being ok at all of them you can, most likely generate some great revenue from your traffic. If you have things matched up. Remember that you have to have your traffic matched up with whatever you're doing in the back end of your business, ok?
  7. 7. When you have the right product for the right traffic you'll be able to generate revenue because they get your products when they need them. Let me just say this. You can buy or find ways to get a ton of visitors to where ever you want them to go but if things are not matched up, they will not buy.
  8. 8. If you have things matched up it's not the amount of traffic that generates some of the highest incomes in business. Let me explain. If people get a product you create, consume it and buy another product from you, it's much more powerful for both of you. You see, if someone build your business for targeted traffic to go all the way through your funnel, you will generate more revenue. They might buy an entry product at $37, buy your next at $97 and maybe a membership for $97 a month and then maybe a coaching program or a higher tier product you put together over time.
  9. 9. Imagine if you have 5 people go through a ten product funnel for 50 sales instead of having 50 first time buyers. You would have more people invest more with you instead of having more invest less. You would have better results for people and that generates some great revenue. You don't even build relationships with people that buy one time.
  10. 10. Traffic shouldn't be for getting visitors just to get visitors just like getting subscribers should not be just to get subscribers or not even for a first purchase. Traffic should be to get them to buy product 1, product 2, product 3 all the way through to your final product. You're better off, the prospects are better off and they don't have to just but a lot of entry level from different people they never know. They build relationships with the best person for them and know where they are in business. They know what to do next and how to do it.
  11. 11. Now you can do it like a lot of people and concentrate on a one time sale and look for new traffic to sell to but I don't think that get's results for most people. People have to keep up with new trends and generate revenue from new markets that open up. New markets open up that will be booming and old markets will probably loose steam in time. So I believe we have to think long term and that is all about creating products for new markets from your traffic to generate revenue.
  12. 12. Do you want to learn more about this topic? If so… Click Here